What's the Meaning of Life? Thoughts on Living a Happy, Fulfilled Life

Life isn't easy, but it can be made easier, better and more fulfilling by getting your mindset, your goals and your lifestyle down. Tune in for -literally- a couple dozen tips on how you can start thriving TODAY, in ways you didn't think were that important.

Life isn't easy, but it can be made easier, better and more fulfilling by getting your mindset, your goals and your lifestyle down. Tune in for -literally- a couple dozen tips on how you can start thriving TODAY, in ways you didn't think were that important.

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[00:00:00] It's amazing how much drama and stress and, and suffering that people self inflict upon themselves. That's a big driver for me. I want to help people live a lot of that.

[00:00:26] Welcome to the better human podcast. I'm your host, Colin stuckert entrepreneur CEO, father coach growth, minded, and obsessed with becoming better human. I'm here to help you level up your mind, body in life. I want you to become a better human. I want you to wake up everyday excited about getting to work, getting things done, working on yourself, and then making the world a better place around you.

[00:00:48] That's how we're going to change the future for humanity. That's how we're going to solve the biggest problems we have in 2021 and nine. That's how the world's going to become a better place for my sons and hopefully future daughters. The more better humans we have that can critically think better.

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[00:01:43] Welcome back fellow humans for another better human podcast. I'm your host cone. Stuckert the wild CEO, father husband podcast, or writer, entrepreneur human, human obsessed with becoming better on a daily basis because life is short and then we die. So what's the freaking point. That's actually what I'm here to talk about today.

[00:02:01] [00:02:00] I'm probably going to title this. What's the meaning of life or what's the point of life? Not really sure yet. I'm going to do my best to answer that. Uh, from my experience, I think the answer to that question. Is a personal pursuit. It's definitely a personal question. You have to figure out on your own. I would say even journey and as always the show sponsored by wildfoods.co and primarily our hero products.

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[00:03:23] Get it back over at wildfoods dot code. Use code wild CEO for 12% off your entire order. That's a sports show. I super appreciate it. So let's talk today about the meaning of life. Okay. Now what is the meaning of life? Honestly, I have no idea, but I think the meaning of life for at least the human being is a couple of things.

[00:03:45] One it's to enjoy it. It's to optimize for happiness, not just pleasure, right? Because people, they confuse the two. Most people think that happiness is just pursuing pleasure all day, but it's not pleasure. It's just your [00:04:00] biological needs being satisfied. And then you returned to a baseline. That's all it is.

[00:04:03] Right. And in fact, we'll talk about that in this book flow here and there. I'm going to read a few, I mean, this thing, look, how many highlights are in this thing? You can't see this if you're listening, but just the first 20 pages, there's just highlights in markings. It's that good? I actually haven't finished the whole thing.

[00:04:22] I picked it up about a year ago and got two chapters in and then I stopped. So I'm gonna get back into it. And I'm rereading a lot of the highlights that have highlighted, which is something I don't do enough. Definitely a life hack that I'd recommend is to reread books that are the good books, the best books and the books that you've highlighted, reread those highlights.

[00:04:41] So I'm going to do my best to share with you some ideas around having a good life and being happy. Right. But the meaning of life, like I said, is a couple of things for the human it's to leave the world a better place than when he left it. Right. Ideally pass on your knowledge and experience and legacy to the next generation.

[00:05:01] So to procreate, which is the most rewarding thing you're gonna do in your entire life, really is for the human animal. It's to be around friends and families, as much as possible people you enjoy and it's to have a life that includes some kind of purpose or mission hard work at times, punctuated by lots of rest and lots of leisure time.

[00:05:25] And most people confuse this because the American dream has basically shown people that the way to live a good life is to become famous, powerful, and wealthy. Or I seem to say wealth, they should say rich because rich is not wealth. I actually define wealth as having health and having a very well balanced life and not having to worry about money.

[00:05:45] Whereas rich has just, you have a lot of money or maybe of things. So I wrote an article the other day on. Actually it was the newsletter I wrote their day, which you can get@conductcoachthebetterhumannewsletteroveratcollin.coach. And in that newsletter, I was [00:06:00] reflecting on the week before as I do each week.

[00:06:03] And I realized I was super happy. There's a few personal things that contributed to that. There is just the mood, the environment, a sun's coming out in Austin, it's getting hot. So I had a couple of days where I was outside working out and starting my morning routine, the way I used to do, which. I've missed.

[00:06:19] I mean, it's crazy how much I missed that. And I haven't been doing that for probably a year now because we moved out to Wimberley and the house wasn't really set up that way. And I usually like to get out of the house and get to work and whatever. Whereas with our new setup, I can walk right outside. I got my weight right outside the sliding glass door, big backyard, the Sunshine's right there perfectly.

[00:06:39] It is my favorite way to wake up and I'll put an audio book on, or maybe some music or whatever, or just nothing listen to nature. And I will do a few exercises, stretch paying from the pool bar, little bit, just get outside, sweat and get some sunlight. It's the best way to wake up. I mean like literally it's like a drug, the key, and this really is a health principle, one oh one and a hack to that is finding ways where you can enjoy.

[00:07:07] Activities that are good for you, right? 99% of people that are healthy and fit, they enjoy being healthy and fit because they enjoy doing the things that make them healthy and fit. That's the key. And they enjoy those things more than sitting on a couch, you know, stacking out of some process box of food, processed food box.

[00:07:27] So I wrote this article and I went into a bunch of tips of what I perceive as a way to become happy. I also wrote an article can money buy happiness the other day. So you know what? I'm going to pull that one up and then where's the happiness. Oh, it was a guy that's right. I didn't add it to my guy. I need to do that.

[00:07:50] So let's see here. We'll go to, we'll go to a better way. There we go. Better humans, substance. All right. So let's talk about this. We're going to talk about happiness. And I [00:08:00] think that is the foundation of meaning for the human, but there's also other things here. So I don't want you to think it's just about happiness and pursuing that doggedly, you know, no matter what, like you need purpose and the mission, you need to feel like you're contributing to the world and you feel like you're helping people.

[00:08:16] You need hard work. You need something to challenge you. And that's what you're going to see a lot in this book flow. I'm going to read a few pages in there. That's what it talks about a lot in there, but happiness is a big part of it. I believe that the meaning of life is to be happy, is to enjoy your time is to be as in the moment as possible.

[00:08:34] And for me, that means not next thing all the time. I'm trying to get to that next thing, mindset. And I've actually been making a lot of progress. I've always been type of entrepreneur, almost like what's next and patient let's get shit things done, but I've been slowing down. I've been sitting more time at home kids just giving myself the grace to just like, if I don't want to work, I don't work.

[00:08:52] I mean, I'll take a walk, do this. And just being a little less rigid with my routine and productivity. And I'm at the point in life where I can do that. I mean, I've hustled hardcore for 15 years. So it's probably good that I'm doing this and I'm embracing, you know, Dow wisdom, philosophy, and the idea of like woo way and action through inaction and just doing less is more taking kind of a Zen approach.

[00:09:15] And I believe I will actually explode my results. I'm being open to new opportunities that are gonna come my way. Cause I have some time and I'm trying to figure out what to do at that time. And like I said, that that type a kind of like always needing something to be building personality can get the better of me.

[00:09:31] And so like I come to the studio every day and I'm like, oh, I should just record, or I should do this, or I should do that. But what that does, because recordings easy for me, I can just turn the mic on and go. What that does is it creates this massive bottleneck at the editing and publishing side. And you know, it just.

[00:09:47] Keeps me stuck there instead of just giving me a little bit more time, filling up my time with these new things that I can be doing, because I can make content all day every day. I could just talk about things everyday, right? So I have to be careful that I'm not making [00:10:00] more work for myself just to feel like I'm doing something.

[00:10:02] And I need to really give myself some time to think and find clarity and focus and figure out where I really wanna invest my time because I have a lot of kind of balls juggling there. So. Yeah, let's talk about this piece. Something I improve this week was happiness. Okay. Now I have wealth. I have a wealth the life.

[00:10:21] Okay. I'm not really financially rich. I mean, by some definitions you could say I am, but I'm not where I really want to be or thought I would be by this time. So that's very much a personal definition. You might think it's rich. I might think I'm just getting started, but. I do for all objective purposes, have a financial situation where if I just manage my investments properly, we're probably set for life.

[00:10:48] Now. I'm not retired, I'm still working. I'm still growing things. I still feel that pressure. I still want to get a lot of things. Do a lot of things. I'm more wanting to do a lot of things. I don't actually want to get a lot of things. I've actually been throwing away everything I can, since we've been moving so much, but I also have health.

[00:11:02] I have family. I've have my nutrition dialed in. I have my health dialed in. I know exactly what I need to do for those. There's no confusion. There's no, . I know that sometimes when I'm buying off that path a little bit, I know exactly what I need to do to get back on. I have solved that huge checkbox, the health check box, and I'm gonna live a long time.

[00:11:19] As long as I don't suffer from some tragic physical accident. We have a growing family, beautiful family. I have a supportive, amazing partner. Alison, I have friends I've community. Since we moved back to Austin, we've done more things with friends and standing events at our place and whatever. Then we did in like the entire time we were in Wimberley, which is an hour outside of the city.

[00:11:39] One of the reasons we moved back by the way, I have confidence in my future, my skills, what I can do, what I can generate. I have absolutely no fear that even if I did lose everything, I can earn it back. I mean, I would just hustle and grind. I would do things that maybe right now I don't really want to do.

[00:11:54] It's a certain kind of freedom you get when you know that it could all be taken [00:12:00] away and you can get it back. And you probably wouldn't even get it back and more so, because you'd be, have so much fire under your ass to do so. Like for me, my family, like I would do things that right now I'm not doing right.

[00:12:13] I'd get out there. I'd door to door, I'd call everybody, send thousands of emails. I would do things I'm not doing right now. And I would make it happen. And I'd probably, uh, would make more money doing that, you know? So I'm not afraid of that. A lot of people are afraid of losing what they've made. I'm not at all.

[00:12:28] And so I think that's one huge benefit I have now, of course, this is something that you get when you earned your wealth and your health. Right. You know that you can always get it back because you earned it. You know how to earn it. Now, if you're just given a bunch of money and or you win the lottery or whatever, maybe you don't have the same confidence because then if that money goes, you have to win a lottery.

[00:12:48] Again, that's not good strategy. So I can go on and on about the things I have, but that just isn't helpful. And so I haven't abundance. I have an abundant life I'm healthy, happy, and her whole family is, and there's tons of opportunity out there. So this for me is a big part of life. I spent my twenties and, uh, most of my thirties pursuing, you know, building, creating, being the entrepreneur, um, learning a ton along the way.

[00:13:16] In fact, what I've, I learn from a skill perspective and from a mindset perspective of how to live life and how to respond to challenges is more valuable than any dollar. Or anything that I've done me, my brain, my experience, my knowledge is the most valuable asset I have. And of course I've been obsessed with building it for years, podcasts, books, you know, everything.

[00:13:35] And when I do podcasts or educate or write or do any of these things, it's me learning as well through my work. And through this pursuit, I've been able to find purpose in my work. I feel like I'm helping people. I know I am because I had people tell me all the time. And so there's a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from that.

[00:13:51] Now don't get me wrong, putting content out there and social media and all these different things, things that I probably would just know, these are things I would [00:14:00] quit if there wasn't an audience. And there weren't people that I thought could benefit from it. It's not about a fame thing. It's not an ego thing.

[00:14:06] It's just purely a, I know that I can help people and have something to share. And I want to try to put that into people's brains and infect them and help them become better, help them level up. And more importantly, as I was thinking the other day, help them stop suffering. Because so much suffering, you could say all suffering is self-inflicted.

[00:14:25] And I won't go down into a deep, long rabbit hole stoicism and the framework of control and all that, but even the very minor things in life for modern humans and Lisa with a, for Americans, which is, you know, where I am, where I live and what I see so much is the result of people creating drama. And complicating things and just not having the confidence to make decisions, to be who they are.

[00:14:48] It's amazing how much drama and stress and suffering that people self inflict upon themselves. That's a big driver for me. I want to help people level out of that. I want them to reach higher forms of consciousness, become a better human take control of their habits, their mindset, et cetera. And if enough people do that, that's how we actually solve a lot of the problems of culture.

[00:15:11] Cancel culture. People go on Twitter and blaming the rich and all these really bad narratives that are completely detached from reality, from how, how things actually work. If I can help build better humans, if you can make yourself better and you can get on that betterment path, people around you will follow.

[00:15:25] You. You'll be a shining example. You'll make the world a better place by just being there and whatever you do, and people will follow in your footsteps and on and on, on a ripple effect. That's how you change the world. So, let me go through these. This list is actually 35 37 things here. Uh, short bullet point tips.

[00:15:43] I love writing these about just things to help you be better, better in life, better living, better thinking, et cetera. I may not go through all these just depends on what time we have. Let's see, we're already at now to 15 minutes. Okay. So I'll do my best. Okay, Lauren, how to take your hardships and turn them into fuel for [00:16:00] growth.

[00:16:00] Number two, study the Stoics. Read all the books 10 times. Or more three, get outside daily and move in. Direct sunlight. Huge. This one's huge. Huge, huge. If you're not doing this already, if you're staying inside, you're not getting vitamin D. You're not getting sunlight. You're not getting outside nature. You have a major gap in your program for sleep eight hours a night tire people aren't happy and they're not effective.

[00:16:24] If you forego sleep, you will pay a cost in your results with everything and in your mental, happiness, and equanimity. Five eat real food cooked at home from wrong gradients. It's the most important thing, do everything you can to cultivate a growth mindset constantly. So this is number six, cultivate a growth mindset.

[00:16:42] And I phrase the sentence here on purpose because you have to cultivate it and you have to stay on top of it. This is not something you just wake up with and it's not something that just comes naturally. We all slide to negativity. Our species is built on the negativity bias because that kept her ancestors safe.

[00:16:57] Seven fire, toxic people that should be from your company, from your life, even family, if you have to, just because somebody was born from the same parents or they're related to you in some way, doesn't mean you need to spend time with them. Like a lot of people don't wanna hear that, but this is the reality.

[00:17:10] Life is too short to let other people dictate your life, your results and how you think, how you feel, et cetera. It's way too freaking short. So if you have shame or guilt around that, it's probably because your family built these, this identity of a family and they pressure you to stay together and do things as family, whatever.

[00:17:28] Yeah. And yeah, like I get where that comes from, but like my son is two and a half. He's his own person. I don't own him. Even when I say like my son, it's not like my property, you know, I'm responsible for him, but he's his own person. He's going to do what he wants to do. I'm gonna do my best to get him to do things that are good for him and keep him away from danger.

[00:17:50] Help him learn though, you know, be ready for the world, but I don't own him. You don't own your partner. You put your parents, your family, like no fire, toxic people [00:18:00] remove the shame, the guilt or whatever that you might have around it. And when I say fire, it doesn't necessary, mean you never talked to them again.

[00:18:05] Maybe just means you really mitigate your relationship or you change the dynamic covet. And when you see them, when you don't see them, maybe it's just as simple as not talking about politics and making that very clear. And every time that the family at dinner or whatever it is, starts talking about politics, you leave the room with your plate, like.

[00:18:21] It's amazing what you can do with other humans. When you take behaviors like that, it's very much like training a dog. It's about consistency. The second you break that consistency, the bad behavior you're trying to eliminate comes back. It's the same thing with people. If you let people gossip around you and you don't give them a feedback, loop, a repercussion for doing so, they will keep doing it.

[00:18:43] And if you do it for a little bit and you change conversation every time, or you ask them to not talk about it, whatever, and then you stop the behavior will come back. Okay. Eight, don't give an ounce of oxygen to the flame of negativity, starve it out. Like you'd stamp out a fire in your living room. So think of negativity, anytime it's welling up in your brain, visualize literally your carpet, or if you don't have carpet, I don't know your chair catching on fire fabric.

[00:19:08] It's going to. You're going to freak out. You're going to respond because you don't want your house burning down. Okay. So you go stamp that out. You got buckets of water, you do everything. Can you smother it? And then you put the fire out, you leap into action to destroy, stop this thing that can consume you.

[00:19:24] That's what negativity is. And that's how you should treat it at the first signs. The first complaint, the first like welling up of anger, the first, you know, beep cause you're road raging, whatever. The second that comes up, stamp it out. Nine cultivate hope and optimism, stop spending time explaining why things are.

[00:19:44] So a lot of people spend a lot of time stuck in the past. There's sunk costs, there's hindsight bias. There's all these different things. And it's a waste time. Okay. Spend time if you're talking about the past, it's only because you're pulling out data to improve now and in the future, [00:20:00] instead, most people spend time complaining, griping, bitching, and basically saying, oh, well this is the way it is.

[00:20:07] I can't do anything about it. I'm giving up my locus of control and that's it. And I'm going to be angry and I'm going to be resentful. It's extremely ineffective. It doesn't do anything other than hold you back. No matter how rational you think it is, it is not going to get you closer to your goals. 10, give up your past.

[00:20:27] Your past doesn't exist. It's a figment of your imagination. And most people let their past hold them back their entire life. They keep living their past, like a ball and chain and carry around with them and started dandy. It's like, oh, I spent all this time doing this. Or it's oh, I'm a lawyer. Even though I hate my life, I'm gonna keep being a lawyer because I went to school and got some degree.

[00:20:47] It's ridiculous. It really is holds people back hard. 11 read fiction. Now I put in all caps here, you must read fiction. It is such a game changer. I have learned more about life and myself, reading fiction than nonfiction, and I've read lots of books, hundreds, probably over a thousand books. Number 12, limit your screen time as much as possible.

[00:21:10] That's self-explanatory just do it. Your life will improve drastically and use airplane mode. Turn notifications off completely. 14 buy Bitcoin and ignore daily price changes. Keep buying. You can see some other content on that. Some of the other podcasts I've talked about that I won't get into that today because I could go on forever 15, stop trying to buy happiness or confidence or status.

[00:21:32] You can only earn these things. So start earning them by becoming the best, happy, confident high value human. You can be. The rest will take care of itself. Bonus, you won't have to go into credit card debt. Isn't that amazing. So this idea that we can buy happiness or status or confidence, or feel better about ourselves through purchases, through like face injections or a fancy purse or whatever, I mean, even going to the gym, which I highly recommend you do, it's probably the best habit of these, you know, if you're trying to [00:22:00] become confident, it's like improve your body, your health.

[00:22:01] Yes. Do that. But you're not going to just wake up with that healthy body and just dispel all of the trauma from your childhood of feelings of inadequacy or whatever that are the reason that you struggle so much with the way you look or confidence or whatever you have to earn confidence. You have to earn happiness, you have to earn status and only then will you even appreciate it?

[00:22:24] And by earning it, I mean, you have to usually address the underlying root causes of what's causing you to want these things. And funny enough, paradoxically, if you go to the underlying root cause you address that, maybe tear up those toxic weeds, you tend to your mental garden, you actually remove a lot of the draw.

[00:22:43] You have those things from before because you've now addressed the root problem. And the root problem was something around your childhood. Some past trauma, you don't feel pretty enough or good enough or this enough or whatever. And when you address that, rather than trying to solve it with external things, You end up having way less interest in those external things.

[00:23:04] Now, when it comes to health, you should do that, you know, but connect that more to something like being afraid of going to the doctor. I know a friend that has a friend that was just diagnosed at 35 with a heart condition at 35, and he's going to need a new heart. Like, I mean, come on. That's just, I mean, I think about that right now.

[00:23:22] I'm 35. I'm literally 35. I mean, that's one of my main motivations for health is I don't want to be. At the hospital. I don't want to be there. I don't want to talk to doctors. I don't have to step foot in one of those places. 16, stop projecting your fears and beliefs on other people is a big one. I mean, that's a podcast itself.

[00:23:39] 17, live your truth with a 100% honesty. Stop telling people what you think they want to hear. All you're doing is putting off the inevitable demise of the relationship. Now, I see this all the time in romantic relationships where people meet people they're on their best behavior. They maybe say things they don't mean, or they don't say things.

[00:23:56] They should say that they do mean. And what you get are two [00:24:00] people that in the beginning look like a perfect fit. And then after six months goes by when they returned to the baseline of who they are, all hell breaks loose. Instead, you should flip flop that be selfish in the beginning, be 100% transparent and honest.

[00:24:13] Don't try to please people don't try to change anything about who you are to please somebody else, because that won't work. It will feel like it's working because you get attention and maybe you'll establish a connection, but then when it comes out, it's going to be even worse. Cause you gonna have so much drama because it's going to feel so blind.

[00:24:31] You're you're in a blindside. People don't do that. When you live 100% who you are with honesty and conviction, you attract the people that belong and you repel those that don't very quickly. So you don't waste time with people that don't belong in your life. That's the key 18, get off social media. It's just not valuable.

[00:24:49] This could be checking it once a week. It could be only once a day. Like most of us aren't going to quit fully. I mean, I use it for business, of course, and there's value to it, but I'm constantly trying to keep myself off of it as much as possible. That's the key. 19 understanding evolutionary biology and psychology.

[00:25:06] Then use that to understand yourself. This study will bring you more value than anything you've ever studied. Ever. If you don't understand your biology and your psychology, how are you supposed to operate in life? Like how can you be effective at all? You end up as most people living lives of quiet desperation.

[00:25:23] As Thoreau said, you are a pinball and just the game of life society just bounces you around ping pong, poom bomb, being bound. I think that's a pinball sound 20 spend time with people that have the habits and lifestyles you aspire to. It's very simple. You are the product of the people we spend the most time with 21, avoid spending too much time with people that have the habits and lifestyles you don't aspire to.

[00:25:44] So you might have some of those people in your life that are just not going to be healthy, but you're going to have to mitigate how much time you spend with them and what you do with them. Maybe you don't eat out with them because it's always going to be a social pressure for you to eat, like what they're eating or whatever.

[00:25:55] Maybe you just call them or go on walks with them or go to the park with them. I don't [00:26:00] know, find a way to control the way do you hang out with them and interact with them to maybe even provide benefit to them. So get them out of their comfort zone and doing things that they wouldn't normally do to help them.

[00:26:11] And then you can mitigate some of the negative effects of being around them so that their unhealthy lifestyle habits don't affect you 22, to see your future, look at how you spend your time today. So a few questions you can ask yourself how much is invested of growth and how much is used passively or wasted completely referencing your that's referring to your time.

[00:26:30] How many things do you do? Because it's there rather than a purpose. So that's, how much does your environment dictate what you do versus you dictating your environment? How much do you think about your time and schedule and productivity? The answers to these questions determine who you will be in five, 10 and 20 years.

[00:26:46] 23. If you don't have health, you have nothing. It just is what it is. 24, find things that matter to you and build your life around those while eliminating everything that doesn't help you do more of that, or get you closer to doing. So I probably should rewrite that sentence. It's a little fumbly. So you want to find what matters to you, how you want to spend your time and build your life to give you as much time doing that as possible.

[00:27:09] Twenty-five is a big one. Decide to be happy, decide to respond better, decide not to give into your primal instincts and urges and outdated psychology. Choose to rise above and you will 26. Understand what inflation is, then protect yourself and your family. 27 learn basic survival skills 28. It seems like it doesn't belong on this one.

[00:27:31] I'm kind of getting to the prepper mode, but it's necessary. I mean, if you want to live a long prosperous life, you should protect yourself. You should have some basic, uh, preparedness skills and resources to help you do that because society is fragile. It can break at any time 28, learn how to use a gun.

[00:27:46] One could be used against you. So even if you don't like them, one can still be used against you 29 by 10 massive jugs of honey at Costco and keep them in your pantry. If you have any calories in a life or death situation, this lifetime food could save your life. [00:28:00] 30, buy some silver and keep it in your physical possession.

[00:28:04] 31. Invest in training, coaching, and education forever. Ongoing, never stop. 32 buy every book that you want and ignore the price. So don't ever say I'm not going to buy that book as expensive, whatever, no books are something that can have a ripple effect to your life for years on end. And they're always worth investing 33 walk daily and listen to an audio book and or nature.

[00:28:26] Sometimes it listened to an audio book. Sometimes I just listen to nature. That daily routine is huge 34, the floor with your kids and stretch and roll around. To stay mobile as you age, you need to be mobile and kids love doing this. So it's also a bonding experience for your kids. And if you don't have kids borrow some from someone else, they'll enjoy it.

[00:28:42] 35. What do you think you become? If you don't choose your thoughts and cultivate a winning and happy mindset, you will be taking the biggest gamble of your life. 36 read the Almanac of Neval rabbit comp. And I think that's spelled incorrectly then listened to all his podcast, talks and interviews on YouTube.

[00:28:59] I gotta give him credit. I mean, he's been talking about happiness quite a bit, and he's, it's hard to explain who he is or what he does. So I just recommend watching some of the stuff on YouTube and listening to some podcasts, but him just talking about I'm a happy person. And I used to be a miserable person, just that label itself.

[00:29:15] I've never really identified as that or used that label, but I feel like. By using it and thinking that, thinking just the idea that I'm a happy person, I'm actually manifesting it. And I'm realizing I am a happy person. That's awesome. Sometimes we just have to label things to kind of switch in our brain on to just think that way.

[00:29:32] And then that manifests in what we do and how we perceive reality, whatever. And that's awesome. So tell yourself, you're happy. Even if you're not over time, you will become happy. And then 37 more coming next week on the better human newsletter. Go to Colin dot coats. Get better human newsletter. Okay, so that's going to be it for today's show.

[00:29:51] I really appreciate you listening to this and following along, you know, I hope you take some action and hope you got some value out of this. Get the newsletter conduct code Toby do. And I hope [00:30:00] you start thinking about your happiness. I hope you start thinking about what the meaning of life is and how you can optimize your life and remove things that don't belong and find happiness.

[00:30:07] Find purpose, find mission, find community, find those things that we know are integral to long-term human growth and development of fulfillment. If you don't prioritize this, and if you don't think this way and cultivate your life, you will become a by-product of your environment. And like who knows what that's going to be.

[00:30:23] It's anybody's guess with that will be it's completely random. So I hope you take your environment, your life, your mindset in your own hands become a better human lead by example. So others can follow you. And that's how we're going to change the world. I'll see, in the next one. Today's show is sponsored by wildfoods co real food, super foods from around the world and particularly the wild cup patrol pick, which is one of our flagship products.

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