Why I hope we don’t get forced hyperbitcoinization


This is our last year living in an urban center center year-round.

Maybe we'll have a place in a city or just Airbnb anytime we want to visit.

Home will be surrounded by land, nature, water, and solitude.

No 5g towers.

No thousand WiFi signals drenching our cells. No city tap water is loaded with fluoride.

No seed oils or restaurants.

It's also a forcing function. I can focus. Simplify. Less is more. Have less crap. Do less things and do them deeper, better, more intentional.

Maybe I'll finally write a book (or finish one of the many I've started). Or perhaps I'll try working only 4 hours a day, which is a goal I've had for a while. (That might take some adapting to.)

All I know is I don't get much from modern society. I've known this for a long time, but never really questioned doing the same things everyone else is doing like live in a too big house with too many living expenses and buy too much stuff.

But since 2020, things have changed. I woke up a lot. I’ve realized a lot. I’ve looked deeper into history, which I used to think was a waste of time when I was younger. Now I understand how imperative history is to not making the mistakes of the past.

It’s funny how the liberal perspective is so pro-state now. You do realize that the American state had racist laws against minorities for years, as well as slavery laws… and yet you want to give them more power to control the lives of individuals?

It’s absolutely batshit crazy and detached from reality.

If you vote Democrat at this point, you don’t care about reality or the future of the country you and your kids will inherit.

I say that was an anarchist who hates any state bigger than it should be. City and local community governments are fine because I can leave and go where I support the rules. Instead, in America, even leave would require an exit tax. And then the federal government expects me to pay taxes on any income I make elsewhere for the rest of my life! (Yes, and we are the only country that does this).

I feel like every opporutniy I get to write I am more a Cassanda. In case you’re Greek mythology is fuzzy, here’s the story of Cassandra as told by GPT:

Cassandra, in Greek mythology, was a daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was gifted with the power of prophecy by Apollo, but when she rejected his romantic advances, he cursed her so that no one would believe her predictions. Despite her accurate warnings, including the fall of Troy through the infamous Trojan Horse, she was ignored. Eventually, Troy fell, and Cassandra was taken as a war prize by Agamemnon. She met a tragic end, unable to escape her fate.

The thing about hyperinflation or an empire collapsing is that most people will ignore the warning signs until it’s too late. Then they suffer.

That’s how every revolution, dictator, empire collapse, adn hyper inflation scenario in history has played out. And if you think hyeprinflation is a thing of the past, look TODAY at Turkey, Argentina, Lebanon, and others. We have it lucky that we’re only being stolen from at 10%-20% a year while others are at 100%-500% a year. Insanity.

Those of us warning about these things will feel vindicated and proven right, but at what cost? The collapse of our way of life? Mass suffering, supply chain shortages, a grinding of the global ecomoy which will result in millions dead?

I genuinely hope I’m wrong. I genuinely hope we don’t have hyperinflation, even if that means my Bitcoin goes to $1,000,000 or more a coin. What’s the point of having wealth if society around you is in flames?

As the dollar slowly depreciates, I am fine with Bitcoin growing at a rate of 10%-25%-50% annually. Then maybe we can use release valves along the way as we transition to a new, better system gradually instead of all at once.

That’s what I hope for.

But maybe it’s wishful thinking. Look at how much debt/money printing the US government is doing (chart below), and with no signs of slowing down.

Every extra dollar they create makes our dollars (and paychecks) worth less.

It’s as simple, disturbing, and evil as that.

And it’s considered “normal.” 🤷🏻

It’s sad that most people are so completely and utterly clueless about how any of this works. I legitimately feel sad when I consider it.

I don’t feel superior or nobler or smarter. I don’t actually care about that. I have kids. I don’t have the luxury of hubris.

My ONLY focus is survival, health, and longevity.

I can only prepare to the best of my ability. And hopefully while doing so, help a few others do the same so they can avoid some of the immense suffering that’s in our not-so-distant future.