Your Life Is Your Choice

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” –Andrew Murphy

No one to blame but yourself, and even then, fuck blame unless blame propels you forward. If it doesn’t, fuck it. Kill it. Blame can go fucking die a horrible death.

Your ideas about what you should do or become are from external sources. You feel shame becuase of your idea of what others think about you. You are afraid of embarassment, ridiule, and critiism for the same bullshit reasons.

There are many reasons why you are who you are. It might be worth it to dive into those reasons why if it helps you escape their control. Maybe not.

Either way, the choice you have is the same—to choose something else.

You can choose right now and every second henceforth to rise above your fears, biases, perceptions, and delusions. You can let go of the cage you’ve built for oyutrself.

You can place in your mind your higher self. That image can direct your actions. From there you can stifle your past self as it tries to come out of its hole. Nope, you say, go back to sleep. We have work to do and you raent gonna come in and fuck it up.

There is nothing in your reality that you cannot choose.. You have that ultimate power. Youve just never embraced it and you dont have the muscles built.

So remove the walls you’ve errected and replace them with no walls, wtih pure openenss, Truth, and your higher self. then manifest that reality each day.

Specific strategies to help you get there by retraining your mind:

  • Remove toxic people
  • Surround yourself with people you want to learn from and grow along side
  • Remove anything in your envinorment that leads to behaviors you want to cut
  • Stop consuming fear-based sensationalist content
  • Don’t watch the news
  • Stop caring about the “news”
  • Current events are not worth your time
  • Talk and think about big ideas that are evergreen that will stand the rest of time
  • Remove self-conflict → IF you fuck up, learn from it and use it as fuel. Don’t stay stuck in then past.

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