Truth-seeking is hard business

Conviction is a dangerous word.

On one hand, a conviction to your currently held beliefs is dogma. On the other, conviction to Truth is your most powerful pursuit.

How do we know what determines our conviction? How do we know if we are convicted to Truths that aren’t actually Truths?

Socrates figured it out.

In reply to the oracle of Delphia that proclaimed Socrates the wisest of all, Socrates said the only thing he knows is that he knows nothing.

Conviction to uncertainty is a conviction to Truth.

Conviction to pursue your ignorance.

Conviction to math, physics, and empirical experimentation.

Conviction to know as little as possible because that’s the only way you can fully open your eyes to Truth.

I’ve seen the paradox of this pursuit in my own life.

In my thirties, I’ve pursued Truth and knowledge and awareness and wisdom, and through that and various life struggles, I’ve come to a place where each day I acquire more experience and knowledge while becoming less certain of what I think I know.

I become smarter and dumber at the same time. I become less dogmatic, less certain, less convicted in my specific beliefs, and more certain of uncertainty. I realize how little I know and how little we can know in this uncertain, unverified, and hugely metaphysical existence we call human life.

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