Red Meat vs White Meat Health - Which is better for you?

Red meat has been consistently slandered as a cause of cancer, high blood pressure, and generally bad health. But is white meat really better?

Let's debunk once and for all the white meat vs red meat discussion.

At this point, this should've obvious to many of you watching if you've been following this channel.

But for others that found this video by searching for this, you'll have to bear with me as I do my best to dispel some of the nutrition dogma that has infected your mind.

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[00:00:00] What is better red meat or white meat. You might be unaware because if you're searching for this in the first place, and you found this video through the search feature, you might be unaware of a few things that I'm going to enlighten you. To today. Welcome backto another video. I'm calling stuck at the wall CEO and I'm obsessed with thefirst principles of human health based on our ancestral pass.

[00:00:19] I'm here to help you wake up and see that your modern environments killing you. And a lot of the status quo thatis designed is to monetize you and not to make you a healthy, happy, thriving human. I want to help you build the ancestral mind, so you can say no to bigpharma, big food, big medical, and a lot of the nonsense that goes on inresearch in science to this day.

[00:00:38] You have been disenfranchised to believe the people in the lab coat and the doctors and the experts and the government officials, because apparently they know best. Then why don't we live in a utopia then? Why are 50% of Americans will be some, one to three children? Then why are the number one and two killer heart disease and cancer followed closely by medical error.

[00:00:57] Number three, which would be much lower. If people weren't in the [00:01:00] medical system to begin with,if you've been trained, they supposed to listen to an expert, listen to your doctor. They know best it. Doctors used to tell you smoking was good for you. Get, we have this low fat dogma BS that has killed more people than probably anything in history of mankind.

[00:01:14] Wake up to the reality. What's going on. Think for yourself, challenge everything and perform and equals one. That's you being the one variable, perform those experiments and figure out what the best diet and lifestyle is for you. Based on a bunch of information that you collect yourself, that is the only path to a truly free autonomous and well considered future.

[00:01:34] If you delegate your health oranything, your finances, your pension, your investments, the more you delegatethese things to experts, the more you're going to suffer. And we're justgetting started in 2020. It hasn't even happened yet. Red meat versus whitemeat. What are the health implications? What is better for you now, before weanswer this question, I need to dispel something.

[00:01:54] I need to dispel something inyour mind that you might be thinking if you type this in the search box,because you're [00:02:00] probably trying to figure out, can I eat more redmeat or is it better to eat just white meat or what's better? How much of eachI'm hoping that this video, maybe some other videos you might watch.

[00:02:08] And if you go down this rabbithole, I'm hoping that question will answer itself. So obviously, and easily.Without too much friction. So this is just a very brief intro to it. Red meatbeats, white meat, hands down. It's not even close. If you ate red meat, yourentire life forever. If I mean granted his quality and you've bounced otherthings, lifestyle, you would be doing your health service.

[00:02:28] Every single research paperstudy nonsense. That's been used to demonize meat and fat and cholesterol. Hasbeen debunked. It is all a farce was told you that you should consult. Yourdoctor is going to change your diet. Okay. There you go. And if your doctortries telling you that red meat is bad, get a second opinion, find a realdoctor, find a doctor that understands keto diet, carnival, die, meat, health,and nutrition, and not the doctor that took maybe one class in the traditionalcollege system walk in and their degree and knows absolutely nothing aboutnutrition.

[00:03:00] [00:03:00] Red meat is better inevery single way, and it's not even close. In fact, if you eat too much whitemeat, you can run into problems. We're gonna address that today. As we look atthe comparisons with a few of these graphics I have here. If you think red meatcauses cancer or heart disease, or clogs your arteries, you need to dispel that in your mind.

[00:03:16] You need to do the research toget that completely out so that you can get to the point that I'm at in a lotof other carnivores around the world at, and a lot of just intelligentomnivores are at, I feed my son steak anytime we have it. And I tried to get him to eat more of it rather than the vegetables and the, and maybe the sweetpotatoes and some of the other things that are on his plate.

[00:03:34] In generally he does eat more ofit. He loves it because his biology knows it's full of nutrition. His biology knows that he needs it. You're going to have your first wagon booboo. Let me see his face.

[00:03:53] I have not an ounce of concern,not even a little bit, not, not a shred of doubt or fear that I'm doing[00:04:00] a disservice to him and that if he grows up eating healthy animalswith a lot and lot, a lot of red meat, that he's going to have any health issues whatsoever. I want him to do that because he's going to be far healthier than I was as a kid growing up, eating a standard American diet.

[00:04:11] And he's probably going to haveless health issues. He's not going to struggle with things like allergies andthings like that. I mean, hopefully. And hopefully he's going to have betterhealth than I have and do at this point in my life at 35. So the reason thatpeople think white meat is better than red meat or they even ask this questionis because of all the dogma and I mean, backwards, incorrect, false should beillegal.

[00:04:34] Dogma. That's demonized red meatand cholesterol, saturated fat, specifically saturated fat and cholesterol areessential nutrients. They make up your body, your brain cholesterol is a sexhormone. You absolutely need it. No research ever shown that eating cholesterolactually negatively affects cholesterol levels.

[00:04:50] The fact that people kind ofstill cite this and they still talk about like serum levels and this and that,it's completely ridiculous. They don't even know they're talking about half thetime. They're not measuring the right things. They're not measuring particlesize and [00:05:00] that they're not even testing for the right things.

[00:05:02] Doctors, when it comes tosystemic inflammatory issues, they have no idea what they're talking about. Sothey give you a drug that's supposed to help it. They ask you a couple ofquestions on this questionnaire and they prescribe you drug and they get youout within 15 minutes to then get on the next patient.

[00:05:15] Do the same thing. Most doctors,not all of them, but most doctors are drug peddlers. They are drug dealers forbig pharma. We have sick care. We don't have healthcare. We use surgery anddrugs to try to fix things that we don't really understand. And there's quiteliterally no preventative based medicine being practiced today.

[00:05:34] I say mostly whatever, becauseI'm talking about, you know, established medical practices. There's obviouslyholistic medicine and there are people doing good work. There are, but youreally have to find them and to even find them, you have to know what you'reeven looking for. And so hopefully this is an introduction to go down thatrabbit hole and change your life for the better.

[00:05:51] So now let's actually look atthe comparison of white meat to red meat and show you that if you lived on justwhite meat and that was it, you could potentially die [00:06:00] rabbitstarvation, where there's not enough fat on rabbits of EGIS rabbits. You candie. It's based on eating a very lean animal that doesn't have a lot of fat,your body needs fat.

[00:06:06] It needs certain vitamins andminerals and essential nutrients. Like if you just ate white fish, your wholelife, literally just Whitefish that has almost no fat on it. You would die.Like you need other foods, you need fat, you need vitamins and minerals andessential amino acids. Red meat has all of this things like egg yolk, fullcholesterol is a complete food.

[00:06:22] It has all of this white meatdoes not. It's very similar to the argument of, can you live on just aplant-based diet? No, you cannot. If you don't supplement, if vegans don'tsupplement and they eat a hundred percent plant-based diet, if they don'tsubmit, they will die. They might last a few years because B12 and certainthings will be in their liver and they'll kind of get released slowly.

[00:06:39] But after that, they're runningto massive health issues. And if they don't supplement, they will die the sameway with red versed white meat. So this should be a very valuable heuristic tounderstand if a food in nature. Can sustain you and you could eat just thatversus the food in nature that can't, and that you can't just eat and any ofeat, other things.

[00:06:58] What do you think is better foryour human [00:07:00] biology? Do you think are Hunter gatherer ancestors inthe past were like thinking about fat nutrition omega-threes and B12 and thisand that. They had no idea any of this stuff even existed. They just went andate the foods that they liked and that were available in their environment.

[00:07:11] And mother nature, programmedthem to adapt to those foods that were available. And guess what? A lot offatty fish was available, a lot of big game mammoths and mastodons and thingslike that were available. And this allowed our brains to grow big and throughcooking and hunting and tool use and cooperation, we moved to the top of thefood chain primarily by getting access to big game red meat.

[00:07:31] So let's look at some of these Bfirst chicken meat. You see that beef is pretty much running on everything,saturated fat. So in the middle here, it shows the orange as a saturated fat isbad because it's operating under the paradigm that saturated fat, you want tobe lower, but that's ridiculous. If you're eating quality grass fed ruminantanimals or wild game or anything like that, you want the saturated fat.

[00:07:50] You want the omega-threes inthere. You want the fatty cuts. This is what nature program used to eat wasfatty cuts of meat, particularly saturated fat, [00:08:00] particularlycholesterol. We got B12 almost done in chicken meat, lots of beef zinc, a fractionfour times iron twice, Saturday fat, twice potassium, more Coleen, moremonounsaturated, fat, more B3.

[00:08:17] It looks like chicken has gotyou on B3. So a good amount though, and beef, polyunsaturated fat, which isactually the one thing on this list that you do want to keep in mind whenyou're consuming, because if you're eating a lot of white meat and you have alot of polyunsaturated fat, the theory goes that you have a lot of Omega sixand it lowers your bounce to omega-3 and therefore you get inflammation, thingslike that.

[00:08:35] I also think at least the factgain some of the research around this is a little iffy. I don't think the humanbody has to have like this perfect omega-3 to Omega six ratio every single day.But I think over a long period of time, if you skew those levels, You're goingto run into problems. Now, if you think about this differently, and just lookat some of the data points, the standard American diet has like this much,Omega six and like almost none, a mega three processed foods, the plantkingdom, et cetera, [00:09:00] are almost primarily Omega six polyunsaturated,fatty acids, and people get sick, fat diet, et cetera.

[00:09:05] Whereas an animal based way ofeating, even if it does include plants, you're going to have a much higherratio of a mega three and a much lower ratio of Omega six. So we can infer thatwe probably ate something like a one-to-one ratio, especially since ourancestors were eating wild game and nothing that was domesticated wild game hasa much better one-to-one ratio of omega-3 to Omega six and some cases, certainanimal foods have more omega-3 fatty fish, lots of omega-3.

[00:09:33] This is mother nature showing uswhat we should be eating. And that's why there's a lot of research that doesshow that increased omega-3 helps people. Now, whether that helps peoplebecause they're eating extra mega three, or because they're just getting thelevels closer to the one-to-one ratio. We don't really know.

[00:09:48] We probably never will, but thatdoesn't matter. We don't need some scientists to tell us these things. You cantest yourself, eat a bunch of Omega six, eat a bunch of white meat for 30 days.He just chicken and the skin. [00:10:00] And you know, some other poultryproducts would usually have more Omega six and omega-3, and then go to grass,fed beef, fatty cuts, some lean cuts, mix it up and then watch how your bodychanges, watch how your mood and your energy and your sleep changes.

[00:10:14] Now I can tell you what theresults of the experiment will be. You eat the chicken, you'll have moreinflammation. You'll probably be more irritable. You'll be lacking in nutrientsand you'd probably be fatigued and have other issues like that. Maybe aninflammation. And then the next experiment we're doing just the beef and thefatty cuts and the grass fed and maybe some wild caught fish here and there.

[00:10:31] You're going to feel like amillion bucks. You're probably going to lean up. You're probably going to losefive pounds. Maybe more. Your appetite is going to be better regulated. You'renot going to be cranky. It will literally change your life. And this is whathappens when people do a carnivore diet, they moved to a carnivore diet, eventhough today's wheat, not even about a farmer died, let's just say it's ananimal base and socially appropriate way of eating.

[00:10:50] When people move to that form ofeating, everything gets better. Some people have quite literally saved theirlife and their health by doing this because the medical system failed them,which you can [00:11:00] find more on the social mind podcast up here. I have abunch of interviews with Cal Peterson. Jordan Peterson's daughter was on it.

[00:11:05] We had Sean Baker, Paul Saladinohad other people that quite literally couldn't move. They could barely walk.And then they started eating carnivores. They remove those plant foods thatwere causing their autoimmune response and they saved themselves. They savedtheir lives yet. They will not get published in the medical literature yet.

[00:11:20] They were not done under theconfines of some lab experiment. So therefore the data is no. Oh, and when youwake up to the reality of all this, when you realize that all of theestablished science status quo ideas, common knowledge, when you realize thatis all a farce, you will truly be empowered to make decisions for yourself.

[00:11:40] And I hope you do. Steak is asuper food. Red meat is a superfood, whether that's game bison, steak, Elkangaroo, whatever. If you came here thinking that, Oh, should I eat morechicken or not? I hope I've answered that for you. And I hope you startembracing really high quality red meat [00:12:00] as the super food and as anecessary part of your diet, that it is.

[00:12:05] Thanks for listening to thatshow. I want to let you know about my newest podcast over at escapingfragility. A show about building a life for yourself, being safe, being secure,having a plan B so that if this crazy world of 2020 continues. Or gets worse,which a lot of the numbers are suggesting. It will then you and your familywill be protected.

[00:12:24] A lot of my content from mypersonal brand has been focused on giving people the knowledge, the expertise,the skills, and just the awareness of some of the craziness that's going on sothat they can protect themselves so that they can fight back so that they canbe civilly disobedient so that we can stymie the ever encroaching spread ofgovernment and of corporate.

[00:12:42] And political agenda. If morecitizens do not stand up, fight back, speak up. There's going to be nothingleft to protect. And I don't like fear-mongering and I'm generally optimisticperson, but 2020 has stressed me out at first. It didn't. But then it did, whenI really saw what was going on. When I read a little bit between the lines.

[00:12:59] And [00:13:00] even now thecraziness is continuing and I don't see it letting up any time soon, the massesare too easily manipulated. And so I'm more concerned what's gonna happen 2021when the next flu season comes through and another coronavirus is weaponized.And then who knows what's going to happen? Travel restrictions, mandatoryvaccines, chipped, and proud of like cattle.

[00:13:17] People think it can't happen.They stick their head down, but they did in Mao's China, they did installmentsRussia. They did, and Nazi Germany, and then it was too late. And who pays theprice? It's always, always, always the citizens. That are having faith and thatare just hoping things get better. They're the ones that always pay the price.

[00:13:36] So the first thing we can do isprotect ourselves and our family have a plan B, have an escape option, and thenwe can help others head over to call it my coach, get on the M five newsletter.You'll get all the shows every week and you can also find me on YouTube and iTunesor Spotify or Google play.

[00:13:48] Get prepared, before it's too late. [00:14:00]