How Many Calories Should I Eat On A Carnivore Diet?

Today's video answers the question: How many calories should I be eating on a carnivore or animal-based diet?

You can actually use these tips to help you get results on any diet, whether you are doing a carnivore-focused diet or not. So make sure you get into it!

The first question to ask yourself is this: Are you using intermittent fasting?

My preferred IF routine includes a 18-20/6-8 IF window in which I don't eat anything in the morning and instead break the fast later in day with my largest meal. I then have one smaller meal later in the day.

If you aren’t utilizing fasting, you’ll want to progress towards doing so. This will help you find your ideal body set point and what your body needs from a calorie perspective

Next up is the whole food distinction.

Are you eating most of your calories from whole food, like a complete steak or shredded pork, etc.

If you are, then you’ll have a much better time getting close to your ideal calories for the day since you won't be eating highly palatable, easy to consume and overeat foods.

For example, if you decided to drink 1000 calories of heavy cream vs eat a huge steak, your body is going to respond so differently in either case and it’s going to be less likely you’ll feel full fast enough with the cream example, which can lead you to overeat other foods.

Finally, you have to drink plenty of water during the day. This will help to manage appetite plus keep you feeling a bit more full throughout the day. This will help you from binging once you break your fast.