Why I'm Not Fearful of The Future

  1. If it happens I'll adapt. Ill crush it. It’ll give us meaning of purpose. The utmost purpose to ever have experienced. Why are you afraid when it would probably be the most alive-inducing thing you’ve ever experienced.
  2. Meaning in life is directly connected to its difficulty.
  3. Everything is entirely your responsibility. It’s our fault.
  4. Meaning comes from hard things. Hard things come from depth not breath. more shallow things in your life mean for a shallow life. shallow relationships = shallow meaning and weak ties. shallow work, lots of diff things, no results no deep learning, basic. shallow
  5. For as long as you have hard things, you have meaning and purpose. The ironic paradox here is we think our goal is to remove those hard things and have no hard things. then we are miserable bec we have no purpose or meaning.
  6. Subjective opinion is fault, responsibility better word.

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