Why Less Is More - The Law of Subtraction

If your goal is to be happy and successful then you what you are trying to do is build loops that make behavior that brings happiness and success as automatic as possible.

Here’s why that’s not only hard, but impossible for most people ot figure out.

They try to ADD things.

Books, gurus, courses, coaches, seminars, routeins, habits.

But that’s like adding new rooms to a home built on wooden- termite invested foundation. With each additonal room you add, you only speed up the collapase.

You have to tear the entire fucker down and rebuild a new foundation. Neitschze figured this out. He calls it hihs three step metamorphsis nad his overman concept.

“Make it a rule never to withhold or conceal from yourself anything that may be thought against your own thoughts. Vow it! This is the essential requirement of honest thinking. You must undertake such a campaign against yourself every day.” Friedrich Nietzsche

You carry your burdens as the camel. You shed those burdens in a loud roar as the Lion. The lion must slay the dragon with golden scales each representing a “thou shalt” imposed upon you by society and your past. You kiill the dragon to become reborn the child, compeltely free and open. From that blank slate, you rebuild your values from the ground up.


You can have the perfect morning routine and meditate an hour a day, but if you aren’t resolving subconscouls patterns that keep you stabtoguing yourself, comparing youtrself to others, or otherwise limiting your growth, than you’ll forever be stuck. You might be the most enlightned stuck perso on the planent. BUt you have to cut out the canceers in your mind becuase for as long as they are there, they will spread and no amount of ADDING new shiny objects to your life will stifle their growth.


Remove and simplify and address rather than pile on and further clutter your inner world.


The self-help industry is designed to sell you new things, and that’s why it keeps making money and never has a shortage of customers—becuase it fails to deliver for most.