A long List of Carnivore Diet Facts

This will serve as an ever-growing list of supporting facts pertaining to a carnivore diet. It will keep going the more research I uncover.

1. Our guts are as acidic as scavengers, like a buzzard. The theory is this allowed us to digest rotting meat after taking down a big kill and needing to get as much nutrition out of a rotting mammoth caucus, for example.

2. There are no essential plants in nature, yet there are essential nutrients we have to get from animals.

3. Protein and fat are the most conducive macros to a healthy metabolism. Carbs wreck havoc and cause issues for insulin, etc.

4. Most plants are inedible by humans. Eat them and they will kill you. Edible plants represent a tiny percent of the plant kingdom, and in most cases, they must be cooked, soaked, fermented, or otherwise processed for human consumption.

5. Plants contain many toxins that attack the human body. Animals do not.

6. Humans can not survive on a plant-only diet. Humans can survive on an animal-only diet.

7. Our big brains grew as a result of gaining access to nutrient-rich animal foods in greater quantity. This was a result of many factors, but our energy-hungry brain would never have evolved if we kept eating plants the way primates do today. Gorillas and chimps spend hours each day chewing since this is what allows them to breakdown tough plant cellulose. They also possess an extra gut fermentation chamber that aids in breaking down plant matter. As humans became proficient hunters, leaving these plant-adaptions behind was part of our evolution and something, to this day, that separates us from our primate cousins.

8. The argument that our ancestors lived shorter lives in inaccurate. There was no 911, modern medicine or hospitals. A simple infection could have been a death sentence. Also, many babies died during childbirth and childhood mortality rates were high due to living in the harsh wild. These numbers skewed the avg lifespan down tremendously. A book worth reading on the fallibility of statistics is: ”How to lie with statistics.”

9. All modern observed hunter gatherers eat a natural, wild diet and have virtually no modern western disease. And all of them ate animal foods as the primary source of nutrition.