Yes, People Suck

People suck. (And so do you)

Yes, people suck.

They will let you down.

They will cheat, lie, steal, betray.

They will be human.

And so will you.

What I've found over the years is most of these actions are incentives not aligning.

"Hanlon's razor is an adage or rule of thumb that states "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."[1]"

This is so true.

Many things fall apart because of incompetence or ulterior motives that don't align with your own.

This is the law of human nature that Lenon eloquently summed up, "Life is what happens when you're making plans."

Some strategies to interact with sucky humans and still love them.

Have compassion

The simplest way to have compassion is to remove all expectations and judgment. When you do that, you have nothing left but understanding. From understanding comes compassion.

Instead of trying to actively be compassionate, rather silence your judgmental thoughts and remove all expectations of others

Pick up the slack

People are as distracted as ever. I've hired and worked with hundreds of humans over the years. Most of them suck at following up. Suck at answering their email. Suck at remembering things and generally have NO systems for their productivity.

So pick up the slack.

Call your old friends that rarely call you. Text people that forget to text. Follow up when they forget to text back.

Not everyone lives on their phone, and some have more messages than they can handle.

Read up on human psychology

The more you understand your own psychology, the more you'll understand others. This benefits you in more ways than one. If there was ever a critical subject seldom taught, it's psychology.