Revolt or Die

“Some seven billion of you have signed on to this bullshit. Some seven billion of you are religious consumer-addicted patriots. Some seven billion of you have been brainwashed to play nicely with your brothers, sisters, and neighbors, regardless of who they are. To embrace egalitarian socialist ideas. To bow to God, politicians, fear, and everything else. And to worry about what kind of car you drive, what brand of shoes you wear, what color your nail polish is, what sports team you root for, what church or mosque you kneel in. Is it any wonder that a few hundred of my self-motivated engineers defeated seven billion of you? Is it any wonder that I stand here in control of all 25,000 of your planet’s nuclear devices, with the ability to annihilate each one of you if I want.”

-Transhumanist Wager

You were born into a flawed world. That’s understandable. I may sound like a pessimistic but I’m an optimist and I’m grateful for how far we’ve come. Try living in the middle ages, fuck that. So yes, I’m grateful for the world today and I see all the opportunity, abundance, and possibility moving into the future.

But that does not mean I have to accept any of it blindly. Nor should you. You have never exercised your power, but you can reject anything you want. Nothing is sacred or protected. Traditions are slavery. Orthodoxy is conformity and designed to carry a status quo whether or not that status quo is outdated or needing a major update.

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