Carnivore Diet: How To Get Enough Fat

This is an interesting question because the carnivore diet in its purest form is animal products, which includes mostly fat and protein.

Sure, if you think a carnivore diet should consist of white meat, like fish and chicken and turkey, then you are obviously going to have problems getting enough fat in.

That’s not the best way to do a carnivore diet. Lean meats are lean for a reason: they lack many of the essential fatty acids and minerals your body needs.

Let’s compare a steak to chicken breast here. You can see just how much better red meat is than white meat and it’s not even close.

So the simplest way to get enough fat in your diet is to prioritize red meat, wild game and fatty fish.

Bison, beef, game, salmon, sardines, clams, oysters, mussels, kippers, mackerel, duck, and anything else that is closer to the dark/red meat of the spectrum.

Opt for ribeyes and strips as your ideal meal option + maybe some whole eggs.

Consider some butter.

Then eat these nutrient-dense foods until satiety and you’ll never have to worry about fat intake again (or protein intake for that matter).

This version of carnivore will have you somewhere in the following ranges.

25%-45% of calories from protein55%-75% of calories from fat

It’s simple as that.

Lean white meats should be a compliment to your diet, not the main course.