60 Days Carnivore Diet Pros and Cons Thus Far

Today we are going to talk about my results and some of the struggles I’ve experienced going mostly carnivore these past 60 days.

The number one pro is I’ve killed my sugar cravings. This is something I’ve struggled with for years, sometimes doing better than others.

My tool of choice for this has been raw dairy and the REBEL brand of keto ice cream. That stuff helped for sure and prevented me from grabbing a tub of organic vanilla ice cream, which was usually my cheat of choice.

Number 2 benefit has been: reduced appetite in general.

I”be been utilizing intermittent fasting for over 3 years now, so my appetite has already been pretty balanced and solid for awhile now.

I was genuinely surprised going carnivore how I could reach another level of appetite reduction.

Another PRO is simplicity.

I usually break my fast with a grass-fed ribeye or strip steak covered in butter and wild pink salt.

I have dialed in this cooking technique to the point where i cook my steaks perfectly medium rare every time. In fact, I just launched the first carnivore cooking video on how to cook a steak perfectly every time right here.

MY second meal is usually some ground meat, some raw foods like raw egg yolk, maybe some canned or frozen fish, sardines, oysters, clams, and some raw dairy usually.

The simplicity of my meals means much less food waste since most of the foods that would go bad are from the plant kingdom. I don’t spend $ on these foods anymore and almost no food I make goes to waste. (It’s something like 50% of the food in this country is wasted, and nearly all of it is from the plant kingdom.)

Finally, then last benefit is helped by the first three: I’ve reduced my eating out at restaurants to once or twice a week, usually chipotle. And even that doesn’t sound that good to me anymore since I’m so used to breaking my fast with a juicy steak. It just can’t compete.

In fact, the only meal at a restaurant that can compare is usually expensive since it’s going to be a steakhouse. Every other restaurant isn’t going to have the same quality of meat available and it doesn’t taste as good as result.

So in a way, carnivore hasn't ruined most restaurants for me, but I’m thrilled about that considering i used to waste way too much money and time eating out.

Fat loss: I took a before picture just in case here. And just today decided to do an after. I still have 60 more days until I get as lean as I think I can, but this progress without really trying, is great.

I feel lighter and stronger too; i dropped to floor other day and did 20 strict pushups in one quick set. Now that’s not that impressive as its something I’ve been able to do, but the speed and then ack of fatigue I hit at about rep 15 is what surprised me. Normally I’d slow down a bit at maybe rep 10-12, but that slowing didn’t come until about 15-16 rep and then rep 20 wasn’t nearly as close to failure as it would have been before.

I’ve also not been training as consistently as I normally do since moving.

Now for some Cons:


This one is likely connected to a range of issues I’ve faced these past 3 months. One was cedar fevers, which flares up every year in Texas and was particularly bad this year. Had to get some steroids to help within this one this year.

We also moved to 10 acres in the country and we literally have cedar trees on my property. So that wasn’t helping.

In the new house, the previous owners had a lot of pets, dogs, cats, etc. And my room had carpet infested with all of this. So I had a severe allergic reaction to it all jumbled together. We’ve since removed all the carpet and installed hardwood.

There are also some small mold issues around the house we are dealing with. How much those might be affecting me is yet to be seen.

Finally, I got food poisoning for the first time in my life a couple months before allergy season and moving into our new home.

Since then, I’ve been more susceptible to feeling weak/tired and getting short bouts of the common cold. I know this is connected to my depleted gut flora from that 2 week period of time recovering from throwing up everything.

So I’m currently working on a gut restore program, and plan to record a video on things I learn and my tools for that. Stay tuned for that.

Some of the benefits could be also be partially on a CON list depending on yourself.

For example, maybe you enjoy eating out with friends a lot, and going carnivore makes things a bit harder eat out. While i think that’s def a pro since you could just fast or really simplify your options, like a single burger patty, which will save you money and save your health, for you it might be a it more of a con (even though it’s’ still a pro in reality).

Regarding finances: if you were eating low quality, cheap foods before, which I wasn’t, then you might need to spend a bit more. This can be accomplished easily at places like costco where you can buy grass-fed ground beef for a reasonable[le price in bulk as well as seafood and other reasonable quality animal-based foods.

I also think you save a lot by removing the food waste, which is something i see nearly everyone do when they are buying a lot of plant foods.

In today’s video, I cover the rest of the PROS and CONS of a carnivore diet.