The Better Human by Colin Stuckert

The Better Human by Colin Stuckert

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Welcome to The Better Human

Why: To give modern humans a framework for effective living so they can escape the Matrix and build lives and communities based on Truth and First Principles.

  • ⚖️ Sovereignty of mind and body
  • 💨 Opt-out of a broken society
  • 🦾 100% Ownership of Life

🤔 What is Better Human?

Better Human is a philosophical framework for living an effective and meaningful life as a 21st-century human. It’s a work in progress. It’s open source. It will evolve over time. I’m building it publicly here and here.
  • A modern philosophical framework rooted in absolute ownership of mind & body combined with the foundational principles of health, happiness, and meaning.
  • The goal is to help build Free Thinking and Sovereign Humans that opt out of the broken status quo and rebuild life from the ground up.
  • These individuals then become beacons to show others a different way to live. Eventually, we flip the sick, urban-based way of life from the norm to the exception.
  • Escape The Matrix → To help you become sovereign in body and mind.
  • The next epoch of human society will use technology to curate an ancestral-based way of life by fusing nature and technology into a symbiotic whole.
  • It starts with the individual. Becoming YOU is the greatest thing you will ever accomplish.
  • What is a Better Human? The Better Human is fit, healthy, highly self-aware, inspires and motivates others, is always delivering value to the world around him/her, is interested in big ideas, growth, the future, and OVERCOMING oneself to take advantage of the gift called life.

Building Better Humans


A Practical Way of Life For 21st Century Humans A Practical Way of Life For Modern Humans A Modern OS For The Mind A New OS For Humanity A New OS For The Mind A New Way To Think and Live An OS For The Mind A New Philosophy The Practical Philosophy For Modern Llife A New Way of Life A New Freedom A New Vision For Life An OS For Life The New OS For Life

  • Building Better Humans from the ground up. Rebirth. Unlearn. Escape the Matrix. Create a life based on your self-curated values and escape the drudgery of modernity.
  • Practical Philosophy, Evolutionary Psychology, Health, First Principles Thinking, and taking absolute ownership.
  • Building Better Humans through a complete change of mind, thought patterns and creating a new life based on a self-created personal philosophy.
  • Building The Better Human Philosophy → Goal: Create a new framework for human meaning in the 21st century.
  • The Better Human Philosophy is a practical method of thinking and living based on first principles thinking, truth, self-ownership and reliance, and opting out of the broken status quo.
  • Build a unique life through your own self-discovered personal philosophy - that’s what the world needs. It does not need another automaton.

The Problem

  • Society is broken. Society monetizes the group at the expense of the individual.
  • Collectivist ideas always end in ruin. Fiat currencies always reach 0. Empires always die.
  • Since humans are tribal creatures, they fall into groupthink and mass psychosis.
  • A few escape. A few forge their own path. A few wake up. A few uncover Truth and foundational principles of biology, psychology, history, and economics. They go on to live amazing lives.
  • Modern humans struggle to find meaning. We no longer have to survive in a harsh environment. Instead, we have to survive modernity, which is the struggle to find meaning while avoiding living a life of quiet desperation.
  • You want to change. You want a successful life of health, wealth, happiness, and relationships, but you look at society for cues on how to get it. The problem is, society doesn’t know how to get it.
  • You follow the mainstream, what people around you are doing—the illusion of social media and curated facade of bullshit dupe you. You are plugged into the Matrix.
  • Less than 3% of people create lives of meaning. Their journey is unique, which makes it hard to give specific advice on where to start. The fastest/easiest way to get started is to change your environment to support where you want to go.
  • Filling your mind with new ideas, people, and scenery is the foundational aspect of change.
  • The Better Human Program is singularly focused on one major outcome—change your environment, master it to get the mind, body, and then eventually, the life you want.

The Method

  • Reborn: Completely detach from your former self. Let go of your Ego, identity, past, bad habits, toxic relationships with people, drugs, food, propaganda, fear, politics, etc.
  • Shed your past self and build new. Let go of your traumas, shame, guilt, externally enforced baggage of expectation, comparison, and victim mentality. Get fit and health without massive effort… to build the knowledge, skill, and belief system that makes you look good and feel good year-round.
  • Create new thought patterns based on TRUTH and first principles thinking.
  • Guard your life so only approved ideas and people come in.
  • Take action towards definite goals to build a life of meaning for yourself rather than from outside.
  • Find meaning in helping others follow the same path.
  • Live differently → intentional living in nature with other humans. Close communities outside of the urban rigamarole. (My goal is the BH community project to show the world exactly how it can be done sustainably.)


  • Getting things done matters. It matters for meaning, flourishing, and our collective future.
  • We are entering a new phase of human evolution, fueled by the information revolution. The highest-paid work today is simply moving information around and combing it in unique ways. This is speeding up innovation in the physical realm as well.
  • The key to creating your future is to manage yourself so you can do thrive in the modern economy. The future is already here. The winners today are information movers. You create value by moving information, organizing it, and combining it in unique ways.
  • You find meaning through this work (and through physical work), but it’s not always obvious or immediate. In some cases, knowledge work can often as menial as pushing a button in a factory 8 hours a day.

The Outcome: Self-mastery

  • What is a Better Human? The Better Human is fit, healthy, highly self-aware, inspires and motivates others, is always delivering value to the world around him/her, is interested in big ideas, growth, the future, and OVERCOMING oneself to take advantage of the gift called life.
  • You possess a fit body and mind that represents the pinnacle of physical human potential. You are healthy, strong, self-aware, open, and FREE.
  • You live for yourself. You’ve accepted your power to choose everything in your life, and you do.
  • You pursue meaning through your work, relationships, and helping others.
  • You build your tribe and make it a focal point of your life. You rest your relationship to external pursuits.
  • You are the Better Human and become a beacon of inspiration, showing others what’s possible.
  • To become Awake, Aware, Your Own Self, Fit, Healthy, Happy

How To Become a Better Human

  • Getting there requires deep knowledge, deep training, deep habits, and a complete rewiring of your belief system so that you can shed your past self and be born again.
  • For modern adults, these changes require massive pattern interrupts. You have to break your patterns of thought, routines, people, relationships, everything that is holding you back. Only then can you rebuild from the ground up, like the Child.

Why become a Better Human?

  • What’s broken about the world: drifters and following rote ways of life based on EXTERNALS. Where are the great men and women that think and live for themselves. They are always the trailblazers for the future.
  • Change the way people think from external to internal → then change how they live the same

How do I help people wake up?

  • Through awareness of Universal laws with a dose of evolutionary biology/psychology, an understanding of basic economics, political science, the corruption of the state, power
  • Courses, Podcasts, Knowledge, Education, Citing philosophers, and → In person work
  • LIVE TRAINING is most important thing. 1 day is least effective, 2 days bit more, 1 week good, 1 month great, 1 year best.
  • Eventually → 3-12 month program, where you come live in the dorms and completely rewiring your body and mind in a fully immersed state.

The Better Human Philosophy/School

  • Training of The Day - M/W/F - free daily routine to build your mind and body. Challenge yourself and compete against others. Track your progress. Get better one definite action at a time.
You can follow along yourself, for free, following the website:
  • Core Circurrulmn
  • Bonus content related - side learning paths, ideas, skills, omdalities
  • you can hire a coach and join a class/gym
  • You can come ot one of our immerisve 7-day trainings or the 30-days

♜ The Philosophy + Learning Path

This is a work in progress. It may never be “done.” The goal is to distill the core principles of what makes a Better Human in the 21st Century and beyond. Per Aspera Ad Astra! Email me suggestions.

Pillar 1 → Truth → Choice → Control → Ownership → Mind

Pillar 1a: Truth

Truth: See it, Understand it, Accept it, Use it

You are the ultimate miracle and you have COMPLETE power over your existence. Only you have the power. No one can live your life. No one can think for you, choose for you, act for you, feel for you.

Your life is your own.

Your thoughts are your own.

Your actions are your own.

Your interpretations of the world around you are your own…. they are your choice.

This is Truth.

Perception → Nothing exists without your permission.

Without you, nothing exists. Without consciousness, there is not past, future or present. There is nothing.

Everything exists the way it does because you interperrpt it.

When you understand this Truth, you can start controlling it.

Truth: It’s all in your mind. Everything is.

Truth: The world exists in your mind. You think you are interpreting external reality. But who knows if you are. What matters is you control that perception and the resulting thoughts and actions you take as a result of that data coming into your mind.

Truth: The mathematical Truth that everything in your life is your responsibility.

Truth: Ignoring Truth brings undesirable consequences.

Max Truth

Only you can choose.

You choose everything.

If you choose for someone else to choose for you, you’ve chosen.

You can’t escape choice.

This law of existence is hidden to most people. They think things happen around them. They focus on what they think they see or what they think they get from the world around them. And the invariable outcome is they suffer. For as long as one you look outside for answers, you’ll miss the Truth.

The Truth is inside.

The Truth is everything is YOUR CHOICE—every feeling, thought, action, and good or bad label. All your choice.

Inescapable choice.

When you tell yourself something is “good” and you think it makes you feel “good” as a result, you’ve made a choice. When you think something is “bad” and you suffer as a result of this “bad” thing in your mind, you’ve chosen that interpretation and the resulting self-inflicted suffering that comes with it.

Truth: You choose everything.

You think things happen outside of you and outside of choice. But you’re wrong.

Anything that has “happened” or that is a way you don’t like is your choice to respond to. You can inflict suffering upon yourself by feeling the victim in response or you can find the value, lesson, and usefulness laden inside. Choice. Nothing but choice.

You can’t change the past. If the past is a ball and chain linking you to suffering, you’re choosing it.

If you’re afraid of the future, you choose fear.

If you’re upset something isn’t going your way, you’ve chosen suffering.

This is Max Truth.

That everything is inside of you because everything is choice and only you can choose and what follows is you must take 100% ownership.

You already do make choices for every aspect of your life, but you are not fully aware of many of them.

The goal of Max Truth is to give you complete agency of every cohice and thus every aspect of your life.

Everything is your choice → A Mathematical Indisputable Truth That No Human Will Ever Escape.

Only you precieve.

Only you think

Only you live your life

Good is a choice, a label.

Bad is a choice, a label.

The external world is what it is. How you respond to it is entirely you.

Being a victim is a choice.

Taking control is a choice.

Letting go is a choice. Holding on is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Suffering is a choice.

Reality does not exist for you or to you. It exists. Your relationship to it is up to you.


Someone cuts you off in traffic → you become angry and adreneline spikes.

What’s next is up to you. You have options.

The best option is no response. Do nothing.

Doing nothing is doing something—doing the best thing because you de-escalate the situation.

A common response is to escale the situation, which only increases your risk that something bad happens next.

Someone is talking about you behind your back → your first response is to confront them and set them straight.

The question you have to ask is: will i change their mind?

It feels like you might, but you won’t. Psychology says you’re actually more likely to make them dig into their beliefs, no matter how flawed they are.

Instead, starve the flame or energy. Ignore it. Shrug your shoulders. Or use this line from Epictetus:

“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, "He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.

You tried really hard and you lost money or you failed -? You want to feel sorry for yourself. You want to feel life is unfair.

The Truth is you didn’t earn the result… yet.

If it’s worth having, then you have to invest more proof of work to earn what you want. If you haven’t received it yet, you haven’t paid the price.

That’s all there is to it.

And if someone cheated, lied, stole, or otherwise thwarted your attempts, then it’s still up to you to figure out how to get where you want to go.

You’ve yet to find the path to your destination. Nothing more, nothing less.

Every victim thought moves you farther away from the control to reach your destination.

Every ownership thought moves you to controlling your results through action.

Why is it so hard for the average person to accept Max Truth?

Because of human evolutionary hardwiring.

We are designed to rely on others for survival. Our ancestors needed each other to survive and to procreate and raise children, so our biology is hardwired to fit in, play nice, and think alike. We are designed to feel wronged when someone doesn’t respect the law of reciprocity (I do for you now and you do for me later).

Iconoclasm did not get you food or mates or protection in a hunter gatherer group, so nature weeded any “think differnet” black sheeps out of the gene pool. Steve Jobs or Elon Musk would not have survived following the same strategy that made them billionaires—they would have had to adapt to their environment, which would have been based on fitting into the group.

Our think alike tendencies are huge liabilities in societies with millions of indivudulas andit’s why we get the Madness of Crowds, mob mentality, genocide, Nazism, socialism, communism, and the general mass psychosis (Matrix) of billions of humans living in industrialized societies.

These same behavior and thought patterns that result in the ugliest aspects of human nature were survival mechanisms when we lived in the wild in small groups. Mismatch.

Your innate psychology is a great challenge you must overcome if you want to build a great life.

You’re thinking is shaped by the people around you, the culture you were born into, and the politics and community you engage with.

The winners today are those that think different. The modern environment rewards iconoclaism and a different set of behaviors, many of which are the opposite of what our genetic hardwiring is predisposed to.

We can see this effect happening today. Natural selection didn’t stop just because we invented trains, planes, automobiles, and iPhones. If anything this technology has speed the process up.


If food is all around you yet your biology thinks it’s in a food-scarce environment, you cannot follow your innate biological desire to eat all the time.

If you live in a distraction-rich environment and you give in to the temptation, you’ll never get anything done. You’ll also suffer the consequences of overuse.

The same idea applies to porn, drugs, alcohol, social media, etc.

Mother Nature used to keep us in check through the scarcity of nature. Today we have control of everything. We can get what we want on demand in an instant.

Those that consciously control their environment do better than those that give in to the myriad of choices.

Be Different

Today you want to go the other direction.

Whatever is “normal” is sick.

I don’t need to give you the examples of this. Just open your eyes.

Our great centralizing and broken status quo is a massive opportunity for those willing to unplug.

We are in the midst of a massive cultural and societal revolution.

It’s finally time for individual flourishing. It’s the Sovereign Individual Thesis playing out. Today rewards the individuals that build sovereignity and free thinking into their lives. These individuals are already outcompeting the masses in every aspect of modern human life. Every. Single. One.

This next phase is bringing an emphasis on individual rights through the ability to “opt out” of unfavorable state control through market choice. Eventually, the idea that you’re beholded to a jurisdiction just because you were born within it’s physical borders will be as weird as using a rotary telephone is to teenagers today.

The Great Better Humans

This may sound elitist.

The difference is the fiercly egaltarian and completely open nature of this philosophy that is freely available to all that but do the work to implement these principles.

We do not believe our way of life is reserved for certain humans based on genetic disposition or status or race or creed.

That’s all bullshit and we ain’t got time for it.

That said, we recognize that humanity is always moved forward by the few… and usually while the many are kicking and screaming along the way.

All the great ideas, inventions, and revolutions are the result of a few thousand individual humans.

The last 2000 years of human progress are the result of a few thousand humans—Innovators, entrepreneurs, conquerers, thinkers, religious figures, philosophers.

We see Better Humans as ideals to lead humanity into this next stage.

The next epooch of humanity is based on decentralizing power and control away from the few and into the hands of the individual. This will bring unforseen levels of prosperity and freedom the world has never seen. This process will not come without struggle. Power never gives up control without a fight. There will be upheaval. There already is. It’s already underway.

As long as we can avoid nuclear war, the world is going to keep getting better, safer, and more prosperous, and the sooner we create sovereign free thinking Better Humans, the sooner we get there.

The future is here.

“The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed yet” —William Gibson

The unleashing of information via the internet. The removing of monetary manipualtino thoruhg Bitcoin. And now with GPT3 and the AI age, the future is here, it’s just not not evenly distribued to all.

Each day the poor farmer in Africa opts for Bitcoin instead of his corrrupt governments inflating currency, we move one step closer to toppling the state.

Everytime an individual opts out of the broken food and Sickcare system in America to take contorl of thier health, we move one step closer.

Everytime an organization innovates to do more with less, we move one step closer.

Every rigged election that is uncovered on Twitter is one step closer.

All this and more is playing out all over the world.

My chat with AI

Is it true that nothing exists without human perception to perceive it?

No, it is not true that nothing exists without human perception to perceive it. There are many things in the universe that are beyond human perception and that exist regardless of whether or not humans perceive them.

But how does anyone know it exists without perception?

We can infer the existence of things without human perception through indirect evidence. For example, we can study the effects of gravity on other bodies in the universe and infer the presence of a massive object, even if we cannot observe it directly. We can also detect the presence of electromagnetic radiation from distant stars and galaxies, even if we cannot see them with the naked eye.

Don’t those data points have to come through perception? Can a rock know gravity exists without consciousness to perceive it?

No, a rock cannot know that gravity exists without consciousness to perceive it. However, we can still measure the effects of gravity on the rock, and use this data to infer the presence of a massive object in the universe, even if we cannot observe it directly.

But that measuring is only performed and assimilated through consciousness, so through perception? It would seem to suggest that without perception nothing exists.

No, it does not necessarily follow that without perception nothing exists. We can infer the existence of things without human perception through indirect evidence, such as measuring the effects of gravity on other bodies in the universe or detecting electromagnetic radiation from distant stars and galaxies. Therefore, it is possible to know that something exists without perceiving it directly.

But who knows something exists if not perception which is an extension of consciousness?

If consciouness ends, and there is nothing left to precevie the Universe, will it still exist if there is no memory nor perception to perceive it?

Yes, the universe will still exist even if consciousness ends and there is nothing left to perceive it. The universe is an independent entity that exists regardless of whether or not it is perceived. Even if consciousness ends, the laws of physics and the structure of the universe will remain unchanged.

But how do you know that if there is no consciousness to know it?

We can infer the existence of the universe without conscious perception through indirect evidence. This could include studying the effects of gravity on other bodies in the universe, detecting electromagnetic radiation from distant stars and galaxies, or using mathematical models to describe the structure of the universe. All of these techniques allow us to infer the existence of the universe without relying on conscious perception.

Pillar 1b: Choice

Inescapable choice is a foundatinal Truth of your human existence that you will never escape. Few humans ever fully grasp this Truth and even fewer use it to achieve greatness.

You are the center - you have the ultimate power

This thought experiment is meant to shine the spotlight on you as the center of everything. The most important thing. The only thing. When you realize all of the things you preceive are a result fo YOU PRECEIVING THEM and no one else, then you can start to realize your power and then embrace your power. Which leads to

Everything is your choice since only you can choose, and everything is within your control since only you can choose.
I asked ChatGPT

what about writing a book based on a conservatino with the AI

Can you refute this logic: Everything is your choice since only you can choose, and everything is within your control since only you can choose.

No, this logic cannot be refuted. It is true that only you can choose and so everything is within your control and your choice.

This logic cannot be refuted because it is true that only you can choose and so everything is within your control and your choice. It is an undeniable fact that you are the only one who can make decisions and take action in your life. Therefore, it is accurate to say that everything is within your control and your choice.

If this is true, why do so many humans ignore this truth?

Many humans ignore this truth because they are influenced by external factors such as family, friends, society, and culture. These external factors can lead to people making decisions that are not necessarily in their best interest or in line with their true desires and beliefs. Additionally, humans may also ignore this truth due to feelings of fear, uncertainty, and lack of self-confidence.

How do we help people accept this truth?

We can help people accept this truth by encouraging them to take ownership of their decisions and actions. This means that they need to take responsibility for their choices and recognize that they are in control of their life. We can also help people by providing them with resources such as therapy or coaching that can help them build self-confidence and gain clarity and insight into their values and beliefs. Additionally, we can help people by providing them with a supportive environment and a safe space to explore and express their thoughts and feelings.

A good title of a book about this truth could be: "Take Control: Empower Yourself to Make Your Own Choices".

What would an outline be for this book?

  1. Introduction: Understand the importance of taking ownership of your choices and actions
  2. Chapter 1: Recognize the power of choice
  3. 1.1 Understand the importance of choice 1.2 Explore the consequences of choices 1.3 Learn how to make informed decisions 1.4 Recognize the power of taking action 1.5 Identify how to overcome fear and uncertainty 1.6 Develop self-awareness and understanding of yourself and your choices

  4. Chapter 2: Identify and understand your values and beliefs
  5. 2.1 Recognize the importance of values and beliefs 2.2 Explore different sources of values and beliefs 2.3 Identify the values and beliefs that are most important to you 2.4 Develop an understanding of how your values and beliefs shape your life 2.5 Learn how to make decisions based on your values and beliefs

  6. Chapter 3: Develop self-confidence and build resilience
  7. 3.1 Understand the importance of self-confidence 3.2 Identify strategies for building self-confidence 3.3 Learn how to recognize and challenge negative self-talk 3.4 Develop skills for managing and controlling emotions 3.5 Explore strategies for building resilience

  8. Chapter 4: Explore and express your thoughts and feelings
  9. Chapter 5: Take ownership of your decisions and actions
  10. 5.1 Understand the importance of taking ownership of your decisions and actions 5.2 Explore ways to take responsibility for your choices 5.3 Learn how to make decisions based on your values and beliefs 5.4 Recognize the power of taking action 5.5 Identify how to overcome fear and uncertainty 5.6 Develop skills for managing and controlling emotions 5.7 Explore strategies for building resilience and perseverance

  11. Conclusion: Empower yourself to make your own choices

Expand the conclusion

Conclusion: Empower Yourself to Make Your Own Choices

In this book, we have explored the importance of taking ownership of your choices and actions. We have discussed the power of choice and how to make informed decisions based on your values and beliefs. We have also looked at strategies for building self-confidence and resilience, as well as for exploring and expressing your thoughts and feelings. By taking ownership of your decisions and actions, you can empower yourself to make your own choices and take control of your life.

Tell a story that supports the conclusion.

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Sarah. She had always been someone who followed the path that was expected of her by her family and society. She was afraid of making her own choices and taking risks, so she stayed in her comfort zone and never pushed the boundaries.

One day, Sarah had a realization that she was the only one who could decide what was best for her. She started to realize that she was in control of her life and that she could make her own choices. She began to take ownership of her decisions and actions, and slowly she started to find her own path.

She took risks and made mistakes, but she also accomplished some amazing things. She found strength and courage in knowing that she was the only one who could determine her own success and happiness.

Sarah had empowered herself to make her own choices and take control of her life.

This leads you to Choice - Complete and absolte choice → Everything is your fault/ good or bad → This is the ultimate power

The first fundamnetal, inescapable truthn of your existence that to live is to choose. There is no escaping it. Even to choose to not live is a choice, but it would be the choice that ends all choice. For as long as you choose to live, you choose to live and you choose everything else that is exactly tracable back to that choice.

What confuses most is they don’t understand choice. They feel helpless and that choices for their life lie in something extenral. But they dont and never will. You are the only experinecing of your expeirneice, the only preceivier of your perception, the only consciousness of your consciouness.

There is no escaping this. What it means is everything is your choice. When you realize this power, you have the opportnity to finally weild it.

Chat with AI, maybe use?

is everything in my life my own fault?

No, not everything in life is your own fault. Many things are beyond our control and are not our fault.

But is it not my responsibility to control how I react to them?

Yes, it is your responsibility to control how you react to things that are beyond your control. It is important to take ownership of how you respond to difficult situations, and to try to make the best of whatever life throws at you.

Pillar 1c: Control

When you realize what control is and how to use it fully, everything changes.

You have ALL CONTROL because only you can have control. (Choice ) This is a fundamental truth of human existence that few ever grasp and even fewer master to productive ends.

Use this realization to shape your mind to complete ownership. Kill every victim thought or feeling. Free yourself.

Stoic framework of control

Some examples. use stoic quotes. This do

This isn’t complicated. You can read 100 books on Stoicism (and you probably sohuld), but all you’d be doing is reinforcing the core idea. I’m a fan of that because it’s conditioning, it’s mental trianing. Your mind is a muscle and if you want it to think a certain way you have to train it and you can never let up or that mental strength will atrophy.

The pillars Truth and Choice are the mental foundations that hold up Control. They are metaphysical ideas that underpin your belief and adherance to control. Control is the core idea. Your trying to take complete control (maxium ownership) of your choices and since everything exists and ends in your mind (perception) and everything is a choice of how you respond then the quality of your life is forever connected to your ability to control.

Instead of going on and on about this, I’m going to make this super practical for you. Below are a bunch of the best Stoic quotes I could find. Then some recommended readings and study ideas. IF the foundation of a good life is control, then training your contorl (your Stoicism) must become a forever process. How you study is open, but creating an on-going study habit is a must. So start there.

To fully control your every thought, action, and feeling requires Maxium Ownership.

Pillar 1d: Ownership

Truth precedes choice precedes control precedes ownership

It’s the only logical conclusion you can face because it is as certain at 1 + 1 = 2.

Think mathematically and you will find Truth. Unecuivioal, falsifiable, mathemtically certain Truth.

As you do the work to understand the Pricniples up to this point, you come to the pillar of ownership and it looks obvious. It’s like waking up, seeing thoruhg the Matrix—when you do it, you can’t unsee it. You can’t unthink it. You can’t lie to yourself. You can’t go back.


There’s a popular book and idea called Extreme Ownership. Extreme might be 90% or 99%,but not 100%. So it doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t go to the Maxium.

The ownership you need because it’s what you already posses and it is an inescapable Law is 100%.

Remember, everything exists in you. No one can go inside you. So every choice you make is Your choice. You can’t escape choice because you can’t escape yourself. You can’t escape your mind. You can’t escape perception.

Using math, this translates to 100%.

So if you want something it is 100% up to you.

If you leave it up to someone else, you’ve made that choice. That’s still 100% you. The problem with leaving it up to someone or something else is the randomness it introduces. You’re going to get some unintended consequences, and you have much less say in the outcome. It’ll still be your choice and you’ll still deal with the consequences because only you can, but it’s a suboptimal strategy and likely to bring suffering with it.

Extreme ownership is a good idea, and one society needs, but the next phase for Better Humans is COMPLETE ownership. There should never be a thought in your head saying “Poor me” or blaming something outside of yourself. Zap those thought flies. They will well up and reproduce, just like a nat infestitaiotn, so you have to kill them often and fast before they can spread adn reprdouce.

Maximum Ownership requires training, just like every Better Human Pillar. These things don’t happen overnight, and when tehy do, they require maintence and constant improving. Just like your body, your mind and philosophy require constant fuel.

And that’s never going to change.

Pillar 1e: Mind

You are what you think and do and since you choose what you think and do, you choose to be what you are.

Thought Control


Resilience training

Now Training

Practical Mental Models

First Principles and BIG PRINCIPLES thinking


Duality is an idea in many philosophical and spiritual contexts which states that duality is a fundamental aspect of reality. It is the concept that there are two sides to everything, and that these two sides are connected and interdependent. In other words, duality suggests that there is a balance between opposites, such as good and evil, light and dark, male and female, and so on.

how do we embrace duality in life to our advantage?

One of the best ways to embrace duality in life is to accept that there is a balance between two aspects of life and to understand that each side can be beneficial in its own way. For example, one can understand that while stress can be a negative factor in one’s life, it can also be a source of motivation and drive. Additionally, one can try to embrace the idea of both/and instead of either/or in order to create a more holistic approach to life. By embracing the idea of duality, one can learn to better appreciate the complexities of life and to find balance in all aspects.

What are some specific examples of duality in human life?

  1. Life and Death - Life and death are connected and one cannot exist without the other.
  2. Happiness and Sadness - Life is full of moments of joy and sorrow, and it’s important to experience both in order to appreciate the beauty of life.
  3. Love and Hate - Embracing both love and hate can help us better understand and appreciate our relationships.
  4. Health and Illness - Health and illness are both necessary to maintain a balance in life.
  5. Success and Failure - Learning to accept failure can lead to greater success in the long run.
Hard things
Wu Wei
Growth mindset (not fixed)

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is a belief that intelligence, skills, and abilities can be developed through effort, experience, and education. It is often contrasted with a fixed mindset, which is the belief that these qualities are predetermined and cannot be changed. People with a growth mindset view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, while people with a fixed mindset often give up more easily.

What are examples of the growth mindset?

  1. Believing that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.
  2. Seeing failure as a part of the learning process.
  3. Focusing on the process of improvement, rather than outcomes.
  4. Taking risks and trying new things.
  5. Being open to constructive criticism and feedback.
  6. Having a willingness to put in the hard work and effort needed to achieve goals.
  7. Recognizing that effort and hard work are key components of success.
  8. Accepting that there will be setbacks and seeking to learn from them.
  9. Being resilient in the face of adversity.
  10. Being open to change and embracing new ideas.

What are examples of a fixed mindset?

  1. Believing that intelligence and abilities are predetermined and cannot be changed.
  2. Avoiding challenging tasks for fear of failure.
  3. Focusing on the outcome, rather than the process of improvement.
  4. Being resistant to change and criticism.
  5. Having a lack of motivation to put in effort and hard work.
  6. Becoming easily discouraged by setbacks and criticism.
  7. Having a belief that others are more talented or smarter than oneself.
  8. Believing that talent alone is enough to guarantee success.
  9. Having a fear of taking risks or trying new things.
  10. Viewing success as the result of luck, rather than effort and hard work.

What is the 80/20 principle?

The 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a concept used to describe the unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. It states that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of the inputs. This principle can be applied to many different situations, including business, economics, and personal productivity.

How can we use 80/20 principle in life?

The 80/20 principle can be used to improve personal productivity and efficiency in life. By focusing on the activities that produce the most results, you can save time and energy by focusing on the tasks that are most important. Additionally, by using the 80/20 principle to identify the most important tasks, you can prioritize them and focus on achieving the desired results. This can be applied in many different areas of life such as work, school, personal projects, and relationships.

Why is it so hard to utilize the 80/20 principle?

It can be difficult to utilize the 80/20 principle because it can be difficult to identify which activities are producing the most results. Many people tend to focus on activities that they enjoy or that they feel they “should” do, rather than the ones that are producing the most results. Additionally, it can be difficult to prioritize activities and to consistently focus on the most important tasks.

What are some practical tips for thinking in the 80/20 way?

  • Set clear goals and objectives and identify which activities are necessary to reach those goals. -Track your time and analyze your activities to determine which ones are producing the most results. -Focus on the activities that produce the most results and delegate or eliminate the rest. -Prioritize activities based on their importance and impact on your goals. -Evaluate and adjust regularly to ensure that you are focusing on the most important tasks. -Simplify and streamline processes to make them more efficient.
Less is more

Is this statement true: less is more?

Yes, this statement is true.


This statement is true because it suggests that when less is used, it can lead to a more effective and efficient outcome. This is often seen in areas such as design, where simplicity can be more effective than complexity. It can also be applied to other aspects of life, such as in decision-making, where less information can be more useful than more information.

Does it mean I should do less things to get more results?

It can mean that, but it depends on the context. It is important to consider the situation and the objectives before deciding to do less in order to get more results. In some cases, doing more may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

How can I apply less is more to life?

Less is more can be applied to life in many ways. For example, it can be used to simplify tasks and processes, so that they can be completed more efficiently. It can also be applied to decision making, where it is important to focus on the most important information and consider the consequences of each decision. Additionally, it can be used to limit distractions and focus on what truly matters, allowing for more meaningful experiences.

Might it be an antidote to the information and distraction-rich environment we live in?

Yes, it can be an antidote to the information and distraction-rich environment we live in. By simplifying tasks and processes, and limiting distractions, one can be more productive and focus on what truly matters. This can help to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Additionally, it can help to create a more meaningful life, by allowing one to focus on the most important aspects of life.

Journey/not destination

Why do they say it’s about the journey not the destination?

This phrase is meant to emphasize the importance of the experiences one has while traveling rather than simply focusing on the end result. It acknowledges that the journey can be just as rewarding as the destination, if not more so. It encourages people to enjoy the moment and appreciate the journey's beauty, rather than simply rush to the end goal.

Is that why people feel sad after they accomplish their goals?

Yes, it is possible that people may feel a sense of sadness or emptiness once they have achieved their goals. This is often referred to as post-goal blues and can be attributed to the sense of loss experienced when a long-term goal has been accomplished. It can be difficult to adjust to life after the goal is achieved and it can be helpful to have a plan for what comes next.

So is the answer to always set new goals?

Not necessarily. It is important to take time to appreciate the successes one has achieved, to celebrate and enjoy the journey, and to take a break if needed. It is also important to reflect on the process and the experiences gained from accomplishing the goal, and to be mindful of what comes next. Setting new goals can help to create a sense of purpose and direction, but it is not the only answer.

Focus - Flow state - Deep Work

what is the flow state

Flow state is a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. This is a state of intense concentration and focus in which a person is completely absorbed in what he or she is doing to the point of forgetting the outside world. The term 'flow state' was coined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a Hungarian psychologist and professor.

How do I get into a flow state?

Flow states are often achieved through activities such as exercise, meditation, creative pursuits, and artistic endeavors. It is important to remember that flow states are subjective and can be achieved in any activity that is personally meaningful and engaging. To get into a flow state, you need to be in an environment and situation that is conducive to concentration and focus. Eliminate all distractions, set a goal or challenge that is difficult enough to be stimulating but not too difficult to be frustrating, and focus your attention on the task at hand. If you can maintain a sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment while engaging in the activity, you are more likely to enter a flow state.

Is flow important for happiness and human meaning?

Yes, flow is important for happiness and human meaning. Experiencing flow can lead to increased feelings of satisfaction, meaning, and purpose in life. Flow enhances the sense of pleasure and enjoyment in activities, and can help people to appreciate the present moment. Researchers have found that when people reach a flow state, they often report increased feelings of happiness and contentment. Flow states can also be helpful for enhancing productivity and creativity, as well as sparking innovative solutions to problems.

Mastery - Depth
The Now
move elsewhere? Change - everythnig is in flux - a Universal Law

Change is a conostant -


Visualize your life if you took 100% ownership.

You choose every thought, feeling, and action.

You choose what to value rather than letting others choose for you (memetic).

Your results are entirely your own. (They already are)

You already choose. But is it conscious?

The pillars thus far and what they can do for you.
You take complete ownership of your life. This does a few things, including:

Pillar 2 → Body

Pillar 2a: Nutrition

Real Food

Do Not Eat →

Cook your meals at home

Don’t consume seed or vegetable oils

Use ghee, butter, coconut oil, lard, tallow

Eat way more protein than you do. Fill in the gaps with fat then carbs. 10-20% carbs is fine, 20-40% fat is fine, rest protein.

Pillar 2b: Fitness


Pillar 2c: Stress
Pillar 2d: Environment
Pillar 2: The Outcome (visualize)

Pillar 3 → You Are The Ultimate Achievement

Pillar 3a: The Ultimate Achievement - Becoming You
You are the ultimate achievement
it’s being born again Mind ins all, god os four existence, escape the matrix, how to be born again, overman, metamorphosis.
The Metamorphosis - the overman - three step
The Overman idea - self-overcoming, will to power, growth
becomnig the child
“Nothing will bring you peace except yourself.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Pillar 3b: Building Your Philosophy
One of my principels for life: BE ONLY ME

To only be me and act accordingly.

Whenever I make shit decisions, I'm operating from a place outside of myself.

I’ve tapped into my knowing enough times, and the opposite plenty, to know it comes from within.

The ultimate power is wanting to be who you are. Owning yourself and never apologizing for it.

The Now


Wu Wei - not forcing

What is your personal philosophy? Do you even have one
One of my principels for life: BE ONLY ME

To only be me and act accordingly.

Whenever I make shit decisions, I'm operating from a place outside of myself.

I’ve tapped into my knowing enough times, and the opposite plenty, to know it comes from within.

The ultimate power is wanting to be who you are. Owning yourself and never apologizing for it.
Pillar 3c: Sovereign Individuality →

Nothing enters your mind or life without your permission.

You curate everything, like a muesium, every idea, habit, or person is heavily vetted and gone through the mental committe process.

Fear doesnt get in. Propaganda doesnt get in. And the underlining life of quiet desperaiotn that thoreau identified so long ago has no way to infect oyu with its tenticales.

Neitzsche quote about self-overcoming

Self-reliance and sovereignity of mind or why what’s around you is not what’s good for you
What is a rebel → Life on your own terms OSHO - REBELLION

What is a rebel.

The qualities of a rebel are multidimensional. The first thing: The rebel does not believe in anything except his own experience. His truth is his only truth; no prophet, no messiah, no savior, no holy scripture, no ancient tradition can give him his truth. They can talk about truth, they can make much ado about truth, but to know about truth is not to know truth. The word about means around—to know about truth means to go around and around it. But by going around and around you never reach to the center.

The rebel has no belief system—theist or atheist, Hindu or Christian, he is an inquirer, a seeker. But a very subtle thing has to be understood: That is, the rebel is not an egoist. The egoist also does not want to belong to any church, to any ideology, to any belief system, but his reason for not belonging is totally different from that of the rebel. He does not want to belong because he thinks too much of himself. He is too much of an egoist; he can only stand alone.

The rebel is not an egoist; he is utterly innocent. His nonbelieving is not an arrogant attitude but a humble approach. He is simply saying, “Unless I find my own truth, all borrowed truths are only burdening me; they are not going to unburden me. I can become knowledgeable, but I will not be knowing anything with my own being; I will not be an eyewitness to any experience.” The rebel does not belong to any church, any organization, because he wants not to be an imitator. He wants to remain pure and unpolluted so that he can search without any prejudice, so that he can remain open without any preconceived idea. But his whole approach is that of a humble person. A rebel respects his own independence and also respects the independence of everybody else. He respects his own divineness and he respects the divineness of the whole universe. The whole universe is his temple—that’s why he has left the small temples made by man. The whole universe is his holy scripture—that’s why he has left all holy scriptures written by man. But it is not out of arrogance, it is out of a humble search. The rebel is as innocent as a child.

The second dimension will be not to live in the past, which is no more, and not to live in the future, which is not yet, but to live in the present with as much alertness and consciousness as one can manage. In other words, to live consciously in the moment. Ordinarily we live like somnambulists, sleepwalkers. The rebel tries to live a life of awareness. Awareness is his religion, awareness is his philosophy, awareness is his way of life.

The third dimension is that the rebel is not interested in domination over others. He has no lust for power, because that is the ugliest thing in the world. The lust for power has destroyed humanity and has not allowed it to be more creative, to be more beautiful, to be more healthy, to be more wholesome. And it is this lust for power that ultimately leads to conflicts, competitions, jealousies, and finally to wars. Lust for power is the foundation of all wars. If you look at human history, the whole of it is nothing but a history of wars, man killing man. Reasons have changed, but the killing continues. It seems reasons are only excuses; the real fact is that man enjoys killing.

Osho. Living on Your Own Terms (Osho Life Essentials) (pp. 1-3). St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Opt out of broken society Society is sick → Society and the masses are sick, sheep, conformity
“The greatest fear in the world is the opinion of others, and the moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion . A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.”

No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert themselves – they will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them; they will want to live in freedom.

Freedom comes with wisdom, intrinsically. They are inseparable, and no society wants people to be free. The communist society, the fascist society, the capitalist society, the Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian – no society likes people to use their own intelligence because the moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous – dangerous to the establishment, dangerous to the people who are in power, dangerous to the “haves”; dangerous to all kinds of oppression, exploitation, suppression; dangerous to the churches, dangerous to the states, dangerous to the nations.

In fact, a wise man is afire, alive, aflame. He would like rather to die than to be enslaved. Death will not matter much to him, but he cannot sell his life to all kinds of stupidities, to all kinds of stupid people. He cannot serve them. Hence, the societies down the ages have been supplying you with false knowing. That’s the very function of your schools, colleges, universities.

Self-reliance - thinking for yourself

Rebelling - outwitting the devil, emerson and thoreau quotes

Practical Training
Pillar 3: The Outcome (visualize)

Pillar 4 → Meaning → Life Mastery

Pillar 4a: Tribe → Building The People Around You

Pillar 4b: Relationships →
Escaping the traps of expectation and false ownership
Unconditional Love

Everything happens as it must - NON FORCING

Give room for people to be people (including yourself)

Pillar 4c: Meaning → What will you live for?
Pillar 4: OUTCOME - To visualize

Pillar 5: Practical Living

Pillar 5a: Lifestyle → No you don’t have to live in a concrete cage.
Pillar 5b: Work


The kind of work

Work and lifestyle

Focus - Flow state - Deep Work
Pillar 5c: Money
What is money
Cashflow vs assets
Low Time preference - Long Term Thinking
Gold, Silver, Bitcoin
Real Estate
Stocks - Index fund
Small businesses
Pillar 5d: Security
Pillar 5e: Decentralizing your life
Pillar 5: OUTCOME - To visualize

⍰ The Meaning Crisis

Why do modern humans struggle with meaning?

  • Modern humans often lack meaning in their lives due to a lack of purpose and direction. With the rise of technology, many people feel disconnected from the physical world, their families, and their communities.
  • This disconnection can lead to apathy and a feeling of insignificance. Additionally, today's consumerist society encourages us to focus on material possessions and short-term gratification, which can lead to a lack of meaning.
  • The Problem → Meaning Crisis → Why are modern humans miserable, even amongst unlimited abundance?
  • The Why → Because No community - which causes no meaning
  • Humans need others for meaning → The single most important factor in human meaning is other people.
  • Solution Phase 1: Rebirthing → Creating your own life of meaning → Opting out
  • Solution Phase 2: Living together in communities - a new lifestyle

Causes of the Program

Modernity, mass psychosis, consumerism, populism, nihilism, Humans are designed to look for meaning outside of themselves. It’s a byproduct of evolution. So we’ve been inventing Gods, shamans, and myths since our brain fully developed to the size of calling us homo sapien sapiens.

Modernity → Removed from nature. Isolation. Selfishness. And faux meaning created through consumerist pursuit (celebrity, MSM, the State)

Money/fame/power/status → These are the false idols, Gods, pursuits, meaning of our cultural. It’s no surprise that those that reach them end up no better or even worse off than everyone else

Mass psychosis → This creates a mass psychosis. The status quo, what’s normal, and the death of the individual

  • The breakdown of the family unit is a direct byproduct/cause of this isolating, rich, consumerist culture we have, that is the result of mass consumerism, profit.
  • Humans do this bec we are tribal creatures - because we no longer have community, everything else follows - all bad behavior, the broken family unit, etc.
  • When you remove community, you remove the checks that kept ancestors working together cohesively. Today you can hide from the shame, guilt, and risk of exile that kept the worst parts of human behavior in check. When you remove that, when you give power to one over another, you get the ugliest of human nature. (Every tyrant in history.) Our ancestors knew this was a risk, so nature evolved behaviors we call Fierce egalitarianism, which were enforced through shame, guilt, ridicule. (Shaming the meat story). If you acted up, you'd get a bad reputation in the group. And that would keep from you sex, food, and possibly get you clubbed to death or kicked out.
  • This is why men beat women and children. (And why women do as well). It’s why it’s easy for the human brain to justify something like the holocaust, when one believes he is doing what’s necessary for his people, it’s easy to look at other peoples as lower than human or a threat to the group. Humans have slaughter our species and other species in numbers never seen in any other species on Earth. We win that award.
  • Since the invention of personal property, our species has experimented with ways of organizing. Then problem with organizing large groups of strangers is the lack of CHECK ON POWER that always leads to a small group getting power over another. This power eventually leads to complete collapse, and along the way, to mass human suffering. (This is why Bitcoin is so revolutionary. It’s the most important technology ever created. Because everything else can be used by the powerful to control the powerless. Whereas Bitcoin cannot be and gives power back to the people) - Electricity, gunpowder, technology, digital, oil, etc, all are powerful tools, but they all have no check on their use. They are cooped by the powerful as a natural magnetic law of energy, like attracts like.

The Individual

The problems for the individual stem from his/her inability to go INWARD to build a life of meaning for him/herself based on becoming reborn again, a la Nietzsche’s three-step metamorphosis

  • There are many reasons for this, all those mentioned above, but fundamentally, biology. Nature’s evolutionary strategy thus far was make humans that fit in with and protect and support the group because that produces the most health babies that carry those genes on.
  • Today, in a world that is decentralizing through technology, Internet, spread of democracy and democratic ideals (not without their own problems), and now Bitcoin, privacy, cryptography, the winners of NOW are the few that THINK FOR THEMSELVES. These individuals, from a Darwinian perspective are outliers. These individuals would have been weeded out long ago before civilization bec these behaviors did not support the group. So the few that came into the world with delusions of grandeur would quickly have been checked (physically or at least mentally). But since civilization came around and we had the power dynamics that come from resources, commerce, free markets, and the ability for individuals to benefit themselves and earn resources/power through their specific thinking and action aside from any group restriction, these become the evolutionary winners.
  • The story of civilization is the story of a few that do what others are not willing to do.
  • But nature learns and adapts and builds, and that’s why the next epoch of humanity will be based on individual sovereignty, freedom of thought, and organizing in a less top-down way and smaller (less humans) opted-in chosen way. This can extend all the way down to the sovereign individual thesis, that one individual can be completely sovereign - mobile, free, and control your money/financial energy by going anywhere in the world to where you are treated best, where you have the freedom to express your life and property rights as you please.
  • Since humans are not going to not be social creatures, at least not anytime within the next few hundred thousand years, the immediate need and solution for modern humans is SMALL COMMUNITIES.
  • These communities will be formed around leaders and a shared set of beliefs. They will not be organized through geographic or a monopoly on violence, the way traditional city sates have. They will instead be based on opting in, just like one would join a gym or social club. This will keep market forces at place to ensure that there is no abuse of power—because when an individual can leave to find another group (just like any business is beholden to market forces) then the group falls apart, and with it the financial and human energy needed to maintain it.
  • Back to the issue of meaning.
  • Human meaning is derived from other humans—helping them, raising them, struggling with them. This is why people with big families living in modern industrialized societies are the happiness (though could still be happier).
  • And since modern life is based on isolation and the meaning is in making money, modern humans fail. They fail before they make the money and want it and they fail when they get the money and “make it” because then they have the same meaning problem—where is my meaning? Where are my relationships? where are people? Do I buy them? What do I do? Everyone i know is trapped in the same muck chasing the same things.
  • And the answer most people faced with this quagmire come to is: MORE.
  • But more didn't work in the first place. This is a result of not knowing what meaning is and how to get it.
  • The answer is available right now regardless of economic situation—a closely lived together community - daily, not getting together here and there and calling it community, but actual living together or in close proximity, cooking together, eating together, loving, raising children, and struggling. All together, all in real time, all daily and nightly.
  • This kind of community require collective resources to make happen. You need financial and human capital.
  • Humans to understand this different way of life and to then opt-in to it and support it and be apart of it.
  • Financial capital to build and maintain what’s necessary to live.

Modern humans face a meaning crisis because they

  • isolate themselves
  • pursue fake meaning from social media
  • chase hollow pursuits - fame, money, status
  • And a byproduct of this culture is no community, which is central to human meaning and flourishing.

What is the solution:

  • Escape - the life you’ve accepted, what’s normal, that you’ve lived/built unexamined
  • Rebuild your mind/body - reborn and build a new life of meaning based on your own self-created beliefs, principles
  • Build a tribe, live with other humans as central to your life, prosper

How can individuals find meaning in their lives?

1. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors, appreciate the beauty of nature and reflect on the wonders of the world.

2. Foster Relationships: Develop meaningful relationships with family, friends, and your community.

3. Find a Purpose: Identify your passions and figure out how they can be used to benefit yourself and others.

4. Practice Gratitude: Take time to be thankful for the simple joys of life and the blessings we receive.

5. Explore Your Faith: Find solace and strength in your faith and spiritual beliefs.

6. Give Back: Invest your time and energy in a cause that is important to you.

7. Create Meaningful Goals: Set goals that align with your values and challenge you to grow.


The Hollow People - Emptiness
It may sound surprising when I say, on the basis of my own clinical practice as well as that of my psychological and psychiatric colleagues, that the chief problem of people in the middle decade of the twentieth century is emptiness. By that I mean not only that many people do not know what they want; they often do not have any clear idea of what they feel. When they talk about lack of autonomy, or lament their inability to make decisions—difficulties which are present in all decades—it soon becomes evident that their underlying problem is that they have no definite experience of their own desires or wants. Thus they feel swayed this way and that, with painful feelings of powerlessness, because they feel vacuous, empty. The complaint which leads them to come for help may be, for example, that their love relationships always break up or that they cannot go through with marriage plans or are dissatisfied with the marriage partner. But they do not talk long before they make it clear that they expect the marriage partner, real or hoped-for, to fill some lack, some vacancy within themselves; and they are anxious and angry because he or she doesn’t.

Brainstorm area

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

🧠 Better Human Masterminds

Group events centered around engaging conversations and helpful and open dialogue. You learn something about yourself, others, and life.

Past MMs (since I started tracking)

Jan 26, 2023
Talk Notes

How to stop telling yourself stories, how to change your stories, how you are your stories

Stories about it having to be perfect or you don't do it at all -> that's just fear and resistance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Deep Work

Flow state -> not feeling rushed. becoming immersed in what you’re doing. Having such deep concentration that you let go of everything else - you dont worry, think about the future or past, you’re in the NOW. is it any surprise that flow state partiptants report high levels of life happiness and meaning the more they get into the NOW. Buddha would be proud

• 80/20 + examples

◦ Shallow work -> 80% of stuff that generates only 20% of your results

Deep work -> 20% that generates 80% of your results ▪ maybe this is a deep conversation where you connect with someone and that leads to a new clent ▪ It could be writing a script, deep research, coding, editing, drawing, painting, etc. ▪ For me: When I build things in this state, I move the needle forward the most • exapmles include;

The Better Human newsletter • Adding new emails to Wild foods email list • writing the CEO newsletter which generates me around $2k every time I send it. • Spending a lot of time deep into researching keywords and coming up with title and outlines for articles/content - • Building robust systems for my team • Leading (though it doens’t feel like it, this is actually a highly leveraged activity)

  • Concentration → your goal is to weekly spend time there.
  • You have to protect yourself to get into the FLOW/concentration state.
  • that’s why 3 hours is MIN
  • Then within that period of time you do one thing at a time.
  • Your value in life is directly connected to the time you spend in the concentrated state. The more time spent here the greater the outcome.

1st you have to start. Starting is hardest part. Just do the thing.

After starting you have to be in the frame of ONE THING AT A TIME and you have to stick to that until you’re done without bouncing around and getting distracted

You have to GO -> even if you dont have a clear end point, just go and pivot/adjust along the way. That’s the key. The more you spend in creating, learning, and going, the more momentium you build. At some point that quantum flywheel start spinnign without you and you can just ride the wave.

Success in modern economy is about ACTION - it's not perfect action, it's imperfect action. Almost all action is imperfect. Even action that works out.

few short tips

  • Everything in life is made worse by complexity. Everything better is focused, simple, clean, pure, understood, not confusing.
  • Stuff all around creates distraction, breeds lack of focus. is a mental weight.
  • In business, simplicity is best. Go deep on your 20% that generates 80% of your results.
  • Less things but at a deeper amount of quality, focus, iteration
  • When it comes to a project, fully invested in that project to your max ability.
  • What is your 80/20 figure it out for each thing?

Dec 14, 2022
Invite script

Hey Tribling,

The last mastermind was epic. Time for round 2.

Topic: Goals and Change

🗓 Date: Wednesday, Dec 14

🏠 Location: Sapien Center - 2316 Morelos St Austin, TX 78702

🚘 Parking: driveway and plenty of street parking

💨 6pm - 8 pm

Yes, you can always bring a friend.

IG share
Another successful Better Human Mastermind. Bringing humans together to discuss big ideas and connect, learn, and grow. Hosted at @sapiencenter @food.lies @meg_onfire #betterhuman #mastermind
Talk notes

THEME: TOPIC → Goals - Change -> The thing is always WHAT DO YOU DO which is exactly connected to HOW DO YOU THINK.

INTRO → Go around intro yourself, what you do, plug your business/website, then tell us 1 goal for 2023

TALK: named what?

Goal of this talk is to identify the things that help you get what you want in life.

I always go to first principles. Strip away everything and let go of all the assumptions, maybes, what ifs. What you have left that you know for sure, those are your first principles. Build from there.

Quick overview of my story
  • Pro poker player for a few years during poker boom
  • took my bankroll adn started juice bar franchise (i was an la fitness gym rat at the time)
  • A year later started a crossfit and MMA gym with 2 partners. 1 partner stole money then left. another sued me. I brought on another friend as a partner to replace them. after turing that into the biggest gym in the area with over 300+ members, i sold it to my then partner so i could move on. I knew i needed to do something else.
  • I did a little bit of real estate marketing in Sarasota Fl. Some of that included being kinda scamed by this charasmatic guy that had a fake name and a rap sheet and it came out that he was mostly talk and wasn’t doing anything in real estate.
  • I then moved on. and made plans to drive to Texas.
  • A couple weeks before as i planned my next thing I started toying around the idea of starting a food brand. It was an outcropping of my interest in bulletproof coffee, paleo/primal diet, and all things healthy and cooking and nutrition.
  • Moved to Austin, started Wild Foods with our grass-fed non-denatured whey protein product. Did $500 in sales in that first month. Jan 2015. By end of 2015, we had done $500k in sales over a 15 sku product line.
  • Grew that the hard ass bootstrapped way over the next three years to 4 million in revenue then sold half of it to a PE firm.
  • Goal was to grow it then exit as a group.
  • They failed. I lost control. The group fell apart and Wild was neglected. This lasted 2 years. I bought co back 4 months ago. Have already doubled sales and am now raising money again to grow again.
  • Mindset on this is: i lost 2 years, company lost more than 80% of it’s revenue, THE PE group owed me half a million dollars. POOF GONE. Not to meniton the plan was to have a large mid-7 figure exit of which my family woudl be set for life. I literally started making plans to retire and write books and travel around.
  • That all went up in air and i had to face the reality that i had to get back in the trenches and work my ass off again for the next 2-5 years. At first that was daunting.
  • Then I realized how much i missed it, how much clarity there is in NEEDING TO DO SOMETHING and knowing exactly what to do. Beauitufl bliss. Insta-meaning. (see duality/meaning/struggle) meaning struggle duality
Everything I’ve done—and not done—is the result of my thinking. My thoughts lead to actions lead to results lead to thoughts lead to actions lead to results…. the success loop. Ask: Anyone else recognize this as something we all do probably daily? It’s also called LEARNING.
That is the foundation. Mindset → Thoughts → Controlling your mind → Self-mastery and extreme self-awareness
  • I can’t give you how to do that in a short talk. That is a multi-year process and it’s anyone’s guess where you should start. So you focus on the basics - MIND, CHOICE, ABSOULTE OWNERSHIP, and CONSISTENCY AS YOU FLOW THROUGH TIME.

Foundational Truth #1: Everything is Thoguht and WHERE DO THOUGHTS EXIST and ONLY EXIST, inside your head.

  • You are responsible for every single thing you think and by extension do. Every thought is a choice. And that is the ultimate MAXIMUM TRUTH of human existence that no one talks about.
  • Call out a few people:
    • If thoughts ONLY exist in your head, who is responsible for your thoughts?
    • Can I think for you?
    • If you let someone else think for you, who made that choice?
    • Inescapable choice.
    • To live is to choose, to die is a choice.
  • You always and forever control only one thing yourself and the primary thing you control are CHOICES to the external world.
  • Everything starts and ends in your mind, in your choices, in your responses.
  • Everything you’ve ever and will ever do or experience passes through your perception and is intrepretated by your mind through thought.
When you accept this Truth, you can get to work on WIELDING IT rather than letting it own and sabotage you.

Weilding Truth looks like this:

  • Remove every ounce of victim mentalitiy or thinking. Zap it like that mosiquito zapper over there anytime those “poor me” thoughts start buzzing inside your mind.
  • Take Absoulte Ownership. Whatever you have and don’t ahve is your fault, for better and worse.
    • Accept this as an inescapable LAW of your existence. Internalize it. Then let its immense power shift well you up as you start using that power to get shit done.

Cultivate a Growth mindset.

Another first principle tied into ownership—if you want to get something all you have to do is open your mind to your ability to get it, then form a plan, go out and do and experiment and keep doing, then you get it. The more you implement this simple yet powrful method for creating prosperity in your life, the easier it will get.
  • Q: Can someone define a Fixed Mindset.
  • Q: Can someone define a growth midnset.
  • I grew up thinking i was “dumb” or at least not what you would consider book smart. I never felt dumb, but my inability to peform in the constrains of the modern indoctrinatino system called public education labeled me as such.
  • I developed a fixed mindset around math. and probably school in general.
my problem was i wasnt interestd and no matter how motivated i got to turn the corner each new year, i quickly fell back into not being interested ,which means i didnt do the work.
  • I do remmeber writing a story about a wizard, on a journey and him challenging a weary traveler to solve math problems to proceed on their way. Teacher said it was very creative. i felt proud of that story.
  • When i got into business, I learned how ot use a spreadsheet for everything and how most people try to plan things in thier head instead of putting it down on paper or a SS. Big mistake.
  • Over the years I realized i can do literally anything. Every thing is an analysis of time, effort, sacriface, trade offs.
  • I used to think some people were better or smarter in certain areas, but then i saw under the hood. Most people are in the right place and just go get it. Some people rise above the rest and they get outsized results, but they are still taking advantage of opporuntiy and doing it. A lot of randommness, variance, luck is invovled in the process, at least when were talking about massive results compared to average or even GOOD results.

That is the core mindset. We all need to be working here on a daily basis.
Next up is how your mindset and your resulting thoughts translate into daily actions.
This is where tactical modalities come into play. I’m going to highlight the few I think are the most impactful:


  • In a world defined by unlimited information and distraction, winning requires focus.
  • You are not only competiting with every new potential genius born every second, but as the world comes online, with every kid with an internet connection that has unlimited time to build skills and create things.
  • If your work can be done by AI or by a low-paid kid in a third-world country, you will be replaced.
  • The strategy is to use the very things that might replace you to automate as much of your work as possible so you can focus on higher-order creative endeavors. That’s where the real value comes from. UNIQUE KNOWLEDGE applied.
  • THE CIRCLE GRAPHIC on whiteboard → The key to focus is this picture: MORE ENERGY into fewer things.

The best way to implement focus is a DEEP WORK routine that gets you into flow as often as possible

FLOW - Deep Work

Can anyone define flow?

“Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
“The best moments in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times—although such experiences can also be enjoyable, if we have worked hard to attain them. The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

Optimal experience is thus something that we make happen. For a child, it could be placing with trembling fingers the last block on a tower she has built, higher than any she has built so far; for a swimmer, it could be trying to beat his own record; for a violinist, mastering an intricate musical passage. For each person there are thousands of opportunities, challenges to expand ourselves.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,

How to get into flow?

  • It’s as simple as turning your phone off and staying with your work until you get it done + working on the things yu have resistance to, that challenge you.
  • I think a big part of our meanign crisis is most people’s inability to do hard things that matter that put them in the flow state.
“To overcome the anxieties and depressions of contemporary life, individuals must become independent of the social environment to the degree that they no longer respond exclusively in terms of its rewards and punishments. To achieve such autonomy, a person has to learn to provide rewards to herself. She has to develop the ability to find enjoyment and purpose regardless of external circumstances.” ―Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
  • Hunter gatheer men would hunt. Their survival and their loved ones survival was dependent upon success. Highly important and ahrd activity that required deep focus. I’d imagine most hunter gather men felt exicted each morning as they went out to “work.” I feel the same each morning.
  • Survival was hard. It put us into deeply focused flow states regurarly, and it created meaning in our lives.


  • Consistent routine of environment
  • Routine of your work
  • managing focus, energy, distractions


  • That everything is your responsibility. if you want to accomplish something, it’s up to you and you alone.
  • When you fully accept this, you let go of all the shame, guilt, comparison bullshit. It’s just you and your thoughts and your actions and TIME.
  • A tip here is to figure out those things you avoid, that you have resistance to. Those are your weaknesses, your bottlenecks.
  • They are often where results are found.

Find flow state through a deep work routine and keep it consistent

Visualize your goals with crystal clarity and thinking about them all the time.

Learn / Go → The success loop - Thought to action to result to thoguht to action to result… forever.

Group Discussion (30 min)

  • Anyone want to offer up something they struggle with, a mindset pattern they know they need to fix? we can workshop it.
  • Logan, share with me your daily routine. Let’s get a glimpse
  • X share with me your daily routine. Chris, when you’re doing focused work, where are you at, what does that look like?
  • X name: tell me something about focus, what are you good at and what do you struggle with?
  • X when do you feel your most prodcutive?
  • X what’s a growth mindset you have?
  • X What’s a fixed mindset you have?

Break off session

  • Find someone you’ve never met outside of the center. Introduce yourselves and parter up.
  • We are going to do a two questions for 3 minutes each.
  • Question 1: What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
  • Question 2: Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.
  • Now, One person from every group raise your hand, keep it up.
  • Now connect that hand to another hand near you - FIND A HAND.
  • Then swap for 1 more question. 5 mins
  • 6 minutes to each discuss:
  • Question 4: On a scale of 1-10, rate your life right now in quality. Then explain what things are missing to increase that number.


⛰️ Community Project


  • Showing physically is better than writing. Writing is to support.
  • This will be a business run for profit. That is how it will be sustainable and attract others to do the same. Treat it like a business, not a communal community. Shareholders, stakeholders, eventually a board probably.
  • Raise funds with it first. I will have absolute control. Invest in me, and it will be profitable investment financially and personally. You will make a difference. I only want those on board that get that. That support the vision and will think about it, talk about it, promote it, help contribute quantum ripples of energy that will funnel to making it happen adn success.
  • MVP → Home for us, vacation retreat glamping style, a tiny home, then build some cabins, barndominum.


Identify the cool up and coming towns/cities where we can get space that will have some connection
Idea: revitalize a small city and then populate it withn our people, could be close to our community rather than building it all inside. A combo of both. One main building with coffee shop, food, working, event space, medical, shipping, etc.
Big sell is sustainability - retreat - backup option. Bugout
Unrestricted. Fully splittable, zonable.
Avg price of 50 acres within 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour
Avg price of 100 acres within 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour
Avg price of 150 acres within 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour
Avg price of 200 acres within 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour
VAs working on research. pictures, pricing, etc. → what are the constraints. first get some basic architecture drawings, build out, sizing, etc. standards. then reverse engineer how much space we need.
  • Develop in phases. I can start small with just vacation spots to generate rev, then events, then retreats, trainings. Events - bigger events and higher more personal training/events
    • Have budget for proposed space for lodge, dorms, tiny homes, then developing an owner area
      • What would owners want, pick people’s brains? How much? The right to buy/sell, after 2 years. Build your own home. .25 acre, .5 acre, 1 acre.
      • Standards for property what you do outside/ approved only.


  • Rev model - start with simple vacation retreats, events
  • Hosted trainings, retreats, BH philosophy, work shops, etc, dinners, food experiences
  • what living arrangements do we need, tiny homes, canvas, yurts, other unique experiences like that.
  • start looking for a co-founder + interns?

᠀ Program Idea

Core curriculum is available free online - and constantly updated
  • MWF then eventually daily
  • each training target under 30 mins to complete
  • Includes exercises, challenges, workouts for each pillar of program - can always be completed alone as well as in a group setting or with a partner
  • You can follow along and do the trainings yourself, join a class or school, hire a coach, or do it with a partner
  • Immersive live trainings (2-day, 7-day, 30-day, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month)
  • Retreats available
  • Join a class locally

✍🏻 Content








  • Lao Tzu








“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”

  • Emerson

"A single joyless person is enough to create constant discouragement and cloudy skies for a whole household, and it is a miracle if there is not one person like that. Happiness is not nearly so contagious a disease."

  • Nietzsche

👆 Twitter



  • melius humano (Better Human)
  • Dominus - master - industria - energy
  • Own The Mind : Habere Mentem
  • infinitum animum - infinite mind
  • ad astra per aspera) is a Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars".
  • Respice finem. - consider the end
  • Acta, non verba Deeds, not words.
  • melius humano (Better Human)
  • Dominus - master - industria - energy
  • Own The Mind : Habere Mentem
  • infinitum animum - infinite mind
  • ad astra per aspera) is a Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars".
  • Respice finem. - consider the end
  • Acta, non verba Deeds, not words.

  • “unprejudiced, independent, and self-reliant men, the real pillars of a strong civilization.” (Nietzsche, The Dawn of Day)
  • “To have and to want to have more – growth, in one word – that is life itself.” (The Will to Power, Friedrich Nietzsche).
  • THIS: the meaing of life is to give life meaning.
  • stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you.
  • your past is a place to learn and grow not a place to live
  • sometimes you win, sometimes you learn
  • if you control your thoughts, you control your life
  • die with memories, not dreams
  • THIS: the meaing of life is to give life meaning.
  • stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you.
  • use a lot of quotes. intro quotes as part of content and as hooks
  • your past is a place to learn and grow not a place to live
  • sometimes you win, sometimes you learn
  • if you control your thoughts, you control your life
  • die with memories, not dreams

BH Writings

Every problem today
Don’t outsource anything

The Broken Status Quo

Opt out

Online personalities find a "niche" and then go on to produce more and more content that gets them likes and clicks.

It's the polarizing nature of social media.

I've always resisted this because I believe life is myriad, complex, and nuanced. I don't like an algorithm pigeonholing me into a specific topic or idea and then bringing out the most extreme version of it.

This is why I left TikTok: the videos with the most views were about politics and were skewed negatively. So I stopped making them.

It's tough to go viral with positive content. I don't have the time or desire to do that, so I'm now mostly off social media other than posting random thoughts that come to mind on Twitter.

That said, the state, the media, and just about everything defining the "normal" status quo is entirely and utterly BROKEN. Climate change. Nutrition. Academia. Sickcare. The food system. Wall street. Voting. Democracy. All are entirely corrupt and parasitic.

It's all due for a reset.

That reset is coming. The question is whether it will be gradual or all at once. No one knows.

I think it will be gradual… or at least I hope so we can avoid the upheaval that comes with any societal transformation.

The post below exemplifies how completely captured the mainstream is… and this is true of EVERYTHING MAINSTREAM.

My mission with The Better Human is to create a modern framework that individuals can use to opt out of the broken status quo and rebuild a new way of life from the ground up. I've already started the framework here. It's barely the first draft, so there is more to come.

The single most important place you can start if you are interested in taking control of your mind and body is to do just that—take back control!

Analyze every habit, routine, or accepted way you do things. You will see that most of these concepts and beliefs were planted in your mind by someone else. And what's even crazier is you've made HUGE Life decisions along the way without ever taking the time to analyze any of them.

Accept nothing from others without first considering it yourself.

Then start the unlearning and replacing process integral to taking control of your body, mind, money, relationships, and life.

Meaning - Life

Meaning Crisis
Nietzsche identified god is dead - meaning

Nietzsche identified the rise of nihilism with his famous "God is dead" line.

He warned of the danger of the masses losing the meaning they traditionally found in religion.

We see EXACTLY what he meant soon after he died in 1900—WW1 & 2 and the spread of nationalist and collectivist political schools of thought, from communism, marxism, fascism, and Nazism, all of which set humanity's potential decades back.

We see it today. John Vervaeke meaning calls it "The Meaning Crisis." Simply put, modern humans' greatest struggle is the struggle for meaning.

As they further isolate themselves, glued to devices, mindless entertainment, and altered states through alcohol, recreational drugs, shallow relationships, or the constant consumerist pursuit of MORE, the meaning crises only get worse.

These behaviors move one further away from the meaning-filled activities we are designed for—community, helping others, real-life in-person interaction, and other communal efforts that echo our ancestral past.

This crisis is playing out at the individual level and the societal level.

We can't change society, but we can change ourselves.

So, you must ask yourself, "How do I want to live?"

Are you chasing externally defined values like fame, money, and accomplishment because you think you'll one day wake up and feel complete and finally happy with yourself?

Are you spending less time on your relationships and in-person interaction because you'd rather "be productive" (I know I fall into this trap all the time.)

Are you giving your family at least 15 minutes of focused attention daily? Or are they just around you at home while you do other stuff and otherwise live in your head or on a device? (Guilty, but aware and working on it)

Finally, how could you live better? By creating a life based on your values, not those incepted into your subconscious by society, your childhood, and the people around you.

The world needs Better Humans choosing lives based on understanding biology and figuring it out for themselves.

Our ancestors spent every waking second with loved ones.

Most modern humans spend most of their time alone or with people they don't like... loved ones, especially friends, come last.

Is it any wonder we have a Meaning Crisis?

Life - How To Think and Live Well

“Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72." - Mark Twain

And a few are reborn at 28. They find the path of the Overman. They pursue a new life based o n new, self-created meaning. They shed thier past dogmas, perceptions, fears, and indoctrination. They escape the herd. They wake up.

There's absolutely no reason you aren't fit, healthy, and making money doing something you enjoy.

Absolutely no reason other than shit choices.

Master Your Mind To Master Your Life - Own The Mind : Habere Mentem

Ownership / Choice - absolute - complete - Perception - You/Center

Everything is a choice.

To follow someone else is a choice.

To follow your thinking is also a choice.

To suffer in response is a choice.

Accepting and learning, and growing in response is also a choice.

Everything single thing you do is a choice.


No one can think for you, feel for you, act for you.

It’s up to you and you alone.

You have the ultimate power to choose, yet you still look outside yourself for answers.

figure out why and everything changes.

Nature holds no court. She has no policy enforcers. She doesn’t care if someone wrongs you.

No one cares except you.

Caring is a choice. Suffering is a choice. Accepting is a choice. Letting go is a choice. Learning is a choice. Adapting is a choice. Moving on is a choice

When you see that everything is your fault/responsibility/choice, you have no choice (ha!) but to accept it and then weld it to live a better life.

That’s what life is all about: living life on purpose!

My goal with Better Human is to help more humans wake up to their power and take complete ownership of their lives. From that waking up, one builds a personal philosophy and lifestyle based on their beliefs and values. Sure, they learn from others around them, but they follow what Bruce Lee suggested: “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

That new life is their life, created by them, and becomes integral to their self-created meaningful existence.

It's The Art of Life, not the art of living someone else’s life, vision, or ideal.


It's all in your mind.

Everything is.

Your perception feels passive, but you control it.

Masters of the mind control their perception and responses to their external environment.

If there were ever one definition of a successful life, it would be this.

Mastery is aligning your thoughts, actions, and relationships to represent what you want in life based on internally chosen values.

Think about the amount of stuff that exists in your mind that you think is “real” because you haven’t actually questioned it.

You can let it go in an instant.

Literally. Just decide and POOF it’s gone.

Your assumptions, expectations, and fears are usually fixations to let go

First Principles →
Reduce everything to the basics and BUILD UP rather than accept TOP DOWN modernity bullshit

Why more people don’t study human psychology, especially cognitive blind spots, is startling.

It’s the closest thing we have to an operating manual for the brain, and no one seems to care enough to read it.

And Twitter shows it more than any other place.

Long Term Thinking

Cultivating a long-term mindset is very hard.

In economics, this is called "low-time preference."

Low-time preference thinkers tend to plan for the future.

They are more likely to make investments now that will bring greater rewards later on.

Warren Buffet is the ultimate example of a low-time preference thinker. He made most of his money after he was sixty.

Becoming a long-term thinker is directly connected to experiencing death close up.

Losing loved ones has a powerful effect on your psyche. Ironically, it's forced me to appreciate the present more while also planning for the future.

How this worked for me went like this:

Death brought self-awareness through the internal struggles needed to overcome. Self-awareness brought me inner meaning. Inner meaning helped me identify what I value rather than looking to others for what to love (mimetic desire).

What I want now is not even close to what I thought I'd like growing up.

How this affects my personal financial choices are profound. For example, I have zero interest in using money to impress others. So I avoid wasting money on things that don't benefit me long-term.

Instead, I invest in my future rather than overpay for designer nonsense designed solely to make myself "feel good" based on the perception that others notice.

Then there are the long-term implications of providing for a family and ensuring they grew up secure in a topsy-turvy world like today, where one push of a button could send our species back to the stone age (to name just one of the many existential threats modern humans face.

Don't get me wrong; I'm highly ambitious. I want to own cool things, travel, and do cool stuff, all of which cost money.

I definitely have the Rich Dad, Poor Dad mindset around these extravagancies: I want my assets to pay for them.

You could say I'm asset-obsessed.

Owning assets is hard. Sometimes they even take money out of your pocket (ask any real estate developer or business owner about that).

You could own millions of dollars in assets and end up with a tax bill each year. Of course, you likely built up equity in those assets, but cash nonetheless came out of your pocket. I've seen it time and time again. Of course, you generally see a return later, but that can take time.

And that's where low-time preference thinking comes in.

This mindset also applies to health.

Caring enough about your long-term health must override your desire for short-term pleasure otherwise, you'll abuse your body with processed foods, alcohol, and other unhealthy activities that feel good at the moment but take a long-term toll.

Long-term thinking and compounding are how some people get exponentially greater results than others.

Humans are not hard-wired to think long-term. Our ancestors had to be content with where their next meal would come from and didn't have the time to think about what would happen next week or next month. Our idea of time is a modern invention directly connected to economics, money, investment, etc.

So it makes sense that so few develop the skills needed today to produce outsized health, wealth, and happiness returns.

But as a thinking, rational, email-reading hominid, you can CHOOSE to think long-term.

And I hope you do.

The Hero’s Journey - Overman

Your Hero’s Journey - Follow your Hero’s journey
Overman - Metamorphosis → Camel, lion, child, Reborn - Self-overcome
→ to become a fully free and sovereign individual
knowing who you are, what you do.
Definiteness of Purpose → Power of the mind, thinking for oneself
Comfort / Hardship Hard things are good. Do them → Proof of work.

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.

Everything you want is on the other side of hard things. When you avoid hard things, you become weaker.

You miss growth opportunities, and you build your avoidance muscle. Bad idea.

Addiction to comfort manifests in:

fragile mind

inability to handle stress, even the smallest forms

poor lifestyle habits

inability to say what you need

identity crises

weak body

and the worst one of all: trying to control everything instead of accepting people and reality

Addiction to comfort manifests as:

fragile mind

Poor lifestyle choices

Not saying want you need/want

Lack of identity

Weak body

Poor reasoning

Trying to control externals rather than accept them

Duality of struggle

Dear Wildling,

Crazy time of year.

No matter how much you guard against them, problems always arise.

It's a byproduct of fighting entropy and the complexity of all these things we humans stick together.

Stuff always breaks.

You patch one leak, then another spring. And you keep doing that forever.

Because when you "make it," your primary problem becomes meaning.

How do I find meaning when I don't have to do anything?

How do I find meaning when the kids leave the nest?

How do I find meaning when I solve this big problem and have all this time on my hands?

How do I find meaning after a relationship where much of it was derived?

So on and so forth.

Struggle creates meaning because it completes the balance of yin/yang that opposing forces require to establish equilibrium.

I get it. That doesn't mean I'm not still constantly striving to eliminate the problems from my life.

My back pain has been getting much better. So I remind myself to be grateful for it.

So, where does my mind go next?

What to work on?

Too many things to do.

How do I simplify?

What's next?

From one issue to another.

But I guess that's the point.

Embrace the struggle for what it is—absolutely necessary to a functional and meaningful life.

Be deathly afraid of no struggle... that's when the dark abyss of nihilism stares back.

Do the hard things thorugh intense focucs of mind,
Do the hard things thorugh intense focucs of mind, definiteness of purpose, directed energy, and that’s wehre results come form from eveything. your relationships, compound interest, investing, consistency
Easy things have no value.

Value and scarcity and proof of work are all connected.

You think you want what you want right now, the easy way.

You're wrong.

The second you get things fast/easy, you stop valuing them.

The only thing that matters then is the work.

Mastery → Life mastery - Self-mastery Work mastery

Life Builder

Your average environment

You are your environment.

Are you controlling that environment, or is it controlling you?

Math states that you'll remain close to your average.

If you are learning, growing, and building each year, you will likely continue to do so, and you’ll reap the rewards.

If you're moving in the opposite direction, getting slower, sicker, and weaker each year, you’re likely to keep moving in that direction.

It's just math.

If you don’t like it, fix the math.

Getting Shit Done - GSD
  • Deep Focus
  • Effectiveness
  • Less is more - fewer things but deeper
Now that information, opportunity, and choices are limitless, winning requires intense focus.

Less is more. To me, less isn't about doing less. It's about doing fewer things but going DEEPLY into one thing (or maybe a couple).

Your results in life are directly correlated to how deep you go in your... thinking work research experiments understanding You're competing with over a billion humans with the same access. Do you think you can compete without intense focus?

We lived in wimberely, goal again - get land and why

We lived in Wimberley on 11 acres for over a year. It was quiet, beautiful, and far from Austin.

It came with a big mortgage.

So we sold it at the peak prices as the great migration of humans started leaving blue-run lock-downed states.

I didn’t feel like it was our forever place. So I resisted investing in the property and doing all the things I wanted to do. (Like a half-built treehouse).

So we were not back living in the Austin City Limits and feeling the itch to get back out to nature.

It’s also just better for the kids. It’s how I want them to grow up.

So we have to figure out the balance between city, community, distance, space, etc.

Five acres is a decent size. Ten is still what I want at least, 25-50 is fantastic, and 100 is eventually.

I also would prefer to be within 30 minutes of Austin. One hour is too far.

My goal is to create a place where friends/fam/clients/visitors can come to stay and experience nature, Real Food, community, and a slowing down of life. Eventually, it will be the bootloader for the Better Human School (a completely new, fully immersive program for adults to change everything).

I’m going to start looking again in 2023. Stay tuned for updates.

And if anyone reading this is interested in co-investing/being apart of the larger vision, hit me up.

Sovereignty of Mind and Body
Escape The Matrix → Exactly what it says
Why modernity is sick, dangeorus, and why you follow it biologically
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You’re not going to get the body/health you want until you do something completely drastic… like change your entire environment. Don’t add something, SUBTRACT:

stop eating out (say no to invites)

pack lunch

one-pot meals

no snacking

1-3 meals a day

go long periods without food

My daily fitness routine

Goal: A daily fitness program I do when I get home from work

Struggle: inconsistency / long gaps between my weight lifting sessions—complicated by racquetball Tuesdays/Thursdays due to overtraining/soreness.

Hypothesis: figure out a mobility/light weights/calisthenics routine that I can do daily in addition to racquetball / and is the same format so I can build it into a subconscious daily routine without having to think about it or garner external motivation.

I’m working on a daily training program and will throughly dissect some of his exercises here and see what I can add to my routine.

For the past few years, my weight lifting program has struggled. I’m already fit and healthy and I’m not training for anything specifically, so it’s been a challenge to figure out what the perfect dose is for longevity/general fitness.

I kept falling out of an MWF routine no matter how many calendar reminders I set. What I think will work best is a daily program that I don’t have to think about and one designed not to tax my CNS and muscles too much so I can perform it daily. So far, it consists of some backward sled pulls, overhead squats (lightweight), presses, ab cable curls, farmer’s carries, dips, and pistols. I have to figure out the exact reps/weights to make it a daily program I can sustain. I am currently working through it

6 principles for health and happiness

6 Principles For Health and Happiness... 👇

1.  Real Food: Eat the highest quality, most real food possible. Source locally when possible. Avoid packaged mass-produced foods from big companies. Eat lots of healthy and sustainably raised animal products.

2.  Sleep: Pitch-black room. Use sound machines. Sleep when the sun is down and rise when it's up. Get sunlight for at least 15 minutes first thing each morning—this helps set your circadian rhythm. Avoid blue light at night (f.lux and nightshift on iPhone).

3.  Stress: Chill. Disconnect. Take a slow walk. Live in the moment. Meditate. Play.

4.  Movement/Fitness: Walk daily. Take the most of most resistance, not least. Lift heavy objects a few times a week. Sprint at least once a week. Find a sport you love to play at least once a week, and you're set for life.

5.  Community: Your relationships are an essential aspect of long-term fulfillment. Prioritize them, or you will undoubtedly regret it alter.

  1. Purpose/Meaning: Find work that matters to you. Then get into a flow state pursuing that work regularly. This always includes some form of helping others. It's hard-wired into our species.

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