Carnivore Diet Science: What Doctors, Researchers, and Scientists Get Wrong

When it comes to carnivore diet science and nutrition science in general, there are many things to consider. Today we cover what nutrition science for humans looks like when performed well and when not performed well.

Here is how science is supposed to work:

1. You take observational data. Maybe surveys, or analysis of other research.

2. You perform an experiment, a hands-on interventional study.

You tabulate your finding from part 2 and use it to create more studies to collect more data while getting closer and closer to what might be “truth.”

Then, after all is said and done, you’re still saying “maybe” or “could be” for the most part.

Instead, what nutrition science has become is this:

1. Fund a study, often big food or pharma does this

2. These studies take other studies, usually survey-based or observational, or cherry-picked data sets, and “analyze” this data.

3. They then call this analyzed data “research” and they aim to publish whatever correlations they “find” in a paper.

4. Some other peers review this data. Maybe they know how the study was performed and maybe they don't. Maybe they look into the source studies that were analyzed, and maybe they don’t.

5. The more likely this “research” matches the status quo, the more likely it is to be published.

6. This “published research” gets cited by talking head experts on TV and by clueless journalists looking for clickbait headlines.

The public eats it up and becomes afraid and/or advocates for science with a capital S. Then if you challenge this research, which any good scientist does because that is what good science is, you get called a science denier, or you get demonized or shunned or whatever.

And this is why we have a 50%+ obesity rate in America with over 1.5 million Americans dying each year from lifestyle-related PREVENTABLE diseases yet the medical establishment still perpetuates BAD IDEAS like don’t eat red meat and limit your salt consumption, to name only. A few of the nonsensical things found in modern-day research.

Fundamentally, the problem with all nutrition science applies especially to the carnivore diet because much of the research that has been used to wrongly vilify eating animal foods should be thrown out entirely.