Vegan to Carnivore! Interview with Bella, the Steak and Butter Gal

Joining us today is Bella, also known as the Steak and Butter Gal, whose amazing story is an inspiration to anyone doubting that changing your diet can heal in a way that you didn't think was possible before. Going from Vegan to Carnivore was what did the trick for her!

Joining us today is Bella, also known as the Steak and Butter Gal, whose amazing story is an inspiration to anyone doubting that changing your diet can heal in a way that you didn't think was possible before. Tune in to find out all about how she overcame her skin issues, her period imbalances, and much more, by switching from a vegan diet to a carnivore one! Truly amazing.

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[00:00:00] Bella:It's just like too good to be true, but I just feel so good on the carnivore diet. There's no reason for me to look anywhere else. It's just the carnivore diet, it's the way,

[00:00:24] Colin:Bella. Welcome to the show.

[00:00:26] Bella:Thank you for having me.

[00:00:27] Colin:Can you give me a quick introduction, you do quite a few things andI found you online. I was like, first it was Instagram. Then it was YouTube andthey start popping up here and I was like, this person is just all into me. And then I was like, Oh, they're kind of doing carnivores.

[00:00:39] And so, uh, I'm really curious to hear like the full picture of how you got to where you're at today and whatthat evolution was. So why don't you just take us first, what you're doing now,currently, and then we'll just backtrack from there.

[00:00:50] Bella:Sure. So I am now almost two years carnivores, 23 months to be exact.

[00:00:56] And I started the carnivore dieton January 1st of [00:01:00] 2019. It was a new year's resolution to betterhealth, really, and to just long-term healing because right before I wentcarnivore, I was vegan. So it was my sixth year being vegan. And I was just.For it to kind of reverse all the damage that that diet had done after thosesix years, the biggest damage being, losing my period, completely amenorrhea.

[00:01:27] That's what they call it, but Ijust didn't have my period for about two years already. And it just reallyalarmed me that it was never coming back. And I really, really wanted to. Beable to have that peace of mind knowing that yes, I can have kids if I want itto, but not having a period. It was just really scary.

[00:01:45] So that's pretty much thebiggest reason why I decided to end being vegan. So I went carnivore. Literallyovernight, but I honestly saw just benefits and results. Within the first week,I started [00:02:00] feeling better, stronger, and happier. And then over timeI started seeing huge skin benefits, hair benefits. My period came back withintwo months of just eating carnivore.

[00:02:11] So I really, really regained myhealth, uh, gradually over time still to this day, I'm seeing benefits.

[00:02:18] Colin:Wow. That's awesome. So a couple questions about that. I mean, to gofrom vegan, it sounds like hardcore, maybe that are you the, those prettyextreme, like,

[00:02:27] Bella:like zero processed foods, whole foods plant-based style, uh, butinspired by freely the banana girl.

[00:02:34] So I always say I was inspiredby her and she really preached this, you know, lots of fruits, lots of rawfruits during the day. And then after four cooked starches,

[00:02:44] Colin:And how did you go from that to making the connection to losing yourperiod and these other health issues? Cause it seems like maybe in the vegancommunity and I don't know, I'm not super into it.

[00:02:53] Um, it seems like they wouldn't.In the vegan community can make that connection. They would try to blame it onsomething else. So do you have to like go [00:03:00] outside of like the peopleyou were following and like, like maybe Google, like why did I lose my periodon a vegan diet or my face? And like, you had to kind of find some externalsources of information and really open your mind.

[00:03:10] It sounds like. So what was thatprocess like to go from that? To like diagnosing that your diet might be thereason

[00:03:14] Bella:that's happening. Yeah, for the longest time, I really believed thatit would come back. Like my period would come back. If I just stuck to it, mybody was just, uh, just adjusting. Like that was for the longest time, what Ibelieved in.

[00:03:28] And I really believe the vegandiet was the best I in the world. It was a lot of just me being misled andbrainwashed by everything that is being preached within the vegan community. Soit wasn't until I started being curious about the diet. You know that isn'tvegan, maybe incorporating some animal foods.

[00:03:46] And I do have to thank my doctorbecause I took a full panel blood test, and my doctor really sat me down andwe'll slot reality back into my life saying that, you know, you are sodeficient in so many things, [00:04:00] either take supplements or reallyconsider eating animal foods. Right. Um, so for

[00:04:04] Colin:her credit and I mean,

[00:04:05] Bella:it really is.

[00:04:06] Yeah. So I started researching.On Google and YouTube vegans starting to eat meat again. And for some reason,all these things and content was popping up about vegans going carnivore. Sothat's really what peaked my interest. And then I dive deeper and I came acrossJoe Rogan's, many podcasts and, uh, many channels, uh, just centering about thecarnivore diet.

[00:04:30] So it was through just obsessiveresearch and watching and listening. That I started to believe that, you know,carnival diet is something I should try now.

[00:04:39] Colin:Yeah. That's that's great. So the first day though, I mean, whatdoes that look like? Paint a picture for the first day of this week. And didyou hit some, like, did you have any side effects of going full meat?

[00:04:49] Like, you know, some people thatcould just go from standard American diet to carnivore, like gut has take sometime to adjust. Like there can definitely be issues there, but like, was itjust pure awesome or did you kind of go through some ups and downs?

[00:05:00] [00:04:59] Bella: Yeah, the first bite, I would say 100%pure. Awesome.

[00:05:03] I felt like being cute and Ireally felt like I came back to life and the first bite was only eggs. Justsome vital farms, eggs, scrambled lightly with some Kerrygold butter. Iremember exactly what I made. Just two eggs, two, and it was just delicious. Ifelt like I was elevating and just coming back to life.

[00:05:25] Um, and then the next day, sothe first day. It was just some eggs and butter. Cause I didn't want tooverwhelm my body, but I still think it was too much because those six years Iwas pretty high carb and pretty low fat. So all of a sudden I'm introducing allthese nutrient dense fats. So my body's digestion, that would be the biggestissue was my digestion, lots of running to the toilet, loose stools, um, andjust a lot of diarrhea, but the beef came in.

[00:05:53] Second day. And I really focusedon beef only because I did see a lot in the carnival community that it's the[00:06:00] most easy to digest, you know, the most nutrient dense all around.So it was beef, eggs and butter for a very long time. And I did have a hugeadjustment period. Mostly the digestion. How

[00:06:12] Colin:did you do anything else to mitigate that?

[00:06:14] Did you start taking anysupplements or you're just like, I'm going to give it time and I'm going tostick with basically steak and butter, which is now your handle on social stickand butter gal. That's how you got it.

[00:06:23] Bella:Yeah, I really did stick with steak and butter and eggs, um, justconsistently, but I do remember, um, incorporating Apple cider vinegar, reallyjust a small amount.

[00:06:34] In the broth that I would makewith oxtail, if I had oxtail would just put some Apple cider vinegar in theinstant pot, and that's somehow helped me at least not feel nauseous and wantto throw up. I'm not sure if that really helped with the digestion. Um, but Ididn't take any pills or supplements like probiotics.

[00:06:52] It was just mostly not eatingcooked fats. I do find eating raw fats instead of rendered cooked. Fats helpedwith [00:07:00] not inducing. Diarrhea. Interesting.

[00:07:02] Colin:Yeah. Now that I think about that, I do feel like, especially if Ido a pork shoulder and you know, how you got, there's a ton of fat in there.Like if I, if it's not really good pork, I, it gets sick immediately.

[00:07:12] And so like, I try to skim offall the fat or whatever. So something for me that makes me kind of sensitive.Um, and even, even a lot of beats, like a beef roast, a lot of fat that canhappen as well as there's also histamines and stuff to

[00:07:22] Bella:consider. So

[00:07:24] Colin:that was about a year you're doing steak butter next.

[00:07:28] Since then, and like, like whathappened after that and then where you're at now. And like, and then we, I wantto get into, like, what is your philosophy around thinking about a car numberdied? Because like, you're obviously doing this to like, diagnose like a majorhealth issue. And so you're like a convert because you don't want to go backthe way that was.

[00:07:44] But I try to connect thosepeople like me and myself included. I do it to reduce allergies and feel betterand whatever, how can we also get this idea to more people? And how can theythink

[00:07:53] Bella:about it? . Yeah, so I went in, uh, still being a student, a[00:08:00] very busy student, and I was still studying at Julliard pursuing mymaster's degree.

[00:08:05] So I just really was desperatefor a diet that could support that busy lifestyle where a lot of my day is justin the practice room, focusing on one thing and that's just practicing. So Ineeded a diet that could help me sustain long days, feel energized and nothave. Ups and downs crushes all the time.

[00:08:24] Like the vegan diet gave me, sothe carnivore diet did help me with that. I felt stable energy, good mood andextreme mental clarity. So already I was just feeling wow, like this diet isawesome, you know? Um, but yeah. Like health wise. I really wanted to get myperiod back. I wanted to regulate my hormones.

[00:08:45] I was suffering from a lot ofacne, acne, scars, hair shedding around my hairline, just a lot of hair loss.Um, but also my auto-immune skin issues. So I suffer with. Eczema ever since Iwas a kid, I remember just always going [00:09:00] to my doctor for moremedication. Um, just a lot of itching. And then psoriasis popped up when I wentvegan and that was centered around my face, especially the temples.

[00:09:10] So now I do carnivore diet tokeep my eczema and psoriasis at Bay, and really they never flare up anymore,especially when I'm focusing on beef. Butter. Yeah, just simple. Um, and thenmy period is perfectly normal and there's no pain, so it's just, it's just liketoo good to be true, but I just feel so good on the carnival diet.

[00:09:31] There's no reason for me to lookanywhere else. It's just a carnival ties the way.

[00:09:36] Colin:Yeah. So do you. Have you included other foods now and are therecertain like corner waterproof trigger foods that you have to like

[00:09:44] Bella:yeah. Over. Okay. So first six months, really just beef butter,eggs. Um, sometimes, you know, liver here and there.

[00:09:51] Cause I was curious how I felt,but now I actually eat liver every other day raw. Um, but I startedincorporating new meats, like pork, chicken, Turkey, [00:10:00] lamb. I hatedlamb. Oh, I incorporated these things after month six. So firstly lamb, I justcan't. Like understand why lamb is good, that it has this weird aftertaste.

[00:10:11] And I, I think I may be the onlyone, but it's just very gamey for me. Um, pork kind of triggers my eczema hereand there, but if it's fatty pork and quality pork, like pork belly, it's fine.But chicken, I just. Don't sit well with chicken, I got flares flare ups, um,and I just don't feel full. It's not fatty enough.

[00:10:33] Turkey is the same. Um, so thisis why I really stick to beef, but I also love raw fatty salmon. That'ssomething new. Um, but that's the only seafood I would pretty much eat. Um, andthen the Oregon's, I'm happy to like try new Oregon's, but liver and kidney iswhat I eat on a regular basis.

[00:10:52] Colin:Yeah, we actually just got Ashley, uh, van Hawkins, uh, her, shejust came out with the Oregon meet cookbook.

[00:10:58] It's really, it's really great.Uh, so we've been [00:11:00] making recipes out of that. We do liver, livercrispier as well. We make them buy those. Those are awesome. Um, what, what doyou think your, your macros are at? Have you ever gotten. Got down to acalorie, counting macro tracking, like how much fat to protein, you know, andlike you're relatively lean.

[00:11:16] Were you ever, like, were youleaner on the vegan diet or did you put some weight on, or do you just kind oflike the type that can eat what you want and you gotta have that skinny Jean.

[00:11:25] Bella:Yeah, I'm naturally, well, I'm definitely tall. So I'm five 10. So Ithink I can get away with, you know, weight gain, uh, fluctuating as well, uh,when I'm this tall, but I always felt like when I was vegan, I was skinny fat.

[00:11:41] Like there was no tone. Therewas no like tightness. It was just skinny, but lots of fat. And I did measuremy body comps. So. I lost a lot of my body fat when I went carnival and mymuscle went up. So. I also didn't really work out when I went carnivore, but[00:12:00] yeah, it's just crazy regarding the macros. The only thing Imeasured for a period of time, just out of curiosity, was the calories that Iwas eating.

[00:12:09] And, um, the first six months. Iremember I tracked my calories and I was eating up to four to 5,000 calories aday. I know it's crazy. Like nowadays my appetite is not that hungry. Like Iused to have this insatiable hunger, but that makes sense because I was so

[00:12:29] Colin:deficient. Yeah, it needs, I mean, it's primarily a protein signalfor most things.

[00:12:36] Well observed. And thenobviously nutrients, which we don't need as much of. But, and so that's also, Iasked anybody on cardboard diet, like protein is kind of a thing. Like peoplecoming to corner where they want to lose weight. So I usually tell themoptimize protein, like make sure you're getting 25, 35%.

[00:12:50] Like these are different ranges.And we, most of us under eat protein anyways. And so like your version ofcarnivores is it like you get a steak and you just kind of eat it and whateverthe macros are, it's [00:13:00] good. Or is it like, do you optimize for leanermeats or fattier cuts? You know, like, do you have to guess what percent of fator protein you're consuming, would you even like have a ballpark?

[00:13:10] Bella:Okay. Well, I do know that I feel great on 80 20 ground beef. So ifthat helps, like, um, I'll eat a pound and a half around 80, 20 ground beef,and then I will supplement with another stick of butter. So I don't know, likesaturation. Yeah. I would say I'm really quite high in fat. I just have thisnatural craving for fat.

[00:13:32] And, uh, so I just kind of feelmy way around it. Cause it changes every day, but I'll always end up eating astick of butter and I always freeze it and it's just like this delicious snackfor me. So I always have this craving for fat and it never tastes disgusting ortoo nauseatingly, it's just delicious.

[00:13:50] Colin:I need to freeze some butter, actually. I thought that, and I justnever remember to do that. That is so like, yeah. So. You, you, you say youalways eat a stick of butter, like, like every day [00:14:00] or every meal, orlike, what is it

[00:14:01] Bella:that standard, you know, skinny stick of butter. I'll have one everyday. If not straight out from the freezer, I'll incorporate it in my scrambledeggs or I'll throw it with my steak, but it's usually ends up one stick a day.

[00:14:14] Colin:Did that happen by accident? Was it just like you started eatingmore butter? You're like, I feel great. And then you're like, you just kind ofdecided on a single stick a day, or did you like make a choice to try to getmore fat in for some reason?

[00:14:26] Bella:Yeah, it wasn't a choice. It was just that strong craving.

[00:14:29] Like my brain was just signalingeat that butter because butter just, it just like, it tasted so good to me, soI needed more. Um, so that's how I started just eating butter.

[00:14:40] Colin:Yeah. That's that's amazing. Okay. So you, what, what does anaverage day of eating look like? Like, are you doing IAF in any way? Are youdoing multiple years?

[00:14:48] One big meal, two big meal.

[00:14:49] Bella:Yeah. Now I'm very comfortable doing one meal a day. Um, but it'snot something strict because when it's around that time of the month, I do gethungrier. So I'll do two, two meals a [00:15:00] day, but because I've alwayshad such a huge appetite, I'm able to put down enough calories and enough foodto last throughout the day.

[00:15:08] But I always say thatintermittent fasting, I don't think is not. It's just not necessary to succeedand feel the best on carnivore. I kind of just naturally fell into this oldmad, too mad way of living just because I eat so much fat. It carries me over.Um, but I, I have to say the first six months, I didn't do any type of fasting.

[00:15:28] I couldn't care less. I just atewhenever I was hungry. And I think that really helps with the healing because Inever felt hungry anymore.

[00:15:36] Colin:So you ate when you were hungry and then you were probably morehungry in the beginning when you're recovering, but then you kind of fell intothis almost an OMAD type of thing, which I think is probably the closestapproximation of how our ancestors would have eaten.

[00:15:46] There would have been eaten abunch of fat and protein when they had it on a killer or whatever, and it wasshared it. And then, you know, no food till tomorrow or two, whenever the nextone is so. Yeah. I mean, it's like, I feel like with fascinating for peoplethat are coming from a standard American [00:16:00] diet, it's a good, simpleway to, to try to like remind themselves that they shouldn't just be snacking,especially in carbs and junk food all day.

[00:16:06] Right? Like, and so havingcertain parameters around, because what happens is your metabolism. And yourappetite, which is intuitive thing that should take care of itself and it'soptimized, right? Like you always seem to take care of itself now, but gettingto there, then you don't have to like, worry about tracking your feeding windowfasting.

[00:16:21] Literally, if your body says, Ineed nutrients, you get it. And then when it doesn't, doesn't, it's just like abeautiful, beautiful thing. And so that's how I think about it. Um, so youtalked about skin issues, like basically all the benefits across the board.People come to you because you've been doing YouTube videos and you're onInstagram.

[00:16:38] Right? So like, you're obviouslygetting people to ask you questions and comments and things like that. So youhave kind of a, like a pretty strict carnival, like, do you, in fact, here's agood question. Do you ever cheat, like, are you ever eating like pizza here onthere or doing anything like

[00:16:50] Bella:that? Never.

[00:16:52] Yeah, I just can't risk it.Like, I don't want to go through another horrible phase of cystic breakouts orI [00:17:00] don't want to go through like bleeding on my arms from the eczema.So I haven't cheated besides, I don't know if you count like a couple pieces ofcilantro green onions. When I go to my boyfriend's home and my mom cooks, youknow, like her, his mom cooks, like I, I feel, yeah.

[00:17:16] Colin:I mean more like the occasional. Pizza or, you know, like justcomplete another junk food on the other end, you know, just can't risk it. Soyou're strict carnivore. It sounds like you're a, high-fat like on the higherfat end of the carnivore, I'm almost seeing an OMAD. And so when people arecoming to you and asking you questions and this and that, I mean like what,what are some of these common.

[00:17:38] You know, questions you get andhow do you kind of approach it? Are you maybe just saying, just do this, trythis, and then figure it out for yourself? Or are you saying like, you know,most people can do like a mostly carnival, you know, and enjoy your chinosevery so often. Like I'm always interested in to hear other, especiallyinfluencers in the space.

[00:17:54] Like how can we kind of make itmore accessible for more people? So what would be your take on

[00:17:58] Bella:that? Yeah. [00:18:00] So for my YouTube channel, I really try to,uh, share information through my experience. I always disclaims saying that I'mnot a doctor. I don't have any degrees in health, so I'm only sharing what hasworked for me.

[00:18:14] And that's also what I say toprivate Instagram messages, but I do see a lot of messages from. Young ladiesaround my age because they see me heal and they see me lose all this way. Andthey're so inspired. So they asked me questions regarding weight, lot ofquestions regarding how to lose weight, how to get lean, um, a lot of questionsregarding healing, acne, how to prevent breakouts and, um, how to get theperiod back.

[00:18:42] So these three are the mostpopular topics that I get asked. So I really try to focus a lot of my videosaround those. Things. Um, and I find that, uh, I, when I, whenever I share whatI cook, like what I eat in a day, those really help, um, the [00:19:00] peoplewatching. But I also say that, you know, being Q4 is better than any otherdiet, like any standard American diet or standard Chinese diet, as long asyou're keeping the carbs low and prioritizing good proteins and high animalfats, you're already doing such a huge favorite for your long-term health inyour body.

[00:19:20] Yeah. And I'm actually doingthat for my boyfriend. He's kind of gradually going into key Devor and Ialready see amazing results. His mood, his skin is improving. So carnivores,strict carnivores, not a must at all. It just depends on your lifestyle andwhat you need to hear

[00:19:37] Colin:and yeah. Your individual health.

[00:19:39] So what, what do you define asketo board? I've actually never heard that phrase I've heard, but is it

[00:19:44] Bella:yeah, basically keto carnivore, but just mashed into one word.

[00:19:49] Colin:So do you eat plants

[00:19:52] Bella:or I see it as like mainly carnival. Very animal-based um, yeah, lowcarb fruits and veggies here and there. [00:20:00] Maybe some honey, becausefor my boyfriend, he loves, uh, Greek yogurt with honey.

[00:20:03] So I consider that in keto forit. Absolutely not, I don't know. People think honey is carnivores, but thatcan be very triggering. So I stay away from honey.

[00:20:13] Colin:Yeah. Well, I mean, this is the problem with labels. It's like yourversion of carnivores is not even the same as mine, even version of strictcard, where might it be the same version of my chicken or more this or morethat, or maybe I don't eat pork because somebody else does, you know, so yeah.

[00:20:28] I, I think we have to be carefulwith the labels and it's why I'm always like, I've been toying around with theidea of like, I consider myself 80, 80, 20, I'm an 80% carnivore, 20% omnivore.And sometimes it's like a hundred percent for the day, or if I'm liketraveling, I might have some plants. Right. But I'm always returning to thatbaseline.

[00:20:44] And their thing that I like totell people is that, you know, focus on really good animal protein. And it'slike the base of, and I say protein and fat, so, so really good animal foods.That's where he should be getting the bulk of your nutrition from and[00:21:00] not feeling the need to really eat anything from animal kingdom.

[00:21:02] That's probably the biggestawakening for me is like, I used to feel guilty if I don't eat my vegetables.Right. Cause they always said your vegetables are good for you to get yourgreens in or whatever. And I just don't have any desire or need, if I want toeat them for enjoyment, I'll do that. But I just completely changed my idea oflike, whether they're good or beneficial or needed or not.

[00:21:20] And so, and I think that'sprobably. It's just a much simpler way too, that we can just help people thinkabout food and not be so neurotic about it. And I have to label things so hard,you know, and you definitely have a unique situation and reminds me of McKaylaPeterson, Jordan Peterson's daughter. She does something called a lion diet,which is basically, I guess it's like beef and salt, almost similar to whatyou're doing.

[00:21:39] I don't think she does anybutter though. And she does it because her issues flare up like crazy, likeone, all of like. Throws her in a tailspin 21 days, she's got like arthritisand depression and all these things like it's that, that kind of stuff happens.And so, in fact, in fact, speaking of that eating disorders, you also getcomments about that you also have, that did the eating disorder kind of leadsyou to vegan [00:22:00] and then like it made worse by vegan or, or, you know,and do you feel like you've like solved that just because karma gets you, whatyou need, like run me through kind of that history and thought process.

[00:22:09] Bella:Yeah. So I went vegan last year of high school. I was a senior, Iwas 17, 18 years old, and I was very much obsessed with being skinny, skinnier,losing more weight, especially being on stage performing. I wanted to look mybest and not look. Like I gained weight. So I was just really obsessed and Isaw freely with her amazing lean body.

[00:22:32] And I thought if I ate vegan,like her, I would be just as lean. So it was very much vanity reasons when Ifirst went vegan, but then I started believing, Oh, it's so ethical. I'm doingthe world a huge favor by being vegan. So I joined that movement as well. Um,but I think the vegan diet definitely worsened my obsession with, you know,being skinny and I did develop a.

[00:22:54] Bulimic way of eating, just kindof restricting to the point where I can't take it anymore. [00:23:00] And Iwould just binge on so much rice potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal fruits. Yes,they were healthy, but I was just eating too much and I would be bloating likenone other. It was a lot of pain and emotional dissatisfaction as well.

[00:23:16] So that just worsened throughoutthose six years. And when I went carnivore. Uh, January 1st, new year's. I alsopromised myself I'm not going to restrict anymore. I don't want to countcalories anymore. I'm sick and tired of this way of living. So I, that's why Ireally focused on eating whenever I was hungry.

[00:23:34] And that may be range 10 times aday, where I would just sit down and eat. Um, but I think that really helped.With telling my body, like, I'm not going to start you anymore. I didn't havethose horrible eating disorder patterns of purging and then starving anymorebecause I was just feeding my body nutrient dense nourishing foods.

[00:23:54] Um, so yeah, the carnivore dietdefinitely healed my eating disorder.

[00:23:58] Colin:It's I mean, that's, it's incredible. It's [00:24:00] like who'swriting a prescription for, for, for the conference, like literally what shouldbe happening. So a couple questions about, about that specific, it seems like.From what I've seen, women that have, or girls that have an eating disorderwill.

[00:24:13] Tend to like opt for those foodsthat maybe society says are lean or healthier, like low fat, this or that orwhatever. And it seems like it's like a double whammy of like, you're alreadymaking kind of bad food decisions, but now you're making these foods thatyou're, you're choosing foods that have no nutrition whatsoever, no protein,completely protein star.

[00:24:28] Right. And then you're trying tobalance that with like your psychological needs to like, lose or feel likeyou're not eating calories or whatever. And you're, and then maybe that's whythe binges come, because like you just do that for too long. Your body's like,literally enough's enough. We need to eat and then go through the vicious cycleagain.

[00:24:41] I mean, What, like, what is thatgoing on in your head? Like, you know, like what what's maybe that internaldialogue and what, like maybe lies that you tell yourself to justify it or

[00:24:50] Bella:whatever. Yeah, it was definitely a huge mind-shift. What youcovered was exactly what's going on with young ladies, you know, this whole[00:25:00] pursuit of being perfect and beautiful.

[00:25:02] This body image brainwashing isjust a whole diet that centers around that image is salads. You know, likeempty calories or fat yogurt. The lower, the fat, the emptier, the calories,the better. So, you know, in that world, everybody says, eat a salad to behealthy, but now I truly believe that you need to eat a steak.

[00:25:27] You need to eat a stick ofbutter to be skinny, to be healthy, to be happy because when you eat. Emptycalories with no nutrients whatsoever. You're going to get hangry, you know?And when you feel hangry like that saying hungry, angry, you're just so hungryto the point where you will binge your body is going to

[00:25:46] Colin:eventually.

[00:25:47] Bella:Yeah. Yeah. It's just not. Sustainable. So this is why I really tellall the ladies who inquire about weight loss. I tell them stop countingcalories, start restricting because that's only going to [00:26:00] last for solong. The weight is going to come back. If not more. So focus on nutrient densefoods

[00:26:07] Colin:since you've been going cardboard.

[00:26:08] And you said you made thedecision to not. Restrict or like, do that your body, like you made like anagreement with yourself. Yes. Now you also, we talked about your, you have likethat extreme personality, right? So that definitely helps in that regardbecause you made a decision and you stick to it. But like, for those of us thatmaybe we have our waxing and waning, you know, like we're human and environmentis always out to get us basically.

[00:26:28] So. Or like, have you, did youhave any period of time where like you were attempted or did you have, or like,did you have any thoughts? Like, wow, I'm getting a little stick of butter. LikeI'm not going to be lean. I'm not going to be this. I'm not gonna be that. Orwas it just like, so overwhelmingly you felt so much better.

[00:26:42] It looks so much better thatyou're like, I can just look in the mirror. Like I know how I feel, you know,like it almost like it, maybe it removed the tricks your mind used to play onyou.

[00:26:51] Bella:Yeah. So I definitely gained weight. I'm not going to deny that. Infact, I, I say that all the time, you know, weight gain among women, especiallyis quite [00:27:00] common when, when people go carnival for, um, I gained 25pounds and I must say, yeah, it's crazy.

[00:27:07] Of course it was a struggle, youknow, looking at myself and seeing how my clothes were fitting so much tighter.It was hard, but I felt so good that it kind of canceled that out. Also, I wasreceiving frequent comments from my family and my close friends, my classmatessaying that I just. Look healthier.

[00:27:27] So I really just hung on tothose comments as well as how great I was feeling. And I kind of pushed throughthat weight gain. I just believed so innately that this weight is notpermanent. And I must say Kelly Hogan was a big inspiration because she kind ofwent through the same thing. She kind of went all in and gained all thisweight, but she felt so good.

[00:27:47] And then she lost it. If youlook at her now she's absolutely stunning. So it's just. I always say it'sreally temporary. You just have to focus on feeling your best and not being soobsessed with that weight gain. [00:28:00] Just try to look past it and embraceyour curves, your found curves, you know?

[00:28:04] Colin:Yeah. Get off the scale completely.

[00:28:07] You know,

[00:28:07] Bella:I actually threw away my scale, so, right.

[00:28:11] Colin:Okay. So you, you gained some weight, but then. Did so, and then yousaid you had maybe lost some or, or was it just also like more muscle, moretone, more weight and your body kind of like refilled out, but then you stilllook lean and fit because you know, the lean fit physique could maybe beheavier than the skinny thing, but you could look better, right?

[00:28:30] Bella:Yeah. It looks way cleaner.

[00:28:31] Colin:Where was that for you?

[00:28:32] Bella:Yeah, the body recomposition is. The biggest marker. I don't measuremy skill even to this day, but my body fat went down to athlete level and Iwasn't even working out, but it was because of the carnivore diet. So I don'tthink that would be achieved with diet full of carbs and vegetables, much lessa vegan diet.

[00:28:51] So I do think the diet reallydid most of the work in leaning up my body and just. Shutting all that fat. Soyeah, I, I do get [00:29:00] comments that I look really lean and really fitwhen I don't really even work out much. So,

[00:29:05] Colin:so you gained weight, but like how much of a difference are wetalking about? Like, let's get some numbers.

[00:29:11] So did you gain the weight andthen kind of keep the weight? Or did you go up a lot? Cause like you were just eatingso many calories and your body was overcompensating and then your, like yourbody went back to the homeostatic. Like this is what you're supposed to beweight. Yeah. What are those different levels

[00:29:22] Bella:like?

[00:29:24] So I started off carnivores,freshly off the vegan wagon, one 28 pounds, and then it was rapid weight gain.Cause I was eating like 5,000 calories a day, like five pounds of steak. And Ithink I was gaining. Quickly within the first three months, three, four months.I was already above one 50 pounds. So yeah, it's just really fast weight gain.

[00:29:46] Colin:You feel like, did you look like chubby in the cheeks or was it justlike pure, you still look

[00:29:52] Bella:filling out. Yeah, it was just filling out evenly throughout thebody. The face wasn't like that noticeable. I think just the [00:30:00] closeof course for myself, the clothes felt tighter, but I didn't really feel liketoo, too much bigger.

[00:30:07] And then. By month six, theappetite finally started to settle down. I didn't have that insatiable hunger.And then, so month six, I started naturally falling into two meals a day. And Isay naturally, because I was just eating so much, it really, I just didn't feelthe need to eat until, you know, couple of hours later or the next day, sametime.

[00:30:29] And that's when I saw the weightgradually come off. So next six months I started losing all of that extraweight. And then the next year, which is kind of approaching to where I am now,I'm now I want to say like one 25, one 26 pounds. Um, so it's like lighter fromwhere I started, but it's like more muscle, less fat.

[00:30:52] So it must be really a hugechange going on within my body composition.

[00:30:56] Colin:Yeah. And internally too, you must have had some, you know, some ofthat visceral [00:31:00] fat and the organ fat and the things in places thatyou probably should have had that. Just like recompete out. Like, that's justcrazy that you went to one 50 from like one 25.

[00:31:09] Then you went back down. So howhas your

[00:31:12] Bella:change,

[00:31:13] Colin:right. So is your appetite, are you still like just Downing multiplethings a day or is it like a comfortable 2000 to 3000, maybe a single mealcalories or something like that?

[00:31:23] Bella:So, okay. So first, like when I, when I opened Instagram, thestories like the archive will always bring back stories.

[00:31:29] I posted years ago, like. Thesame day last year, you know, and I always see just how much meat I ate last year.And now that I think a product, I really can't put down that much meat anymore.Even if I tried, like I can't do three pounds of steak in one sitting anymore.So my appetite definitely shrunk quite a lot, but I do focus on high fat still,if not higher fat, you know, one to two sticks of butter in a day.

[00:31:53] And I do feel really good andsatiated. So I think it's a lower protein, higher fat, but the [00:32:00]calories. Probably also a lot lower,

[00:32:02] Colin:right? Yeah. Your body just kind of figured out what it needs andevery day. Wow. That's that's awesome. I mean, we could obviously talk for dayson end. So maybe the fall show. I want to run you through the rapid fire.

[00:32:13] And I do that one last question.So if you're recommending somebody, you start on the corner with diet. Uh,what? Cause there's so much they can do like, obviously like sourcing and meatand cuts and how to cook it. And like, there's like a lot of things here. Um,what would you recommend people maybe like focus on like a core 80, 20, andthen maybe also like something that maybe a mistake that you made when youfirst got started, that you just, maybe you obsessed about too much, or itwasn't worth the effort or.

[00:32:38] Good recommendation of focus onone thing to not to like, let it go. Like don't be too hard on

[00:32:43] Bella:yourself. Yeah. Yeah. So the sourcing was, um, a huge thing for mewhere I was just so confused and lost. Like where am I supposed to buy thesefoods? But I must say whole foods and trader Joe's has good prices, wholefoods, especially if you're Amazon prime, like you can get 80, 20 ground beeffor like [00:33:00] three 99 a pound.

[00:33:01] So I think you should first.Look around your area, you know, check out your farmer's markets, your localfarms, before you start committing to the carnivore diet. But on top of that,it's not necessary to jump straight in. In fact, I don't recommend it, youknow, given the horrible symptoms that I had to go through the diarrhea, especially.

[00:33:18] So transitioning in slowly isquite important and seeing how great my boyfriend's doing. Just transitioningslowly is just that. Big of assigned, recommend, you know, just transitioninstead of jumping straight in. Although I know a lot of people are excited tojust jump straight in for those amazing benefits, but also don't be expectingamazing benefits within the first week.

[00:33:42] Not even within the first month,you really have to be committed and stay patient, you know, and it'll just rollin naturally slowly. It's not going to be instantaneous overnight results.Especially with your weight. Um, but I do also think minimal variety isimportant. Don't [00:34:00] try to eat all the seafood, all the chicken, pork,just every meat you can find, you know, just focus on beef, butter, eggs,honestly, what I did, it's simple.

[00:34:07] Right?

[00:34:07] Colin:You just keep it simple. Yeah. Maybe I had an other food. So you'resaying like, don't jump straight in where like just staking and butter or likesticks all day. Maybe you do steak and butter as like a balanced meal, but youstill have like these sweet potatoes with some other like clean food that youcan tolerate as like a buffer almost.

[00:34:22] Bella:Yeah. Like the greens that you love, you know, just have that saladyou always eat and then slowly wean those out while adding more of the meats.

[00:34:31] Colin:Yeah. That's actually a really good point. Like, you know, you see alot in carnivores, like. That's not cardboard. That's not counterbore, youknow, like it's like people it's like diet, dogma.

[00:34:38] They want to attack like, whatis or isn't. And it's like, okay, maybe it's not, but you don't need to work upto straight carnival. Like you can work on a street corner, be it tomorrow orthe next day. And then exactly do strict carnivores, maybe do for a period oftime. And they introduce certain foods that you enjoy and you listen to yourbiology and like, literally you should build the perfect eating plan foryourself.

[00:34:56] Maybe it includes honey. Maybeit doesn't maybe include some roughage. Maybe [00:35:00] it doesn't, maybethat's fermented foods. Maybe it doesn't. I just think that like, for mostpeople. That, um, that's what we should be doing. And

[00:35:06] Bella:we need to like,

[00:35:07] Colin:get the message out to the world. I mean, like, literally look atour, look at the trends.

[00:35:10] Do you ever cover that at all?Or are you more just like, this is my personal health journey, whatever. Imean, I believe that this could save. Millions of people. I mean,

[00:35:18] Bella:me too. And so, yeah, I really just try to promote the benefits I'veseen from incorporating more animal foods. But, you know, I'm also very muchaware of what's going on with the vegans because they love to hate on me andthey love to bring out my channel.

[00:35:32] Right. Yeah. So I've beenfeatured recently on goji man's channel where he kind of just. I criticized theway I ate. So I do notice a huge difference in like perspective. The vegancommunity is really just very close-minded. They don't accept anything outsideof vegan, a vegan way of eating. But I do see a lot of acceptance in thecarnival community.

[00:35:54] Like there isn't diet shaming inthis community. People, you know, talk about, yeah. I like to eat some greens[00:36:00] on the side and people accept that. Whatever works for you. Worksfor you. You know, everybody has different lifestyles, which matters in, indeciding what diet works for you and, you know, the health issues that you haveto heal and what you enjoy and feel good on.

[00:36:14] Like, you don't have to bestrict carnivore to thrive.

[00:36:18] Colin:Yeah, I totally agree. Yeah. So this has been awesome. Let me runyou through a few, just quick fire questions, and then we'll get your socialsout here so everyone can follow along with the journey. And then we'll saygoodbye. So here's a few. Let's see what book have you read?

[00:36:34] This is, it could be anythingit's not just diet, but let's just say a big book that has had an impact onyour life.

[00:36:42] Bella:First thing that comes to mind is dr. Jason Fox intermittent fastingbooks. He has quite a lot, but, um, it, he, he also really promotes like alower carb diet, but his, his thoughts and his research on intermittent fastingis really fascinating.

[00:36:58] And I think that really helped[00:37:00] me just feel good on promoting, like, yeah, I actually don't eat forhours on end and I feel great, but yeah, his books were great.

[00:37:08] Colin:Yeah, obesity code is a good one and there's quite a bit, but, uh,obviously it goes what I've read. That was really good.

[00:37:14] Bella:Yeah.

[00:37:15] Colin:Favorite purchase on a hundred dollars that had an impact on yourlife in some way, it could be anything.

[00:37:19] It doesn't have to be food, butit could be food

[00:37:22] Bella:or whatever. Under a hundred

[00:37:24] Colin:under a hundred we're like at least close enough to a hundred.

[00:37:27] Bella:Um, I think the air fryer that I love the not, I don't think that'sunder a hundred,

[00:37:35] Colin:but you know, I think it's

[00:37:38] Bella:yeah. Cast iron pan, I would say then for steak. Perfect.

[00:37:41] Yeah.

[00:37:42] Colin:Yeah, no, that's what I do every day. So therefore though, what'syour standard? Go-to like, what do you throw in there? What do you, how do youuse it?

[00:37:48] Bella:Oh, I just throw in two to three steaks in there and I call that mymeal it's so convenient. Hmm.

[00:37:55] Colin:And so do you just like rub you season them down and, and how longhave you cooked them?

[00:37:59] Are they usually like [00:38:00]kind of cooked or it, and you pull them out and they're like medium rare. Likehow do you usually eat your steaks?

[00:38:04] Bella:I love steaks like blue, rare, like bleeding, the nice sear. So mytrick is I preheat the AirFryer, so I just let it heat up for five years,minutes. And then I just throw in the sticks literally on season, just thesteaks.

[00:38:20] And I let it cook, uh, likethree minutes per site. I'll flip it after three minutes and I take it out andI eat it. And

[00:38:27] Colin:so it comes across like,

[00:38:29] Bella:yeah, it has this amazing crust, especially when you preheat it.Yeah.

[00:38:33] Colin:And there's not really much oil you put in there, right? Like, causethe air fighters,

[00:38:36] Bella:nothing.

[00:38:37] I just let the fats in the rip,in the ribeye or whatever steak do its thing. I don't need to add fats.

[00:38:43] Colin:You don't add salt at any point or you

[00:38:45] Bella:just, I actually prefer not seasoning. I just I'm just like, yeah,no

[00:38:49] Colin:snow. Have you ever tried freezing beef? Like do you ever eat anyraw. Uh, carpaccio or like anything like that?

[00:38:57] Bella:Yeah. I love it. Um, but I do [00:39:00] also like the comfort ofsomething warm. Um, but the only thing raw that I eat salmon.

[00:39:06] Colin:Yeah. Raw

[00:39:07] Bella:salmon,

[00:39:09] Colin:raw liver. That's that's I, I need to try that myself. Okay. Sofavorite Instagram account under 25,000 followers. Is there anybodyparticularly like the club that you'd like to follow online?

[00:39:21] Bella:Oh, yeah. Okay. So yeah, just today I featured some stories. Um, soTamara, Tamara Blodgett, I love all that. She has to say about the carnivorediet about her health journey. So I think her handle is author. I just have togive her a shout out. She's the sweetest author, Tamara Rose Blodgett. Rightnow I'm obsessed with her.

[00:39:44] Zero carb kind of where

[00:39:46] Colin:that's awesome. So I'll, I'll, I'll have our editor find her on andput that in there. That's great. Uh, okay. So two more favorite? Well, let'ssee. What's the last gift you gave

[00:39:57] Bella:somebody. The last gift I [00:40:00] gave someone, the last gift wasa delicious beef soup that I made from my boyfriend last night.

[00:40:07] Colin:That's a gift.

[00:40:10] So favor. All right, one more.Uh, what do you currently binge watching if you do? I don't know if you havetime for that, but like what's a show that you just recommend everybody

[00:40:19] Bella:binge-watch. Yeah, I'm a homebody. So shameless, like I'm stilltrying to finish that show, but breaking bad, like

[00:40:27] Colin:so good. I haven't finished it.

[00:40:29] Everyone says I'm crazy. I needto, I like, I'm like one season in and they're just like, you're, you're crazyfor not,

[00:40:33] Bella:well, the long one, but yeah, take your time. It's really good.

[00:40:36] Colin:Awesome. Uh, Oh, I do have one more. So favorite cut of meat. Imean, I guess it's steak, but is there like a specific cut

[00:40:41] Bella:that all day?

[00:40:43] Right.

[00:40:46] Colin:I know Tenderloin used to be when I was growing up and getting intofood, everyone's like get a tender one and I'm like 10, like the most boringcut of steak.

[00:40:54] Bella:I know it's

[00:40:56] Colin:so easily. No fat, no flavor. I will literally never buy a tender[00:41:00] one again. Even

[00:41:01] Bella:for layman you own like, what is the hype around Philemon.

[00:41:03] Yon. Yeah, it gets so expensive,but so lean.

[00:41:06] Colin:Yeah, whatever. Yep. Okay. Bill, this has been awesome. I appreciateyou coming on the show. Where can people find you online?

[00:41:12] Bella:Uh, so at steak and butter gal for Instagram and steak and buttergal on YouTube, if you want to check out my music making, um, I play piano andviolin, you can find me on Opus.

[00:41:22] Bella OPU, S B E L L a onInstagram. Oh, that's

[00:41:26] Colin:awesome. Cool. Yeah. And you, you get your intense on the piano. Iplayed a little bit and I'm like, wow, that's awesome with that. And all that.I mean,

[00:41:38] Bella:Burning through the keys.

[00:41:40] Colin:All right, Phil. Appreciate it.

[00:41:41] Bella:Thank you so much for having me on so much fun. Wow.

[00:41:47] Please always remember that themembers of the

[00:41:51] Colin:ancestral mind podcast are not

[00:41:53] Bella:in fact medical professionals. They're not doctors, they're notnutritionists. They are simply providing this entertainment for [00:42:00] youto do your own research and. To entertain yourselves. So please consult aphysician before changing your diet.

[00:42:07] Not everything works for everybody

[00:42:08] Colin:and make sure you always do your

[00:42:10] Bella:own research on everything you hear on this show and outside.

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[00:42:54] And political agenda. If morecitizens do not stand up, fight back, speak up. There's going [00:43:00] to benothing left to protect. And I don't like fear-mongering and I'm generallyoptimistic person, but 2020 has stressed me out at first. It didn't. But thenit did, when I really saw what was going on. When I read a little bit betweenthe lines.

[00:43:11] And even now the craziness iscontinuing and I don't see it letting up any time soon, the masses are tooeasily manipulated. And so I'm more concerned what's gonna happen 2021 when thenext flu season comes through and another coronavirus is weaponized. And thenwho knows what's going to happen? Travel restrictions, mandatory vaccines,chipped, and proud of like cattle.

[00:43:29] People think it can't happen.They stick their head down, but they did in Mao's China, they did install it'sRussia. They did, and Nazi Germany, and then it was too late. And who pays theprice? It's always, always, always the citizens. That are having faith and thatare just hoping things get better. They're the ones that always pay the price.

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