The Bitcoin Impact Fund

The Bitcoin Impact Fund


As of 9/29: Bitcoin: 0.061554 BTC β†’ Dollar Value: $2540.64

Currently supporting:

  • β†’ Sovereign I β†’ Our First decentralized off-grid community outside Austin, Texas.
  • The Farmer Fund: Micro-loans to small farmers and decentralized practitioners
  • Homesteading grants for families to join the community (and future communities)
  • Decentralized Food Nodes (more on this coming soon)

β†’ Coming soon: Quarterly reports with full address disclosure to track on Blockchain


Update: I’m now offering a subscription to this newsletter to kick-offΒ The Better Human Company. 50% of all subscriptions for this newsletter go directly into our new Bitcoin Freedom Fund. The other 50% helps support my work, which is currently 100% free (and way more coming).

What is it?

The Bitcoin Impact Fund is a Bitcoin wallet holding funds for humanitarian projects.

It is funded by the Better Human Newsletter and Co and our 50/50 model, with 50% of all profits going into the fund.

We use Bitcoin as a treasury asset to benefit from its protection against the U.S. dollars inflation as well as the growth we believe we will see in the the years to come.

We also earn interest by holding the Bitcoin is a fully insured interest-bearing custodial account, putting the funds to even more work.

How it works

50% of the fund is locked up forever to take advantage of Bitcoin’s growth moving into the future. This means that every dollar converted to Bitcoin will result in massively more resources to do impact word in the future.

The remaining 50% is disbursed whenever the current project goal is reached.


Goal #1: To fund Direct Impact projects by supporting non-profits with 100% pass-through models (Charity Water).

Goal #2: Create a use case showing other NGOs, non-profits, and businesses how to use Bitcoin as a treasury strategy so they can protect their purchasing power from government manipulation of money.

Goal #3: Grow a resource that can fund projects for generations to come.

How it's funded

The Better Human Newsletter subscriptions

The Better Human Company product line, courses, and more to come.

Donations - pending foundation/non-profit status. Reach out to me directly if you would like to contribute.

Historical Reports

coming soon