How often should you eat red meat?

Let’s first clarify one thing: red meat is one of the most nutrient-dense real healthy foods there is.

So let’s remove all that dogma right now: the reason you may be asking how much you can eat is that you might have heard nonsense around LIMIT RED MEAT consumption.

This is nonsense.

Red meat consumption has never been proven in any study, literally not one, to cause any health complications whatsoever.

All of the data that was used to demonize meat, much of it funded by Big Pharma and the big processed food companies, was based on really bad epidemiology research, which basically just means observational “research” much of it based on sending surveys in the mail and other really bad methods for acquiring data.

This stuff has been debunked by anyone that looks even an inch below the surface.

So let’s assume you have ZERO health concerns with eating high-quality red meat on a daily basis because you’ve done the research and you’ve removed all the bad ideas perpetuated by society.

Now you have all information you need to answer this question. and the answer is AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

For me, I break my fast with a steak every day. Sometimes I’ll eat ground beef later on or mix it up with fish and sometimes chicken, seafood, etc.

I would say my diet is around 40-50% red meat.

I put the wild game into the same category as red meat, which I do try to incorporate here and there.

This includes bison, elk, venison, and beef as the most common forms of red meat I eat.

I do chicken a few times a month if that. Pork is here and there as well. Both provide little nutrition and you absolutely must source from local farms that produce really high-quality pasture-range stuff. If you don’t have access to reality poultry and pork, don’t eat it. Simple as that

Seafood is great as well. Do wild-caught always.

Canned seafood is also great. You can find a ton of fatty fish and shellfish options packed with nutrition and in shelf-stable cans with water and salt. These are excellent on-the-go options and for travel.

This can include animal products, which includes dairy and things like raw milk and butter and seafood, salmon roe, wild-caught salmon, etc

This is my preferred diet.