The Government Won't Let It Happen? Thoughts on Bitcoin and Personal Sovereignty

You might think that it's unlikely that Bitcoin will replace other assets, or grow more than it already has, because of the danger it presents for the American dollar and other currencies. However, Bitcoin is by nature an unstoppable force. Tune in to learn more.

You might think that it's unlikely that Bitcoin will replace other assets, or grow more than it already has, because of the danger it presents for the American dollar and other currencies. However, Bitcoin is by nature an unstoppable force. Tune in to learn more.

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[00:00:00] The more you go after individuals or networks or whatever, like the Hydra two, five, 10 more pop-up and now they know what your methods are. So they're even stronger. The bitcoin network, Bitcoin itself is anti-fragile to governments.

[00:00:30] Welcome to the better human podcast. I'm your host, Colin stuckert entrepreneur CEO, father coach growth, minded, and obsessed with becoming better human I'm here to help you level up your mind, body in life. I want you to become a better human. I want you to wake up everyday excited about getting to work, getting things done, working on yourself, and then making sure a little better place around you.

[00:00:52] That's how we're going to change the future for humanity. That's how we're going to solve the biggest problems we have in 2021 and nine. That's how the world's gonna become a better place for my sons and hopefully future daughters. The more better humans behalf that can critically think that are self-aware the better chance we have at creating a future that we all deserve.

[00:01:12] Make sure you get all the updates over. I call them coach to get on the better human newsletter. You can also reach me any time. Colin. C O L I n@wildfoods.co sports show. Head over to wildfoods and use code wild CEO for your nutrition needs. We have local roasted Austin coffee or flagship product while control.

[00:01:31] Pic is a great coffee booster or coffee replacement. If you're trying to start from coffee off, as I've been doing lately, obsessively sourced, real food products from nature to support your lifestyle needs. Let's get to the show. What's up. Sovereign humans calling here for another episode. We're gonna talk today about the common FID of Bitcoin, the government won't let it happen.

[00:01:53] They're going to regulate it, tax it, do whatever, blah, blah, blah. We're gonna talk about that today. What is a sovereign human? What's the goal of the show? What am I trying [00:02:00] to accomplish here? What do I want you to accomplish? I want you to become a sovereign mobile, global citizen. I want you to become a sovereign individual, which is actually a book written about it by the same name, which I highly recommend you read.

[00:02:12] I want you to have your passport. I want you to have some, maybe a little bit of silver, but mostly Bitcoin. I want you to be a mobile citizen that can go anywhere. You can go where you're treated best. So if your government jurisdiction, so if you're government or jurisdiction you're living in right now decides to enact some crazy things.

[00:02:27] And actually with the current administration in 2021, as I record this, uh, I didn't want to get into it. It's potentially scary stuff, but it's going to make our family unit better. We're looking at backup options and other countries. And honestly, when you're born into a country, you feel like, like that's the only place you can be and it's the end all be all.

[00:02:48] But I think anybody that has traveled a lot and I haven't tried a lot, I've tried a little bit. I think you kind of see through that. And it opens up your eyes to the possibilities and you become less afraid of your own government or jurisdiction because there's so many options out there. And now in the digital world we live in, uh, it's just amazing.

[00:03:05] So I want you to have the mindset that protects your family and your wealth from government, from a violation of your rights from natural law. I want you to have human sovereignty for yourself and your family. In the world we live in, it's most likely that you're going to need your financial sovereignty as the foundation.

[00:03:29] And if you actually think about it is the foundation of everything, because that is how you would travel somewhere else or get in and out of a place or set up a new life. Your financial sovereignty is the most important thing because that can buy the resources you need and it can get you the places that are safer and get you out of the places that are unsafe.

[00:03:46] On the show, we cover Bitcoin Fiat dollars government, freedom of speech, censorship history, dangerous socialism, communism, and how those that don't understand. First principles are bound to make many, many mistakes in life. This is not a show for SJWs or politically correct culture. [00:04:00] This is a show to actually challenge all those really bad ideas for what they are.

[00:04:03] Bad ideas, free markets, first principles thinking, getting down to the basics of things we know for sure, instead of spending so much time on what it could have shown as in maybes and what F's. It's amazing. The amount of energy that the human mind will put into a, what if or a maybe as a justification for not taking action, that's just lazy thinking.

[00:04:25] It's going to make you more fragile. You're going to miss opportunities and you're going to be trying to catch up as the rest of the world, hopping on the same small limited boat. In the case of Bitcoin, you'll be buying Bitcoin when it's $500,000 a coin. And I was buying it at 4,005,000, even 50,000.

[00:04:40] You're gonna be trying to renew your passport, get your passport when five, a million other Americans are doing that all at the same time. And so that you're waiting literally two years to get something back. That is the only way you can get in or out of a country. Legally, you're going to be sitting in line at the grocery store for hours to get toilet paper food.

[00:04:56] When things go really better. That way, these are all examples of fragile. Last-minute non-prepared, small-minded, closed-minded thinking. So make sure you get on the better human newsletter over at conduct coach, where I have my health segments, where my health and mindset, which is the better human brand and podcast.

[00:05:12] And then now the sovereign human, which is my show on all these things, free markets, and capitalists and money and Bitcoin. You'll get all that on the better human newsletter, which is my hub, my central hub. Every Saturday, get it. You won't regret it. So today is the government will want to happen. Now I put out a poll on my Instagram recently, something to the effect of what's yours.

[00:05:34] Biggest confusion around Bitcoin or question on the answer. And I got a few good replies there, but this one stuck out, which is from an old high school friend of mine that has been following my stuff. And it's funny 'cause it's like he has such a fixed mindset, but I can, I can tell that I'm eroding it away.

[00:05:54] I can just tell, like, even though he kind of comes at me with like a negative fixed mindset of like reasons why things won't work [00:06:00] all the time. And I always respond, I don't really engage or get into long debates or anything. I just usually respond once, then ignore anything else that, that he says, but, but he's a smart dude.

[00:06:08] So I'm like, I feel that there's hope for him and not that it needs saving, you can think of whatever he wants. Right. And he can get on way later with everyone else when he finally sees the truth. That's fine. But it is fun for me. It's almost a game to try to. Get people to open up a little bit and change their mind, right?

[00:06:27] It's not something that I'm investing energy in and I'm getting attached to the outcome because that would be very dumb. That would want to be very stoic and people don't change their mind when you want them to change your mind, no matter how smart or how logical you think you are. And they aren't, it just doesn't happen.

[00:06:40] So I don't invest any energy into the outcome, but I do appreciate the challenge to try to do that because it makes me a better speaker communicator. It helps me refine my ideas. It helps me better in debate and arguments, et cetera. So, his statement wasn't actually questioned. It was something to the effect of, there's no way the US government is going to let this compete with the us dollar.

[00:07:03] And there's a lot to that. So I'm gonna do my best to try to unpack that you can watch any of Michael sailor's videos on YouTube. I highly recommend you do. I gotta give him massive credit for actually really pushing me over to the maximalist edge. I was, I was a Maximus before, but I wasn't as worried about owning gold, silver and even dollars as much.

[00:07:25] And he kind of changed Vermont in that. And now like I'm way more on the worried about inflation end of the spectrum and even inflation of gold and silver. So this is what I responded. All right. So let's hypothetically say that the us tries to ban Bitcoin, right? So they ban it and then what do they do to every other country in the world?

[00:07:45] They give every other country in the world and advantage it's tax revenue, right? There's commerce through the actual mining. And then now the rest of the world has access to one of the strongest, probably the best asset ever created in history of mankind. [00:08:00] It's the best form of money. It's the highest form of energy storage ever created.

[00:08:04] It would basically be like the government not embracing the internet or trying to ban the internet or doing things like China does right now. The us government actually invented the internet. I believe it was DARPA and they wisely. Release it to the wild and then it flourished and look at how many trillions of dollars of economic prosperity and tax revenue.

[00:08:26] It brought to them America. I mean, I would actually, I would venture to say that if we hadn't done that America, wouldn't be the number one superpower. China, I believe would be crushing us right now. I mean, they had mobile phones and they have all these different things. They've had this stuff for years before we kind of got hip to it.

[00:08:43] We just were able to capture the value of the internet and just accelerate. A massive amount of power and innovation in a very short period of time. So the government trying to write some large, do some things, especially at this point after it becomes so mainstream and big institutions hold it billion dollar funds, and there's all this regulatory stuff that, that banks now are investing in products to offer to their customers, custodian issues.

[00:09:10] Fidelity's in it. JP Morgan Wells Fargo is going to be in it as soon as hover. That's a lot to go back on. Right. And. What we would do by going back on it is we would just give all those opportunities to other countries and other companies in other countries. Right. So imagine if, uh, there was a privacy for Bitcoin and this is kind of leading to my next point.

[00:09:30] There are services that can make Bitcoin anonymous, right? So it's this, this idea that like the government can ban it or whatever they can maybe tax or band things you've bought in the past, but you could then liquidate that. I mean, what are they going to tell you? Like, you can't sell it. Like you just have to give it to them or whatever.

[00:09:45] So, so you liquidate it and you get money for it. And you can look at the data to private wallets that you then own that they can't even trace. And they can't prove who got it or didn't get it, or what. And this leads me to the next point of just how antifragile and how much like [00:10:00] the hydro Bitcoin isn't right.

[00:10:01] Even the internet, let's get back to the, do the internet. So to actually kill Bitcoin, you'd have to basically shut down the internet indefinitely. And even that it could still survive on a hard drive and a couple computers could linked together and you could still have the ledger and, and et cetera, it's just code.

[00:10:17] Right. So there was a very famous case for encryption software. Right. So this company, I forget the name of the company, but they were selling this encryption software and the government was trying to label it as a, like a weapon so that they could then prevent the export to other countries because they didn't want other countries getting this encryption software and the company, which was very big into privacy and encryption.

[00:10:44] They thought this was not the answer. So they fought it in court and there was a very pivotal moment in the. I believe it was the lawyer for the defense, which would have been, or the plaintiff, I don't actually know who was doing who, I assume that the company was suing the government. So this would have been the plaintiff.

[00:11:00] This would have been probably the company that wrote the code. The lawyer stood up and said, here's a piece of paper that represents the entire source code for this entire product. How can this be made illegal? I mean, think about it from just a physical perspective. Like you're not gonna. Ki it's like, it's like basically trying to LL the Bible or something.

[00:11:19] Right. Well, I'll get to that. That's actually the next point. I want to make this source code, right? Like one, you're gonna have a very hard time outlawing it because you can just literally send it to somebody in, on a piece of paper somewhere. Like good luck enforcing that and there's going to be out there and it's going to proliferate.

[00:11:35] So you're not actually preventing anything with that. You can prevent some companies trying to sell it. Right. But one of the judges, I believe it was the Supreme court, one of the judges deemed or ruled that this was protected under freedom of speech, right. It was just numbers and letters on a piece of paper.

[00:11:56] And that was a very pivotal moment for protecting [00:12:00] software open-source et cetera. And Bitcoin is very much like that. So from a practical perspective, you're not actually outlawing anything. It's kinda like the gold act in 1933 where like, yeah, Americans turn their gold and get money or whatever, but very few people did it, like talk about nearly impossible to enforce all you do with that kinda stuff is moving underground.

[00:12:18] And just like with drugs, like has the war on drugs worked? In fact, a lot of people that have looked into this stuff, the war on drugs made it worse because they have a lot more dangerous drugs and so underground. There's no regulation around it. Like you would have been better off just taxing this, regulating it and making it accessible for everybody.

[00:12:33] And that would have been the best thing and it would have been perfect. But guess what? Everybody can drink soda. It's not illegal to drink soda. Yet. People kill themselves as soda. If he won't kill themselves with drugs or whatever, they're going to do that. If you want to sit inside their home every single day, all day, not even get out of bed and waste the way are we supposed to then mandate that people like exercise and only eat certain foods or whatever.

[00:12:52] That's when we're going to become a completely totalitarian society where everything is controlled and mandated by the government and whoever's running the government decides how things should be and how people should live their lives. And if you lived in America for any period of time, you know, that is antithetical to everything.

[00:13:08] This country is founded on and nobody's going to go for that. And there will be revolution or revolt animal work. It just won't work. It defies natural law. And that's what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is like saying you can't use fire, like, or, or even just heat, like it's illegal to use heat, you need permission or whatever.

[00:13:25] It's like. What go fuck yourself. That's what it is. Like. I'm going to build a fire where I fuck. I want like, I'm going to do what I want. You're not going to actually prevent me. And you can say, you can find me or whatever, but I'm still going to do it. It's like speeding tickets. Okay. There's a speeding ticket.

[00:13:43] I'm trying think of some other good analogy, but look, let's say you're just driving somewhere and you have to get a hospital cause your, your son or your child is in your car. Very hurt. It's illegal to speed, right? But I'm going to speed and there's absolutely nothing Amy's going to do about it. You [00:14:00] can throw me in jail after if it becomes a high-speed chase, but you better believe I'm getting to the hospital.

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[00:16:56] So again, wildfoods Arco use code wild CEO for 20% off entire quarter. So there's a practical enforceability and, or I should say lack thereof. Right. Which makes us ridiculous. So it's one of those things that the government needs to wisely adopt, except try to get tax revenue from regulate, protects consumers, and then get another massive advantage on the global scale.

[00:17:25] Yeah, the FIA dollar system will collapse. Governments don't have a choice in that matter though. There's probably a lot in government that know this and that don't really like how it's a Fiat system, but it's going to keep going this way until it breaks. And there's going to be a new paradigm shift and the politicians are going to have to change their tone.

[00:17:39] And they're not gonna be able to just give people checks and say, oh, look, there you go. Pacifier, $1,200, whatever that will eventually break down. And guess what probably the best thing that the American government could do at that point is to peg the U S dollar or whatever new currency we come up with to Bitcoin.

[00:17:57] And then we will never have the problems of [00:18:00] inflation or mismanagement or printing, whatever most people in government are. They're trying to keep power and they care about the perception of the public. That's a very common thing. You do things based on what the public perceives and what you think they think that you want you to do and not do whatever.

[00:18:16] If it enters a consciousness that inflation is destroying the wealth of the country and people are spending $20 on a gallon of milk or whatever the government is going to have incentive to fix it. And there's problems with a gold backed currency and Silverback currency it's possible, but there are problems with that.

[00:18:34] Bitcoin is actually the perfect solution and there's a lot of very smart people that already get this real quick back to the enforceability of it. Okay. So we are already established that it can actually benefit governments that are more hip to it. It's going to be a massive advantage. If you let your citizens adopt it and you're kind of close to it versus trying to ban it and outlaw it, and then just making it go underground and making it become more stronger, basically against you.

[00:18:56] You're going to be as close to it as possible. So it is your enemy. It's that old saying, you know, keep your friends close your enemies closer. The other thing about the enforceability is what, say that the U S government and there's a lot of holders of Bitcoin in the United States. They ban this. What do you think is going to happen in the market?

[00:19:13] How's the market going to respond? Well, the Bitcoin network itself has incentive to keep the price high because they're the miners. They protect the network. So maybe they collectively decide that we need to have a privacy feature to this, and they incorporate some much needed privacy feature or they have, there's some things where you can do like a tumbler where the things get moved in a different way.

[00:19:35] It's still trackable through the ledger, but. You can't really tell who gets what the coins are kind of tumbled in this digital thing, where they go to different people, the free market, either through the Bitcoin itself or through things built on top of the Bitcoin or connected into Bitcoin would create a privacy feature where basically, I assume I bet you that within a week, within a week, [00:20:00] every us holder of Bitcoin in the world would then be protected by doing nothing.

[00:20:07] Because the Bitcoin network itself would adapt or there will be a third party solution that would rise up and everybody would use that. And then the government sitting here going, well, now we don't know who has what or any, you know, like, and now we have to track down thousands and thousands of people, maybe millions of people and try to investigate all these things, whatever, like you just don't have the manpower.

[00:20:30] It's not practical. And Bitcoin moves at the speed of light. You can literally change things with a button. Like you really think that moving target is going to be addressable by the bloat that is government and bureaucracy and law enforcement like, come on. It's ridiculous. This leads me to my last point.

[00:20:47] So the internet was one of the greatest creations of mankind, and it's gonna bring more prosperity and sovereignty to more humans than almost anything in history. Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the next evolution. And th these technologies, internet Bitcoin, and the other things that are going to come out of that through the decentralized nature of internet and the protocols, and just this entirely new way of thinking this new paradigm has been predicted, was predicted in the sovereign individual, which is a book written.

[00:21:16] I believe the nineties, I think it was when the internet was just getting going. The authors looked at history, they looked at the different revolutions and things like the fourth turning and things like that. And they saw how the decentralized nature of the internet and the spreading out and the de-globalization and the breaking down of the consolidated power structures, which were a thing of the past, the internet breaks them down and erodes them away.

[00:21:38] Bitcoin does this through money, and this is actually the, and this is actually the highest form of protection for the average person is to own and control his or her money because governments have always manipulated it. They can tax it. They can outlaw it. They can take it from you. They can inflate the money supply, which steals out of your pocket, which they're already [00:22:00] doing.

[00:22:01] And Bitcoin solves all those problems. It gives the power to the individual, unlike we've ever seen in history of mankind, it's the best asset ever created. And that's why I hold most of my wealth in Bitcoin. Now I probably didn't do the greatest job. Even explain this. There's a lot of other technical.

[00:22:20] Ways to defeat this argument. Um, it's just not practical. Government's already showing that, or I should say the us, government's already showing that they're getting on board and they're going to facilitate it and keep it close by. America's founded on personal property. Bitcoin is property and that's how it's treated through the IRS is how it's being treated and all the different regulatory stuff.

[00:22:46] It is. Property America is founded on. The protection of personal property, we'd have to basically rewrite the constitution and overturn what hundreds of years or a couple hundred years of case law. Why? Because it might be a third of the us dollar. Gold's a threat to the us dollar that's that's legal to own.

[00:23:05] So silver, real estate and stocks, to an extent they're assets where you store wealth. And if the dark collapses, those are gonna skyrocket in value. So you could say that they are a storage vessel that is contrary to the dollar. So if people lose faith in the dollar they plowed in. So when people lose faith in the dollar, they plow into those assets.

[00:23:23] So does that mean we start outlawing owning real estate? Does that mean we destroy the stock market? Like it's just a nonsensical argument when you take it to it, to any dive a little bit into it. Finally, the government won't let it happen or the government will never let it happen. This statement doesn't quite understand what the decentralized nature of the internet.

[00:23:43] And now Bitcoin brings to the masses. For every one person you knocked down or take away their wallet or whatever, five more pop up. And then they're probably going to be anonymous. And then on and on and on just like the war on drugs, everyone drug dealer, you put in jail, five more pop up. It's an antifragile [00:24:00] system.

[00:24:00] You actually make it stronger. The more you go after individuals or networks or whatever, like the Hydra two, five, 10 more. Pop-up. And now they know what your methods are. So they're even stronger. The big coin network Bitcoin itself is anti-fragile to governance. It is the most, anti-fragile decentralized amazing thing that we've ever created in history.

[00:24:21] Mankind. That's all I got for today. I hope I dispelled this bud for you conduct. Get on the newsletter. Wow. Oh, foods are better foods and supplements for better humans. Get your nutritional ducks in a row. And the peace of mind that comes from the wild sourcing standard, our obsessive dedication to quality, no matter your goal, we have the tools you need to achieve the next level in your health and fitness and longevity.

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