Why I'm selfish AF

I’m selfish.

I give no shites about pleasing, pandering, or making things easy for anyone.

In fact, I believe making it hard on people is the best service I can provide them.

As that relates to this project above, I realized today that I'm doing this for me and mine, and all those future family members that join my tribe in the near future.

I want to wake up each day and be safe, secure, and close to nature and people. And I want my kids to get that.

Inside this community we will have everything I desire for my life: nature, food, security, people, community, education, fun, hard shit, building, events, commerce, teaching, learning, inspiring, being inspired.

And it’s all in one place I don’t have to leave.

And I don’t have to get in a car or sit in front of a screen if I don’t want to because all the amenities of life that matter—not the fake ones used to monetize the masses plugged into the Matrix—will be there in one place.

So each day I will wake up and have plenty to do, decisions to make, people to teach and learn from, and deep relationships and conversations to have.

I can’t think of a more fun way to live life.

And If my completely selfish pursuit brings value to others, great.

We need more selfish humans that take ownership of their selfishness.

All humans are selfish.

Someone claiming they want to solve “climate” and want government or corporations or whatever be a part of that is pursuing a selfish endeavor.

If you give your life willingly to save another, you are choosing to. It’s selfish. It’s your choice.

By default, the human experience is one in which anything you do because you want to is selfish.

Everything else is coercion.

So if you do anything, or force anyone else to do anything against their will (hello statists), then you are acting selfishly.

The thing that warps the human mind is the idea that one’s cause is “just” or “Moral” and is therefore not selfish. What bollox.

We are all selfish. The difference between myself and many others is that I own my selfishness, and i don’t feel one iota of shame or guilt.

This is easy when you recognize what it is and understand that all human action is selfish. And to take it a step further, you know that all altruism comes from selfishness.

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