The Ultimate Carnivore Diet Guide

Hello fellow Carnivore.

You are a carnivore, you just don’t know it yet.

The goal of this guide is to help you understand your true carnivore nature so you can decide what version of carnivore is right for you.

Humans must eat animals to thrive.

There are many reasons why humans are primarily carnivores. In this guide, I’ll share actionable tips as well as the ancestral reasons why a carnivore-based diet is the most natural human diet.

A few things we will cover in this guide:

  • Carnivore diet benefits
  • Carnivore diet science
  • How to talk about a carnivore diet with friends and family
  • keto carnivore and the difference between regular carnivore vs keto
  • Carnivore meal plans
  • Carnivore shopping list and sourcing advice
  • Carnivore diet styles you can try
  • The WHY behind a carnivore diet
  • And more!

We will also explore the many ways to get started and stay consistent with a carnivore diet.


A note before you dive into the wonderful world of carnivore eating.

While I do cover this in the Carnivore Styles section, I wanted to clear up some confusion around the carnivore diet I see passed around a lot.

You see, most people have come to define a carnivore diet as a zero-carb, animal-only diet.

But I don't agree with that.

To me, carnivore is mostly animals, not only animals.

This is a big distinction.

The pure carnivore that most people talk about is a great way to start carnivore since it serves as an elimination protocol. This is not the only way to do carnivore, though, which is something everyone considering carnivore should know.

I think this will open up a carnivore-based diet to more people, and thus reach more people with this life-changing information.

I personally follow a flexible carnivore style. When I started carnivore I did include dairy. I've not added a few plant foods into my diet here and there.

Some people try to claim this is not a true carnivore diet, but that's nonsense. The fact is, every studied hunter-gatherer we've ever encountered ate plant foods.

This doesn't necessarily mean plants are good or bad. There's much more to it than that.

But it does give us a first principle we can use to make intelligent decisions. Humans throughout our evolutionary past ate plants at least sometimes.

All plants are different, some worse than others, so creating a list for yourself of foods you might want to test adding back into your diet.

I think most people will end up with some kind of flexible carnivore style, and that’s OK. The foundation will still be high-quality animal foods.

So when I say I believe a carnivore diet is the foundational human diet, I am not saying a PURE carnivore diet is necessarily the best.

What I am saying is the majority of calories coming from animals, for most people, is the ideal diet.

So with that disclaimer out of the way, proceed to the first installment of the carnivore guide here.