The Power of Simplicty To Get What You Want

The Power of Simplicty To Get What You Want

Why do you hear about the power of simplicity?

Why can't we all be like Elon Musk and be CEO of 3 multi-billion dollar companies while building tunnels in our spare time?

It's hard enough to do anything and make it successful. For every joule of energy you invest in one area, you make a trade-off in another. Your passion might need that last joule of energy to tip the balance from grind to momentum and get that flywheel spinning, but for as long as you miss investing that energy because you're spending it elsewhere, you'll never know that.

Seth Godin wrote a book called the dip. The book's premise is that most people quit at the dip, which is the low point, and sometimes seemingly hopeless point, right before the upward move towards success. It's a book about sticking with it.

Energy is like that.

I woner how many times you’ve been that close to success and didn't even know it. Maybe you gave up, or maybe you are a bit of energy focused in that direction away from success and finally tipping the scale.

The more you focus, the farther you go.

This is why simplicity is also damn crucial because we are easily distracted and have a limited amount of time and energy in this life. THE SIMPLIER YOU JKEP THINGS, THE MORE YOU CAN FOCUS while remaining aware of what feedback your receiving, that's a twofold improvement over spreading yourself in multiple directions.

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