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How I’m fixing my eyesight with a new office setup
4 Principles of Effective thinking
How Technology-Savvy Individuals Have a Massive Advantage
How a Reading Habit Can Change Your Life
How a Reading Habit Can Change Your Life
Why Saying No Is The Ultimate Productivity Hack
Duality is the most important concept in life
Be who you are to live your best life
15 Ways To Live A Better Life
The Beginner's Guide To Bitcoin: How To Buy and Why You Should
Bitcoin is too volatile to be a store of value
Action: A Principle of Better Human
You are not designed to be happy (and what to do about it)
How To Live A Simple Life and Why You Should
How To Create an Epic Life
10 Ways To Be Confident
How To Be Happy
The Bullion Guide: Buy Gold and Silver & Why
Nature Knows Best: How Human Ego Ruins Nature and Health
Our Country is Addicted to Cheap, Convenient Food, and It's Killing Us
My 10 Rules for Living a Balanced and Productive Life
The Secret To Eating A Healthy Diet is Real Food
If You Follow The Herd, You'll Get The Same Results As The Herd: The Dangers of Mass Conformity
Privilege Is A Myth and Life Will Never Be Fair
Privilege Is A Myth and Life Will Never Be Fair
The 7 Principles of Living Wild
50 Weight Loss Tips
An Intro To The Paleo Diet
107 Motivational Quotes
32 Muscle Building Tips
The No-BS Guide To Self-Improvement
50 Ways To Get Better At Fitness
My 10 Basic Rules for Living a Balanced and Productive Life
Core Values: The Secret To Building A Successful Life
10 Principles For Living a Long and Healthy Life
What's Your Life Philosophy?
Principles For A Successful Life
Action: A Principle of Better Human
What's your life purpose?
Comfort Is Killing You
10 Rules For Living A Balanced and Productive Life
Productivity Guide: What I've Learned After 15+ Years Working For Myself
Prepare: Why Every American Needs A Plan B
What Are The 5 Critical Thinking Skills?
Be Weary of Talking To Others
The Danger of Modern Day Propaganda
How Comfort Keeps You Weak and Stuck
5 Books That Changed My Life
How To Be Mentally Strong

Other Articles

Your Past Can Make You Or Break You
Your Past Can Be Your Greatest Teacher... If You Become The Student
Your Life Will Be A Series of Choices... Choose Wisely
Your Life Is The Results of Your Average Day
Your brain is robbing you of happiness
Your "All or Nothing" Mindset is Destroying Your Results
You will only improve your life when you're ready
You can neither give happiness, nor receive it -Naval
You are who you spend your time with
Will money make you happy?
Why your current self is the greatest threat to your future self
Why You Need Bad In Your Life
Why You Must Live Life on Purpose - Most People Live On Accident
Why you can't overdo life but you most certainly can underdo it.
Why You Aren't Happy And What To Do About It
Why Waking Up Early Is BS Advice
Why "Clocking Out" Is A Huge Opportunity For Success
Why A Simple Life Is An Effective Life
Do Something Remarkable In Your Life Or Do Nothing At All
Austin Storm: Our Power Went Out and Our House Flooded
Enjoy The Moment... It's The Last One Of It You'll Ever Get
Conspicuous Consumption: How To Hack Signaling Behavior To Improve Your Life
How To Speak - MIT Lecture - Excellent
Life Is Short, Break The Rules. Forgive Quickly, Kiss SLOWLY...
How To Stop Being Afraid and Start Living
Life is too short to live for others
My struggle with motivation
Do You Have Grit?
How to Live With Yourself and Be Who You Are
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein
Do You Deserve To Be Rich?
How To Live In The Moment
If you can live without, you have the ultimate power
Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. -Bruce Lee
It All Starts With Questions
Life is Surfing: How Will You Surf The Waves You're Given?
2020 is What Benjamin Franklin Mean With This Quote
7 Life Blunders and How To Avoid Them
My Son Turned Two Yesterday, Here Are Some Hopes I Have For His Future
Don't follow the masses or you might end up like them
Being who you are is the greatest accomplishment
Do you remember that guy that gave up?
My dad was always late... Does that mean I have to be?
Instead of talking about it, do it
How I'm Fighting Time Theft
Doing what society does will kill you
Life is a series of moments, not milestones
Do Good Art And Work No Matter What
How To Be Yourself: A Guide For Accepting and Embracing Who You Are
How To Find The Golden Mean To Life (and why you must)
Humans Are Designed To Be Unhappy - What to do about it?
Everyone Else is Already Taken
Comparison Is The Thief of Joy
Losers Blame While Winners Take Action
Happiness is a Skill (that few posses)
Action: A Principle of Better Human
Find Your Art and FInd Your Work
A Piece of Paper Can Change Your Life
An Enjoyable Thing You Can Do To Change Your Life
Is Struggle Necessary To Success? (YES)
Make Today Worth Remembering
How Much Attention Is Needed To Be Successful?
Embrace Mistakes And You Embrace Improvement
Ancient Chinese Advice You Can Use Today
How To Use Timeless Ideas as a Foundation For a Successful Life
How To Live a Zen Lifestyle
Dance Like No One's Watching
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde
Can money buy happiness? (Yes and No)
How To Be Good At Life - An Epic Guide
How To Be The Sovereign Human
How To Stop Caring What Others Think
Conquer yourself before you try conquering anything
Listen more and talk less
Life Is A Science Experiment
Life is Tragic and Funny
How To Focus Your Mind In A Distracted World
Don't Set Goals Without Process Or You Will Fail For Sure
If you fall in love with learning, you'll be set for life
Everything in life is choice (YOUR CHOICE)
How Do You Know Where You Are Going If You Don't Know Where You Are Going?
Franklin Borrows a Book: How Consistency Bias Can Be Good But Is Usually The Stalwart of Evil
Core Values: The Secret To Building A Successful Life of Principles
"It MIght Have Been" are the saddest words
Happiness Is Choice
How To Succeed At Life: My Principles
Life isn't a problem to be solved... It's a problem to be enjoyed
Have You Examined Your Life Lately?
Minimalism and Why Your Stuff Owns You
How To Deal With Stress In A Positive Way
5 Rules For Finding Your "Secret" To Success
A Short Manifesto For Life - Things I've Learned
Extreme Ownership: The Only Way Things Get Done
Expectations Will Ruin Your Life If You Let Them
Don't Be Afraid: How Fear Makes You Sick and Weakens Immunity
Choice is a muscle you must exercise to get stronger
A Video Every American Must Watch
Laughing is medicine
Life Should Be Fun And If It Isn't Change It Until It Is
Why Your Belief System Must Be Challenged To Evolve
What is Ketosis?
There are two kinds of people in the world—awake and asleep
The Truth About Life
Tomorrow May Never Come, So You Better Live Today
The Dangers of Self-Image vs Self-Actualization
Philosophy in the modern world is absoultely necessary
The Dip: A must-read book by Seth Godin
Thomas Jefferson on newspapers
Use your worst to become better
Since you are what you do, What life are you living?
The Biggest Relationship Mistake To Avoid
Resistance Is A Constant Force Holding You Back
Two Things Worth Reading
When you don't want to do it is eactly when you should do it
What is confirmation bias and why is it so common?
Socrates Has Some Advice For You
The World Needs Strong People and Independent Thinkers
The more action you take, the easier it is to succeed
The power of slowing down and the dangers of busy
To Forgive Is To Set Yourself Free
The Safe Way is Never The Best Way
The Grim Reaper Will Come For You One Day
The Power of Simplifying Your Life and Work
Sunk Cost: How The Past Keeps You Repeating It
Time is the most valuable resource in life. Spend it wisely
What Reality Do You Live In?
Want to see your future? Look at your routine
The Critics Hold Humanity Back While The Optimists Drag It Forward
What is the best way to invest in gold?
The Bad Is Your Friend - How to use your worst to create your bestStick-Figure-Art
The Point Isn't To Fail But To Win
What The Hell Should I Do With My Life? Figuring Out What's Next
The Greatest Inequality Today and How Bitcoin Will Save Us
What The Stoics Can Teach Us About Difficulty
Three Steps To Getting Whatever You Want in Life
Why You Don't Have Abs: It's Your Food Dummy
Why You Don't Get Fitness Results
What You Need To Know Before You Start A Fitness Routine
How To Gain Clean Weight: A Hardgainers Guide
Build Your Own Workout Template
A Fitness Strategy: Work On Your Weaknesses
An Introduction To Mindfulness and Meditation
A Stupid Simple Way To Exercise (How To Exercise)
Is Waking Up Early Bad For You?
Masks are a metaphor for the masses
A Basic Weightlifting Guide for Burning Fat and Building Muscle
Breath Meditation: A Simple Way To Meditate In Minutes
The Stupid Simple Guide To Exercise (No you don't need a trainer)
The Results of My 7-Day Media Detox
"If you eat, invest, and think according to what the 'news' advocates, you'll end up nutritionally, financially, and morally bankrupt." -Naval Ravikant
You Are The Reason People Will Always Let You Down
Why You Must Civilly Disobey on July 4th
Why you must civilly disobey
Why The Current Version of The Internet Needs To Die
Why Governments Fail: The Dangers of Human Power
Why Every American Needs a Backup Plan B
Why don't people think for themselves?
Whoever controls the money controls you
What's really going on? We won't see it until 2021
How To Prepare For America's Uncertain Future: What To Do Now To Start Preparing
America is being controlled and manipulated by corporate puppets and crony politics
American Society of 2020 is the Greatest Scam of All Time
Money See, Monkey Do: Why Humans Follow Other Humans
"Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome." - Charlie Munger
A Message To Americans in 2020
Alan Watts on Culture Turning Us Into Hypnotized Zombies
How happy are you with 2020 and the marketing scam "The New Normal"
Do Not Be Silenced Into Compliance: Stand Up, Speak Up, Fight Back
Is America Becoming a Socialist Country?
Censorship is Ruining America: Why every citizen must resist
If You Trust Experts With Your Future You Are Taking a Big Gamble
No society wants you to become wise
Calling Someone a Conspiracy Theorist is Lazy Thinking
Death Rates In America - Yes, People Die Every Day
Do Masks Work? Let's Talk About Mandatory Mask Orders The title says it all. Let's talk about whether or not masks work and whether or not mask orders are constitutional.
How Guilt and Shame Are Used by Others to Control You
Eventually People Will See The Truth of 2020
Is climate change real?
How Experts Are The Cause of The Obesity Crisis in America
America, Land of The Free and In Debt
2020 is a joke
The News Is The Real Virus: Why You Should disconnect Right Now
The Expert Fallacy: Why Experts Are More Likely To Be Wrong About New Information
The Myth of Systemic Oppression: Bad Ideas Are Holding You Back But Only If You Let Them
The surgeon has incentive to perform surgery whether it is the best decision or not
We are Living George Orwell's 1984 Right Now
The Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Nanny Government Are Destroying American Life
The Government Is Not Your Friend
The Dangers of Conformity - The Four Quadrants
The Problem With Democracy
You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever
Thoughts on my 35 birthday: Pierce the Matrix
Socialism doesn't work and it never will
The Story of Handwashing: Human Bias and How Your Mind Makes You a Slave
What is a Moral Society?
The Dangerous Future Humanity Is Moving Towards [What The Individual Can Do]
Plank’s Principle: Science Progresses One Funeral at a Time?
Struggle Sessions In America Today
Our fragile world is built on backward incentives
The Secret To Goals Is Inside Your Sock Drawer
Why The "New Normal” Is A Scam
Small Minds Judge
You Will Never Achieve Until You Believe
You suck at listening. Here's how to get better.
You Are What You Think: Why Your Thought Patterns Are The Key To Everything
Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox
Why You Get Triggered - The Evolutionary Reasons Why You Have A Fragile Mind
Why Worry Is A Wasted Emotion
Why the law of attraction is incomplete
Why taking advice is stupid
Who can you trust?
When You Aren't Challenged, You Become Weak - The Dangers of Comfort
How To Think Logically: A Simple Mental Model For Getting Better Results
How To Think Like Billionaire Charlie Munger: Read All The Time
How To Think Clearly: A Guide For Better Decision Making and Banishing Dangerous Thoughts
Is being stupid a choice?
How To Train Your Mind's Fitness
How Reading Biographices Is Worth More Than a College Education
Critical Thinking: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Better Thinker
Expectations are a contract with yourself to be miserable
Confirmation Bias In a Sentence
How To Think Like Charlie Munger: The Inversion Strategy
How To Think Logically: The Principles of Making Better Decisions
Consuming content is not taking action
How To Think Like Jeff Bezos: Lessons From Billionaire Founder of Amazon
How To Avoid Confirmation Bias in Real Life
Iron sharpens iron
How To Avoid Confirmation Bias: 5 Tips
How To Think Like Bruce Lee: The Mindset of “The Dragon”
How To Think Like Jeff Bezos: The “Always Day One” Philosophy
Destroy Self-Conflict or it Will Destroy You
Karma isn’t what you think - how consistency is the key to winning or losing
How To Think For Yourself - A Practical Guide
How Think Like Einstein
How To Work Hard by Paul Graham
Frame of Mind May Be The Most Important Thing You Aren't Considering
Be Who You Are: Steve Jobs On Being Yourself In a World of Conformity
How to think like Charlie Munger: Take A Simple Idea Seriously
Not understanding inflation will be the most expensive lesson of your life
All Progress Depends On The Growth Minded
How To Think Like Charlie Munger: Live By The Iron Prescription
How To Stop Letting Negativity Run Your Life
Blame Yourself if You're Going To Blame Anyone
How First Principles Can Help You Avoid Bias And Your Tendency To Make Really Really Dumb Mistakes
I used to be afraid of NOT being successful
How To Think Like Charlie Munger
How Batching and Time Blocking Is The Key To Productivity
Kill Your Inner Voice: Why Your Internal Narrative Is Probably Ruining Your Life
How To Think Before You Speak: The No Fluff Guide To Avoid Saying The Wrong Thing
Stop Being Judgemental: How To Improve Yourself and Stop Judging People
The Two Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself
The 5 Most Essential Skills For The Digital Century
Quotes On Simplicity
Take Control of Your Mind or It Will Control You
Sometimes It's Not What You Read But When You Read It
The Importance of Critical Thinking For The Curious and Evolving Mind
Why you should keep your phone in airplane mode each morning
Why It’s So Hard To Build Habits: The Law of Entropy and Regression To The Mean
How To Get Hired By Any Business
How To Work Harder and Smarter
How To Use the 80/20 Principle To Get Crazy Results
How To Get More Done By Doing Less
Focus and Deep Work Are THe Most Important Skills of The 21st Century
How To Use Tiny Habits To Accomplish Anything
How To Be A Leader: Stop People Pleasing and Be Who You Are
How To Fight Better Than Most People
How To Turn One Article Into 7 Pieces of Content
How To Be More Productive: My Top Tips for Getting Things Done
How to save thousands on books
How To Be Productive Like Stephen King - The 1000 Words A Day Rule
Create a Travel WOD In Seconds and Always Have a Workout
One Sentence Persuasion by Blair Warren - Book Notes
Micro-Goals: The Most Important Aspect of Setting Goals?
Avoid The Busy Trap: How To Stop Feeling Busy and Why You Should
Focus is The Key To Success & Ignoring is The Key To Focus
How Keeping Your Phone Off Will Skyrocket Your Morning Routine
The Importance of Selling Yourself
The New Age of Getting Shit Done
Some of my favorite sleep tips for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer
The Importance of Deep Work and Flow To Happiness And Success
What To Do When You Lose Your Job
The 5 Principles of Productivity in One Example
The Best Books Ever Written
Your sucess is depenedent on how many risks you take
Why the Word Success is Broken and How to Build An Extraordinary Life
How to be more productive in life and work
"Focusing is about saying no." -Steve Jobs
How To Be Successful Utilizing The Power of Focus To Achieve Success
Life Success: Utilizing The Power of Focus To Achieve Success and Fulfillment
It's Easy To Want and Difficult To Do
The Power of a Monthly Mastermind
The Life-Changing Power of a Reading, Writing and Thinking Routine
Warren Buffet’s “Top 5” Goal System For Reaching Your Highest Goals
The Flywheel: How Subtraction May Be The Secret To Success
Why The U.S. Government Can't and Won't Ban Bitcoin
Why You Should Buy Gold Right Now
Why All Fiat Currencies Fail And How To Protect Yourself
Congress Just Passed a Bill To Steal From You and Millions of Americans Will Celebrate It
Money will not make you happy though it will help you find peace... if you use it the right way
Bitcoin is the best investment you'll ever make and the ultimate insurance policy
My Bitcoin Wealth Strategy
How I'm Thinking About Bitcoin in 2021
Buying Gold and Silver For Forced Savings
How Debt Holds You Back And What To Do About ItYour stuff and your debt that paid for that stuff keeps you stuck. It removes your mobility. This makes you fragile. This limits your options. This makes you beholden to your government. This makes you a slave.Your stuff and your debt that paid for that stuff keeps you stuck. It removes your mobility. This makes you fragile. This limits your options. This makes you beholden to your government. This makes you a slave.
Bitcoin is not and investment—it's a revolution
Bitcoin seems like an investment but it's actually a revolution
Why The Average Person Should Own Bitcoin (And how to get it)
Why The US Government Will Never Ban Bitcoin: My Response to Ray Dalio
What problem does Bitcoin solve? (Hint: it robs from you daily)
To Get Out of Debt Think Differently
Life is about how many experiments you make
Mark Wahlberg vs Dr Oz Debating Breakfast and Fasting. Who is right?
The Only Two Things That Matter
Why Asking Questions Is The Secret To Persuasion
Fix Your Sleep In Only Three Days (Natural and Cheap Hacks To Sleep Better and Fall Asleep Faster)
Different Kinds of Fat: Good Fats vs Bad Fats
Hunting For Health Karens
The Independent Thinking Scale - Where Do You Fall?
Why some Succeed and Others Fail
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
What I eat in a day Model Negin Mirsalehi | My Response
Two Simple Mental Habits For Those That Don’t Meditate
The Goal Setting Problem
The Only Way To Protect Yourself Against Viruses: Build Your Immune System
How The Carnivore Diet Cured My Back Pain (Really)
How To Think Better: Fight Dogma
How To Take The Red Pill and Exit The Matrix
Carnivore Cooking Show: How To Cook Steak
The Ancestral Reasons Why You Care What People Think
What Is The Carnivore Diet? The Logic behind the Carnivore Diet Explained
Why you care what people think and how to mitigate it
Intermittent Fasting Strategies: 3 Types of Fasting No One Talks About
Carnivore Diet: Three Simple Meal Ideas
The Trinity of Being Fit, Healthy and Looking Good Naked
The Popular Narrative is Always Wrong
Are Eggs Meat?
World's Fastest Meditation: How To Meditate In Under 60 Seconds
Dopamine is Fake Accomplishment
Wake Up: Comfort and Corporations Are Killing You
Full Day of Eating a Keto Carnivore Diet
Carnivore Diet And Intermittent Fasting: A Match Made In Heaven
What Are The Healthiest Cooking Oils? THE TOP FIVE HEALTHY FATS
Is Canola Oil Good Or Bad For Your Health? Healthy Cooking Oil or Not?
Let's Talk About American Freedom
Is Meat Healthy or Not? THE TRUTH OF EATING MEAT!
How Experts Are The Cause of The Obesity Crisis in America
The Dangers of Research & The Medical Establishment (QUESTION EVERYTHING!)
Why Do You Believe What You Believe
Should You Trust Organizations Like the American Heart Association?
Why Are We Letting Morons Strip-mine America?
How Americans Should Vote (but probably won't)
6 Months into the carnivore diet and I've learned a lot
The Gluten-Free Myth
90 Days Carnivore: What I've Learned and Will I Stick With It?
Yes, you should be challenged
How My 9th Grade Science Teacher Scarred Me For Life
Three Principles of Healthy Humans
Carnivore Cooking: Carnivore Diet Seafood Pate With Cod Liver and Sardines
Using A Carnivore Diet To Strengthen Your Immune System and Protect Against Viruses (+ Other Tips)

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